November 30, 2020

Find Instagram Account by Email [Free Tool]


How to Look/Search Someone up on Instagram by Email

A lot of brands keep information on their customers or subscribers. But, in many cases that data is limited to basics like name, last name, email, and mailing address. Your dataset, no matter how detailed, doesn’t have every piece of information to build a comprehensive single view of the customer.

Data enrichment makes this “raw data” more useful. By enriching customer data, you gain deeper insight into your customers’ lives. Personalizing your communication is the only way you do marketing nowadays and B2C audience enrichment (such as finding people on Instagram by email) is crucial for long-term goals like delivering great experiences.

The free Instagram account finder by email is connected to our internal Instagram dataset with millions of Instagram users’ data. Every person in our database comes with 28 data points such as email address, phone number, gender, location, Instagram bio, follower count, etc. To see a free sample with all data points click on this link.

Find Instagram Through Email | B2C Data Enrichment

B2C data enrichment is defined as merging third-party data from an external authoritative source with an existing database of first-party customer data. Brands do this to enhance any data they already have so they can make more informed decisions.

To merge third-party data, there must be a common factor that links the two datasets together.

For known customers, this could be a first name and last name or an email address that can be used as an identifier to match and merge two distinct datasets. Otherwise, the original dataset won’t be enriched because there’s no matching identifier that the two datasets refer to the same customer.


600% Increased Customer Profitability With Our Data

To understand your existing or potential customers, you need more details about their personal life. Enriching your existing database means exactly that. But, let’s not forget why we strive for more data. More data means more options for exploring different marketing channels and tactics which ultimately lead to increased customer profitability. By a lot.

Let’s explore the 3 most popular ways our clients use our data to explore new streams of revenue.

1. Identify Nano or Micro-Influencers Among Your Customers

Influencer marketing is a strategy that leaders in many industries have already implemented. It works because it’s based on the most effective marketing channel known – word of mouth.

However, the usual approach to influencer marketing is to make a deal with influencers that aren’t actually interested in your brand. They care only about their contract and how many times they are supposed to mention your products in their stories/posts. Followers sense this discrepancy, especially when influencers talk about topics they don’t usually cover.

Clearly, to make influencer marketing feel more natural you need to find micro-influencers and work with the ones that are already customers.

And that’s exactly one of the ways our data is used.

All contacts in our database have a column with the number of followers and following. After merging our datasets you’ll know which of your existing customers have more than the usual number of followers. Anyone with 500+ followers can be your perfect influencer.

Most of these people don’t think of themselves as influencers. They’re regular people that know your brand and would easily accept a collaboration offer.

2. Personalized Facebook Ads With Custom Audiences

40 percent of all Instagram users have a so-called business account. Obviously, only a tiny portion of them are actually businesses. Most of them are regular people that just want to get access to stats that are not available otherwise. Our database consists only of business profiles, mostly because there’s more publicly available information when you sign up as a business and we’re pros in getting that data.

When switching from a regular to a business Instagram account you’re offered 1500+ different categories to choose from. Users without a business see the “category field” as another way of describing themselves and informing their followers who they really are.

Finding Gary Vee Instagram Account by Email

So people are grouping themselves in different categories that are super niche in some cases.

For example, there are 22 different subcategories for lawyers – Estate Planning Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer, Malpractice Lawyer, Intellectual Property Lawyer, and so on. 

After enriching their database, businesses take different customer categories, adding them as custom audiences in Facebook Manager, and running personalized FB & Insta ads only on those people.

If you want to learn more about using our data + Facebook Ads, check out this case study that covers how an eCommerce brand achieved 13x ROaS with custom audiences.

3. Personalized Email Campaigns

According to many brands we worked with, having the Instagram biography of their customers is one of the best ways to understand and target their customers. That’s because people generally use Instagram bio to describe themselves in a couple of words. Meaning, you can run a simple query to check keywords that are most recurring in your audience’s bio, segment only that group send personalized emails.

Here’s an example of keywords you can use to find & segment your audience based on interest or other personal characteristics.

Find Elon Musk's Instagram Account by Email. Keywords that are included in his bio.

In the Instagram bio of Elon Musk, for example, there are three keywords that clearly show who and what he is. CEO – CTO – Product Architect

  • Do your research and think of the audience segmentation that works best for your business
  • Run a query in your database for searching keywords in people’s bio
  • Create personalized messaging only for that segment
  • Send your promo emails
  • Watch your sales explode

Can You Find Someone on Instagram by Their Email?

Of course! Use our Instagram finder by email if you’re after your personal Instagram account or contact us if you want to enrich your customer database with over 28 data points and do effective marketing.



If you are interested in learning more about how you can get validated Instagram data, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team, where you can discuss the details related to your targeting.

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