January 18, 2021

Top 3 Nano-Influencer Campaigns to Learn From [2023]


As someone who’s actively engaged in public and private online communities, I constantly read marketers’ opinions on the latest industry trends.

Last week, one post, in particular, caught my eye – creating nano-influencer campaigns.

Most of the people engaged in the discussion talked about the pros and cons of launching such campaigns, the influencers’ attitude and professionalism, shared some good and bad experiences, and so on.

I thought about writing a long comment, but as I had some time on my hand.

So, I decided to dive into the topic and share my thoughts on the matter and tell you a bit more about creating nano-influencer campaigns that provide actual results.

I’m going to start by answering one obvious question.

Nano-Influencers on Instagram – Who Are They?

I’m sure you have them on your Instagram feed. They are just regular people, who post photos of themselves, share their hobbies, express their opinion on relevant topics, support local businesses, and above all, they give off a completely friendly vibe!

Nano-influencers are people who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, perfect for influencer marketing.

Posting the perfect photo or writing the perfect description is not their top priority. Instead, they use their Instagram profile as a platform where they share their everyday life in a funny, creative, and authentic way.
A brand ambassador is a perfect representation of what an ideal Influencer would look like.

The one thing that differentiates nano-influencers from the rest of the influencers?

They communicate with their followers, either in the comment section or in private messages and they always try to build long-lasting relationships with them.

Now, while all this sounds good on paper, I know what goes through your mind – what’s in it for you, as a small business owner?

Why should you care about making a connection with nano-influencers?

And I have the answer to that too.

Get Targeted Nano-Influencer Emails

Nano-Influencer Campaigns, The Road To 15% Monthly Revenue Growth

From my experience, there are four reasons why nano-influencers campaigns are beneficial for businesses of any size.

1. Authenticity Is Their Main Trait

First and foremost, they keep their feet on the ground. Nano-influencers on Instagram don’t care that much about posting a flawless photo, or sharing a brand’s campaign just for the sake of it. They nurture their beliefs by sharing content that aligns with their own opinion and that’s about it.
Their way to interact, engage, and communicate with their followers is by creating original posts and content that shows their true selves.

Nano influencer promoting brands

And that’s what brings in the results, as the next point shows.

2. 7.2% Engagement Rate – Kendall Jenner Got Nothing On It

If you think that only celebrities can raise awareness for your brand, think again.

Sure, if you have the money to pay Kylie Jenner and if she fits your business profile – beauty, skincare, etc. – go for it, by all means.

But before you do it, please read these statistics – the bigger the number of followers, the lower is the engagement rates.

Nano-influencers on Instagram have a 7.2% engagement rate, while followers with more than 100,000 followers have a 1.1% engagement rate.

Nano influencer engagement rates on Instagram.
Image Source: Later.com

These numbers are not to be underestimated.

For example, Kendal Jenner has 147 million followers on Instagram, but on her latest post, she has barely 2 million likes, which is a 1,3% engagement rate. But nano-influencers have a bigger impression and reach, and with it, the percentage of engagement rates increases, as I’ll show you with a few examples later on in the blog post.

3. Less Expensive Than Their Popular Colleagues

Working with nano-influencers is an excellent marketing tactic for any small business owner with a tight budget. As I’ve mentioned previously, their Instagram profile is not their only source of income, so they don’t charge that much for branded content.

Usually, the rates for nano-influencers to post a branded content, or review your product or service ranges from $10 to $100 on average. Also, most of them accept free samples or gifts, so the choice is yours.

But be mindful of your influencer’s choice, as it can backfire pretty quickly.

The first mistake most business owners make is hiring one, maybe even two nano-influencers, as a lot of them are skeptical that the collaboration will fail.

This is not the time to play small – find as many nano-influencers as you can.

Don’t worry, there’s no such thing as having too many of them and I’ll tell you why.

Most of these nano-influencers don’t consider them as influencers at all, so they might feel uncomfortable with your offer and they’ll end up rejecting it. Also, some of them won’t be the right fit for your business, or they’ll have rates that are simply too high for your budget. Some won’t even reply to your message, so be prepared in advance.

A list of 100+ nano-influencers is a good start.

But where to find those?

We’ll get there soon, don’t worry, but I’ll give you a hint for now – through their verified emails from Instagram.

With these price rates, you can aim towards reaching a realistic ROI and hire multiple nano-influencers to promote your brand.

4. They’re Trustworthy All The Way

Word of mouth does wonders – there’s no doubt about that. You as a business owner can spend all of your money developing the greatest marketing strategy, but the truth is this – there’s no better brand evangelist than a satisfied customer.

And nano-influencers can turn out to be exceptional business evangelists. They have a trustworthy audience that counts on them whenever they praise a certain brand.

Regular Instagram image of a nano-influencer.

I can’t disappoint my followers by posting a brand I haven’t tried on myself. My followers rely on my insights and reviews, I can’t let them down. – these are just some of the thoughts that go through an influencer’s mind.

Okay, now all this sounds awesome, but how does that look in real life?

Let’s take a look at some successful nano-influencers campaigns.

5. 2%, 7.4%, 17.2% Engagement Rates – These Nano-Influencers Campaigns Rock!

There are countless successful nano-influencers campaigns, but they rarely get media coverage.

Luckily, some turned out to be quite successful and you can learn a lot from them.

Dunkin Donuts is the 5th largest seller of ground coffee in the US and they want to slowly take Starbucks’ spot.

After making a huge rebranding strategy, Dunkin’s marketers decided to find micro on Instagram for their next big marketing campaign. They chose hundreds of mini influencers for their campaign, all of which focused on being realistic while promoting Dunkin’s coffee, as the company was striving to gain significant influence on the beverage market.

MediaKix analyzed 25 Instagram sponsored posts and the results were stunning – an average engagement rate of 5.2%, nearly 22,000 likes, and 1000 comments in total! This campaign was spectacular!

Another good example of a successful nano-influencer campaign is this one – Alexis Baker promoting a wine brand. She has 3,610 followers and the post for the paid partnership raised 258 likes and 12 comments – a 7,4% engagement rate!

Awesome, right?

Here’s the last example and I’ll move on to sharing more practical tips – Gabby Whiten has 8,722 followers and her profile is stylish, minimalistic, nearly flawless. Her skincare sponsored video was viewed by 1501 users and received 19 comments on it, reaching a staggering 17,2% engagement rate!

Instagram Video post of a paid collaboration between a nano-influencer and a brand.

This doesn’t sound so bad right? Are you ready to create a similar campaign for your business?

I’ll give you a hand with it.

Creating Your First Nano-Influencer Marketing Campaign – Step By Step

If you are wondering how to start building your nano-influencer campaign, I have some tips to share with you.

1. Send Your Product For A Review

Nano-influencers love free stuff, and here’s your chance to shine!

Send them samples, with a personalized message. They’ll be more than happy to do a free product review and write a post about it, post a few pictures – the whole deal!

2. Invite Influencers To Become Brand Ambassadors

You need to be picky about this and to choose your influencer wisely. They’ll represent your company’s mission and beliefs, and their beliefs must be in line with your brand’s vision.

3. Find the Nano-Influencers Yourself

You can do this manually by searching hashtags related to your brand. It’s fairly easy – just type in an industry-related hashtag in the Instagram search bar and start from there. Also, nano-influencer platforms are a thing now, so you can give them a try.

Plus, you can consult with agencies and check out their offer. I talk about this in more detail in this post – Top Nano Influencer Agencies and Platforms in 2022 – check it out!

However, while all this may sound easy to do it’s far from it, and on top of that, it’s pretty time-consuming.


Well, for multiple reasons really.

For starters, nano-influencers are not as popular as micro or macro-influencers. They don’t receive the online praise as their colleagues and oftentimes, agencies don’t collaborate with them, so you have to find them yourself.

The challenge?

It can take too much of your time and no business founder has that much time on his/her hands.

Plus, you need to find 50-100 nano-influencers because most of them won’t collaborate that easily with you, as they don’t feel like influencers, so you have to have a joker in your hand in case of a rejected offer.

Creating a nano-influencer marketing strategy or plan.

The question arises itself – how can you gather data on your influencers without that causing you a headache or two?

It’s simple, use a method that’s proven to be successful. A method that’ll bring you the email data you need so you can reach out to the right influencers for your business and start planning your campaigns.

I know, there are a lot of data providers on the market that can deliver the data you need, but how targeted will that data be? Anyone can get Instagram emails by using scraping tools, there are tons of those in the online world, but are they any good?

And most importantly, is there a chance for you to know if those emails are verified or not by using those tools?

By doing this, you’re just shooting your shot and hope for the best.

What you should do instead is aim at the right target, steady-handed, and shoot – that way you won’t have a hit or miss situation, you’ll always hit!

Or, as we say in the business world – choose the right audience and you’ll never miss a shot.

With our nano-influencer emails, you’ll never have to worry whether you’re choosing the right influencers or not.

Let me tell you how you can get there.

Get Those 20,000 Instagram Followers By Using Our Data

We have the only data you’ll need to create a nano-influencer campaign that will provide results.

What are we bringing to the table?

We use publicly available emails from influencers on Instagram.

But there’s nothing revolutionary about it, right?

However, we go the extra mile by using multiple methods to systemize those emails – either through hashtags, locations, or by going through the followers’ list of a specific profile. We even use keywords in bios to find as many relevant emails as we can!

This helps us bring you a list of influencers that are not just in the right niche or industry but are relevant to your business.

Yes, even if your business is a small local clothing shop, we can deliver thousands of influencers’ emails specifically crafted for your business.

After gathering the emails, we use 27 data points to carefully organize, classify, and grade all the influencers’ emails. Username, biography, category are just some of those data points.

Why bother digging up data on influencers when you can get it all by using our method?

Plus, you’ll receive the email lists in 48 hours tops!

What should you do once you’ll have the emails?

You have two options, both equally effective.

You can develop an email strategy that will quickly provide results.

Email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media!

It’s still the best way to scale your business and by having access to influencers’ emails, the hardest part is over for you. You’ll have a list of relevant nano-influencers who have loyal followers, and every one of them can become a potential new customer. Reach out to your influencers, use specific cold-email marketing techniques, and be prepared for the partnership that’ll potentially grow your monthly revenue up to 15%!

Email is not really your thing and you’re more present on Facebook?

Import those emails in your Facebook ad campaign as custom audiences to run ads only on those specific people. They work either way and your goal of reaching the right nano-influencers will be complete.

Don’t take my word for it – read this case study and find out how by implementing this strategy, the brand increased its number of followers to 20,000!

Schedule a call with us and we’ll let you know how you can do the same for your business.


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