December 21, 2020

Top Nano Influencer Agencies and Platforms in 2022


Choosing the wrong nano influencer agency or platform means risking a lot of money and brand publicity. As always, you need to do a bit of research beforehand and understand, first of all, the goal you want to achieve with the right nano influencers and how are you going to execute your marketing campaign.

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Some brands don’t see any value in using nano-influencers and some are using them right.

This is especially important to know since the cost of entry in influencer marketing has decreased a lot in the last few years. The main reason for this? The rising popularity of nano influencers.

What Are Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers are an affordable, efficient, and finally a profitable alternative to conventional influencer marketing. Think of them as the cool kids in school. Everyone likes them, without them even trying. They just share things they are passionate about, be it their pets, sports, food, games, fashion. You name it.

Their audience ranges from 1 000 up to 10 000 followers. You might be right to think that’s super small for a brand trying to advertise their products and make some sales. But, unlike micro and macro influencers that charge from $200 to thousands of dollars per post, nano influencers are pretty cheap. The price range for one post from a nano influencer is 10$ to 100$.

This means that you can hire multiple nano influencers and get far better reach and engagement than one macro influencer with a ton of followers.

I’ll explain the logic behind this in a moment.

Why You Should Use Nano Influencers?

Here’s my take on the benefits of using nano influencers for your campaigns.

1. There are thousands of nano influencers for every niche

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed Instagram account with 244 million Instagram followers. But, you can’t be sure all those followers are soccer fans because Cristiano is a celebrity.

Having a larger follower base on Instagram means that its not targeted. Nano influencers on the other hand will offer you far better targeting.

A general rule is that as the number of followers increases the more diverse the audience gets. 

So if you’re selling a specific product or service that’s not intended for the general public, you might want to find small influencers that cover topics that are relevant to your brand and customers.

2. The incredible +7% engagement Rate of nano influencers

Instagram accounts with huge followings often look like aspirational lifestyle catalogs and aren’t really personal. On the other hand, nano influencers manage their Instagram profile as a passion project, rather than a full-time job. As you might expect, this is just way more relatable to everyday consumers!

When a nano influencer mentions a product on their channels, it can come across like an honest recommendation from a friend, rather than a paid endorsement. confirmed this in a study called The sate of Instagram marketing in 2020, saying that influencers with 0-25k followers had higher engagement rates regardless of their genre, target audience, or topics.

The engagement rates of Instagram nano influencers and the biggest reason why nano influnecer agencies and platforms use them.

What this data shows is that an Instagram post from a nano influencer will likely be seen by a larger percentage of their followers compared to a bigger influencer.

Potentially, you can reach a larger audience with 30 nano influencers than you could by investing in 1 macro Influencer. This leads to my next point:

3. Scalability of nano influencer campaigns

When you’re creating a nano influencer campaign you want to expand your reach as much as possible. To do that, you need to find as many brand ambassadors as possible, within your budget.

As your campaign grows, contact more nano influencers and get even more new customers.

So, where do you start? How do you find relevant nano influencers? Are you going to offer them a free product or pay a fixed price per post? Will you reach out to influencers by yourself, hire a nano influencer agency or visit a nano influencer platform?

Having Full Control Over Your Nano Influencer Campaign

Before sharing our picks as the best nano influencer agencies and platforms we want to explain a strategy that will save you a ton of money and give you full control over your nano influencer campaign.

Influencers Club is a data provider with the largest Instagram influencer database in the world. We offer marketing agencies and eCommerce brands custom targeted email lists of the ideal nano influencers for their campaigns. 

Essentially, there are two steps:

Here’s a more detailed overview of the process:

1. Tell us the kind of nano influencers you’re targeting

We have the amazing ability to find emails of nano influencers based on their interests, or topics they like to cover on Instagram.

We can answer queries like: Nano influencers with 3k – 8k followers, with “gamer” or “tech influencer” as keywords in their bio, located in the US.

Another example would be: I want you to scrape the Instagram followers of my top 5 competitors and get an account with more than 1k followers.

There are many other targeting options (Ex. every person in our database is in 1 of 1500 Instagram niches) and this can be a bit confusing for the regular Joe. That’s why we offer a free strategy call with our team where we discuss your specific use case and how we can find only those nano influencers you need.

2. Reaching out to nano influencers

One thing we advise our clients is to warm up the email list using Facebook and Instagram ads. Importing our emails and using them as custom audiences in Facebook Manager lets you run ads only on people within the list. This allows you to introduce your brand to the targeted influencers which will greatly increase the conversion rate from contact email to brand ambassador.

Then comes the obvious – reaching out to influencers via email. A lot of internal factors will decide the collaboration policy you choose for your campaign. You can offer a fixed price for X number of posts where they mention your brand, create an affiliate program (using a discount code for their followers, etc), or post and stories for free products. Brand ambassadors are your best bet when considering which type of Influencer is best suited for this task.

I’ll leave this up to you and your negotiating skills. But keep in mind that this directly affects the closing rate from email to collaboration.

Nano influencers usually accept discounts but if you like to get multiple mini influencers fast, you can try offering a free product or a service.

3. Spread your network

One of the best things about an influencer marketing campaign is the social proof that comes with it. Your social media will be on fire! Reshare every post or story that mentions your brand. Let your influencers be the main customer acquisition channel for your business.

Create your own brand ambassadors Facebook group or a special landing page on your website where influencers can apply for a collaboration.

Once the campaign starts getting traction, purchase even more nano influencer emails and scale your business growth.

Top Nano Influencer Agencies

The top nano influencer agencies for your influencer marketing campaigns are Top Influencer AgencySocially PowerfulBeInfluence, and PeersWay.

Top Nano Influencer Platforms

The top nano influencer platforms for your influencer marketing campaigns are Influencers ClubHeepsySocxo, and Upfluence.

Finding Nano Influencers With Agencies or Platforms

My last piece of advice! If you want to fully outsource your nano influencer campaign then hire an influencer agency. But, be sure that a significant percentage of your influencer revenue will end up in their hands.

On the other hand, nano influencer platforms offer you the contact details of the right nano influencers for a reasonable price. However, their biggest problem is scalability. For example, many influencer platforms greatly limit the number of people you can export ie limiting your campaign.

If you want to create and scale your campaign while cutting costs and maximizing profits, feel free to book a quick call with our team and get targeted nano influencer email lists.


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