March 17, 2021

Get Crypto Email List | Investors, Users, Miners & Traders


130 Crypto Leads: Investors, Traders, and Experts Included

Buying a cryptocurrency email list can help you reach thousands of passionate crypto leads. In this article, we’ll cover how we help crypto-related companies find investors or people interested in Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, ChainLink, or any other cryptocurrency.

Unlike other data providers that find crypto users based on vague metrics, we offer email address lists based on specific text (“crypto trader”, ”Bitcoin investor”, etc) that people have in their social media biography.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Bear with me to find out how you can get custom-made crypto email lists that are actually safe to use.

*At the end of this article, you can find a free email list of Bitcoin users, miners, traders, and investors.

How to Find Crypto (Bitcoin) Leads: Investors, Traders, or Users

In February 2021, the crypto market cap was over 600 billion dollars with an estimated total of 51.2 to 52.4 million active crypto investors.

The good news are that a lot of them are also present on Instagram and they even include their email addresses publicly on their profiles. So, to find emails and phone numbers on Instagram use their app and look for emails in people’s bio or as a separate “contact button”.

Here’s why this social media platform is a data gold mine and how to cherry-pick the most relevant crypto leads on Instagram.

1. Crypto-related keywords in people’s bio

People use their Instagram bio to share what they think is the most important information about themselves in a few short sentences. We offer the amazing opportunity to find emails based on relevant keywords or text in Instagram biography.

For example, we can find people with:

  • A specific cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardano, and so on) in bio
  • Keywords like “investor” or “shareholder” (Quarter of US investors own crypto)
  • Other complementary keywords like “blockchain”, “crypto”, “digital currency”, etc.

Use the form below to try a couple of your targeted keywords and see how this one-of-a-kind filtering option works.

2. Crypto-related hashtags

Instagram hashtags are used to describe an image, but they are also placed strategically to get additional traffic to a certain post. That’s because anyone searching for #crypto will find all Instagram profiles that have ever posted with that hashtag.

Crypto Related Hashtags
14.9 Million posts with #crypto

As you can see there are over 7 million posts with the #crypto hashtag. It’s our job to filter through all these posts (profiles) find the leads you’re after and their contact info.

Here are some other hashtags that are related to cryptocurrencies and can be used for getting targeted email lists.

Instagram Hashtag Number of Posts
#cryptoinvestor 379,771 posts
#bitcoin 18,798,935 posts
#ethereum 4,377,152 posts
#cryptocurrency 10,156,218 posts
#cryptotrading 1,539,922 posts

Of course, we clean our data of business emails (contact@, info@, etc), duplicates, invalid emails and we further validate every contact so you only contact real targeted people.

3. Fans of crypto influencers or brands

Another great way to reach an audience that’s interested in cryptocurrencies is to look in the Instagram followers of crypto Influencers or crypto brands.

Our job is to find follower emails, clean & validate the list and deliver them in 24 hours. You can check out our pricing here.

Here are a couple of famous crypto-related brands and the top influencers in the Bitcoin space with the exact number of Instagram followers each of them has.

Crypto Brand or Influencer Number of Followers 659k
Bblockchain_ethereum 1m
Sharecrypto (top crypto influencer) 119k
Bitboy_crypto (top crypto influencer) 90k
Cointelegraph 107k

The list of crypto-related Instagram pages is pretty much non-exhaustive. There are famous crypto news websites, famous Bitcoin investors, or crypto influencers that are followed by millions of people interested in cryptocurrencies (be it miners, traders, investors, or future investors).

The downside is that only 20% of all Instagram users have their contact information publicly available. Meaning that from an account with 1M followers you can only get 200k email addresses.

FYI, most of our clients use this tactic to get email lists from the followers of their competitors!

How to Use Email List of Crypto Investors, Leads, or Miners

Having the contact information of so many people interested in cryptocurrencies brings a plethora of marketing opportunities. Here we’ll cover a simple strategy that will maximize the returns from your email list.

Running Facebook Ads to The Cryptocurrency Community

Facebook offers a lot of interest-based targeting, but currently, they don’t offer a targeting option that allows brands to advertise to the cryptocurrency community.

However, there is an awesome workaround that a lot of experienced FB advertisers use.

Facebook Ads allows brands to import their customer lists (usually from their customers) and run ads only to people within that database. These are called Custom Audiences and are the most ROI-positive ads due to the high targeting control.

But, the great thing about Custom Audiences is FB doesn’t ask you to verify that the database you have is from people who opted-in (subscribed) on your list.

And this is where the opportunity to run ads on people interested in crypto comes in.

You can import our email addresses and phone number lists as Custom Audiences and show semi-personalized ads to these people. Yes, you can personalize your campaigns to a certain degree. For example, you can create separate Facebook campaigns depending on the Instagram profiles they follow. If you got email addresses from Cryptotalk247’s fans you might want to create more news-like ads that will entice people to click your ads.

The whole point of running ads on people within your crypto database is to “warm up the audience”. After seeing your ads for a couple of weeks people will get familiar with your brand, and that’s exactly what we want to accomplish.

Second Step – Emailing the Warmed-up Crypto Audience

After you get a lot of ad impressions and clicks you can start creating your first email marketing campaign for your Bitcoin email database.

Here are some rules when it comes to emailing people that have not “opted-in” or subscribed to your email list:

  • Add an Unsubscribe link

Every cold email must include a clear way for the addressee to sign out of further correspondence. A great summary of the CAN-SPAM act interpretation has been included in the article by Colin Nederkoorn where he points out that probably the easiest way to give your prospects a clear way to opt-out is to include an unsubscribe link.

  • Include the source

Every publicly available email address can be used for promotional purposes, as long as you mention in the message where you got the email from. In this case that would be Instagram. Our clients also include people’s Instagram usernames in the email (which we also provide) to reassure people that they visited their IG profile.

  • Clearly communicate the value you’re offering

Depending on the goal of your marketing efforts, you can choose a different kind of email marketing approach for your cryptocurrency investor leads.

Inviting beta users for your new crypto app or to your next crypto event, offering exclusive discounts, affiliate marketing, etc.

The Final Blow: Retargeting and Lookalikes

The audience that visited your website through ads or email marketing must constantly be retargeted. This is an audience that has shown interest in your brand but has not yet converted into a client/customer.

On the other hand, people that purchased from your website can be used for creating Lookalike audiences in Facebook Ads. With Lookalikes, Facebook’s only job is to find social media users with similar characteristics to your new customers. That way expand your reach to highly relevant audiences who are most likely to also be interested in what you offer.

Free Bitcoin Investors Email List

We also wanted to include a free sample of our Bitcoin database with emails of Bitcoin investors, traders, miners, and users. The goal is to demonstrate our ability to target cryptocurrency leads based on keywords in their Instagram biography.

In the first table, we have email addresses from people with “Bitcoin” and “investor” in their bio.

Other than their email address we also included their Instagram username so you can check out the profiles yourself.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Bio
elna_arne “Binary Investor ♻Bitcoin Account Manager +18502537660 (whatsapp Only)”
mohammad_ghanizade “Live in mashhadforex.stock market.cryptocurrencyForex trader/investor/mentorProfessional account managerBitcoin investor”
bitsternx “#Bitcoin; #cryptocurrency & #blockchain #news & #technicalanalysis. #BTC #crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptotrading #trading #investor #entrepreneur”
daithijburke 🇮🇪 Irish living in Boston 📍0.0000061 of a bitcoin owner
kellerj381 “Binary trading strategy expert. 💹Account manager. 💳Investor. Bitcoin expert.

In this sample, we can see people that have explicitly stated they are cryptocurrency investors.

If you want to buy a crypto investor email list, feel free to schedule a call with our team so we can define your ideal targeting.

Free Bitcoin Traders Email List

In the next table, we can see people with “Bitcoin” and “trade” included in their Instagram bio.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Bio
fredrick.hills Trader/bitcoin miner💰Trade analyst 📈 Bitcoin advisor
emilyfx01_ “Account manager 💹traveller ✈investor 💹💵Bitcoin trader 💵💹consultant entrepreneur💰💲DM me 📲”
alex_bitcoin98 Binary/ bitcoin trader Sales/ coaching/ business Learn to invest and trade DM ME NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION AND INVESTMENT #Oklahomacity. #makeyourmoney
lizottegabriel “-Canadian 🌎🇨🇦-World traveler 🌍✈⛵-Business/Invest 📝💼-Bitcoin Buy/Sell OTC 📲💵-Bitcoin Consultant/Trader 💻📉📈-Admin 🌐Cryptoworld Québec🌐”
henrybitcoin “Bitcoins traderInvest in Cryptocurrency 💵💷Bitcoin mining investment 💳 Forex trading 📊 Expert trader DM to get started 📩Gmail”

If you want to purchase an email list of Bitcoin traders based on your specific needs, feel free to schedule a quick call with our team.

Free Bitcoin Miners Email List

Here’s a free mailing list of people that mine Bitcoins. Same as all the previous samples, this one is also gathered based on keywords (Bitcoin + Miner) in the Instagram bio.

Disclosure: at the time we’re created this all of the social media profiles were active and accessible.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Bio
jackmiles190 “Miner🔨Bitcoin investment📈 |crypto specialist💰 |exchanger💸 |traveller✈️ |motivational speaker📞|9 years of trading experience”
pro_btc_miner “👔Financial Speaker. 🔝Professional Bitcoin_ Miner🔝Investor | Consultant | Trainer🔝Blockchain_ specialist 🔝Bitcoin miner sales.”
j_crawford077 Investor Binary Options trader Forex trader Bitcoin miner Expert trader Day trader Self motivator Check the link on my bio Dm me
crypto_knight098 Your trusted Financial advisor | Bitcoin miner Earn 0.5 BTC weekly #Bitcoin Account Manager 24/7 trading . DM TO START INVESTING
andreasmorgan5121 “🏙Texas city,USA 🇺🇸🌎Account manager 📈Trade expert ⛏Bitcoin miner💵InvestorSport loverFacebook account:Andreas Morgan.”

If you want to purchase an email list of Bitcoin traders based on your specific needs, feel free to schedule a quick call with our team.

Free Bitcoin Users Email List

In addition, we have a free email list of cryptocurrency users or more specifically, Bitcoin users.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Bio
benj_lifestyle French Lifestyle Sport and healthy Tatoo and Piercing Bitcoin user ️
kathywilliams50 “▪️Bitcoin User 📊▪️24 hours online trade▪️Dm for trade only📈▪️100% online Trader👩‍💻▪️Motivational Trader”
ryandisajja @pipitpipiti’s Husband | CEO @yuktravelink | Bitcoin user | Photographs mostly taken by phone
chrislewisyz Offering tutorials for new bitcoin users

In this sample, we can see people that have stated they regularly use cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin).

If you want to buy an email list of Bitcoin users, feel free to schedule a call with our team so we can define your ideal targeting.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can get validated data, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team, where you can discuss the details related to your targeting.