Top 100 Creators on
Instagram in 2022

Find the best creators on Instagram in any country, industry, or niche to make the most of your marketing campaigns.

Top 100 Creators on Instagram in 2022

Best Instagram Creators in Any Industry & Niche

Last year the number of active Instagram users exceeded 1.2 billion monthly users. We also noticed a growth in the number of collaborations between businesses and creators as part of their marketing strategy. According to statistics about influencer marketing (which is closely related to creators), the market reached over half a billion dollars in 2020 and this year we can see it grow over 20%.

Reports show that more than 70% of brands doing content creator marketing think of Instagram as the main social media channel for this type of promotion.

In order to go any further, you must be wondering, what are social media creators?

But, what exactly is a content creator?

Creators are people that have some skill to sell with not necessarily a high follower count. A yoga instructor can be a creator but if she has a high follower count she is also an influencer.

What types of creators are there?

  1. Photographers
  2. Make-up artists
  3. Artists
  4. Videographers
  5. Graphic Designers
  6. Gif Makers
  7. Writers
  8. Dancers
  9. Illustrators
  10. Animators

How are creators different than influencers?

These Instagram users are producing awesome content just for the sake of content. Not for growing their follower base. Because there are so many creators on Instagram, the bar is set high if they want to stand out.

Is the number of followers of a content creator important?

While followers are an indicator of high-end creatives, it’s not a requirement for being a successful content creator. Our advice is to pay less attention to a creator’s follower count – you’re interested in their work!

However, the best option is to find an amazing Instagram content creator with a large following. That’s why our hand-curated list of top Instagram creators is ranked mainly based on the number of followers.

Is it possible to use creators as influencers?

Although creators aren’t in it for the likes or follow, they can also be influencers if their audience is large enough. Keep in mind that a creator’s focus isn’t necessarily on audience engagement, but quality content.

How to find Instagram creators?

Influencers Club is the largest data provider worldwide. It’s a platform for getting publicly available contact information (email addresses) from your most relevant Instagram content creators.

Having relevant data is crucial for your marketing campaigns because you want to hire creators that are closely related to your products. You want specialists in your niche, be it in fashion, beauty, travel, etc. Alternatively, you can find brand ambassadors that do the same thing, although they’re more expensive.

How to Find the Best Creators on Instagram

With the help of Instagram creators, you can push out professional content for the fraction of the cost of an agency. But, how do you go about finding the best creators on Instagram?

Influencers Club helps you a) find the best Instagram creators for your brand and b) find the emails from these targeted creators. 

Here are some of the targeting options that you can combine to narrow down to your ideal creators:

  • Specific interests
  • Targeting based on keyword/text in Instagram bio (“artist”, “photographer”, “writer”)
  • Creators that follow you (or your competitors)
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Number of followers

Find Creators That Dominate Your Targeted Niche

Juggling with so many filtering options to choose from can be a bit overwhelming for our clients.

That’s why you can hop on a call with our team to specify your ideal audience and find email addresses from the creators that best fit your needs. Use our emails to instantly get in touch with hundreds or thousands of potential brand ambassadors or customers (a lot of SaaS brands have creators as their final customers). This approach lets you skip the time-consuming manual work of research and DM outreach in creator marketing. Instead, you get a list of your most relevant Instagram creators and the ability to pop up right in their inbox, at scale.

Using creators for marketing on Instagram has attracted marketers’ attention around the globe. If your brand never used this marketing strategy, maybe it’s time to consider this great opportunity for growing your customer base.