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We fuel the growth of the biggest names in the creator economy.

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We help agencies grow the email lists of their clients with niche-targeted audiences.

+120 eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce had 2 channels of growth. Ads and influencers. We’re the third.

Our data delivers hard-to-believe ROI

so here are some of our clients sharing their results.

How a YC Funded Startup Got Over 1500+ Paying Customers 1:07

Y Combinator accepts only the best and brightest startup teams. Matteo and the Ribbon team are definitely that.

We’ve helped them target 30 different niches for their platform by selecting exactly the targeted persona they were interested in based on 10 unique attributes. Super targeted extremely relevant leads.

They just needed to nail the pitch. And they did. We are super proud to support their exponential growth.

From Spending 50M on Facebook to Email Marketing 1:06

Ashleigh has made over $50 million on Facebook and Instagram by managing campaigns for high-profile influencers such as Jake Paul, David Dobrik, and The Try Guys.

Now, (thanks to us!) she is an email marketer! Listen to her story!

Why Email Is the #1 Channel for Connecting With 100k Models 1:14

Kaleb is a seasoned growth marketer and is currently running his second founded social media marketing agency.

After trying all kinds of automation and scraping tools he used our emails for connecting his eCommerce client with over 100k models.

Currently, Kaleb uses our data for 4 other clients, all of which operate in totally different industries.

Some happy clients that wanted to share their story

Pianist Case-Study
March 19, 2021

Growing Dexter’s Instructor Marketplace to 10,000 Paying Users

In this case study we are going to talk about two different use-cases of our data and how they both compare and contrast each other: Using emails from Creators (on…
February 17, 2021

Increasing Client’s Email Lists by 1000% with ArcadeLabs

How ArcadeLabs went from 20% to 34% conversion rate from a booked call to a paying client by adding our service as a line item As a marketing agency having…
Example of a bikini we helped sell through our Instagram email listst. Case-Study
February 17, 2021

Combining FB Custom Audiences & Email Outreach Got Nyomi 500% Increase in ROAS

Go where others haven’t gone before If you haven’t read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” I suggest you do so. The book is about the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and…
October 8, 2020

Using Targeted Emails in Facebook Ads for 13x ROAS

  Let’s begin this story with the results. Here’s a screenshot of the feedback we got from the client after their first test campaign with 10 000 of our email…

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