June 18, 2021

Email List of Photographers | Photographer Database [2023]

Buy an email list of professional photographers. Free list of email addresses of photographers from the USA, UK included.


An email list of photographers is the single best way to contact these professionals. Why?

Most photographers use email as a way of contacting their clients and checking their inbox is part of their daily routine.

However, buying email addresses is not an easy task.

Your database needs to be up to date, validated, and full of actual photographers.

And in this article, we’re going to cover how to get email addresses only from photographers you want to reach out to. As well as tactics that will help you maximize the ROI of your new database.

Let’s dive in.

Marketing to Photographers

2020 was a hard year for every industry, including photography and despite the small decline that it had, IBIS World predicts that in 2022, photographers in the USA will see a Market Size Growth of 2.8%, which translates to a Market Size of $10.9bn.

As you know, the most shared content on today’s Social Media apps is in the form of photos, and the biggest app right now is Instagram, so being active and having a good Instagram profile is a must for every single photographer.

Maybe you haven’t heard about this, but 40% of all Instagram users have their email addresses publicly available. They either share their email address in their biography or have a separate “Email” button on their Instagram profile which can only be seen when using the mobile app.

Knowing this, it’s easy to conclude that Instagram can be a goldmine to find lists of professional photographers, as well as a super targeted list of photographers in the USA or in the UK.

Ways To Find Emails of Your Photographer Leads

In the next section, we’ll cover how to use social media platforms to identify potential leads based on your ideal photographers.

List of 140 photographers to consider hiring in 2024 [emails included]

1. Find Photographers By Keywords in Their Social Media Bio

The purpose of Instagram’s bio is for the user to explain who they are and what they do in just 150 characters. In this process, they are more than likely to use keywords related to their industry, so we offer to find numerous emails based on industry-specific keywords that photographers have used in their biography.

To illustrate my point, we can find people that:

  • Have keywords such as “photographer” or “photography” in their bio
  • Photographers that have shared their specific photography niche, for example, “Wedding Photography”, “Sports Photography” “Wildlife Photography”
  • Users that have written the specific brand/model of their camera equipment like “Canon T6”, “Canon 70D”, “Nikon D3400”, and so on.
Find Photographers By Keywords in Their Social Media Bio

2. Find Photographers By Photography-Related Hashtags

Every single user on Instagram that wants to drive more traffic to their account, including the best photographers on the platform has to use hashtags.

For example, the #photographer hashtag has more than 200 million posts. The job of our team is to go through the profiles that posted these pictures and filter out business emails (info@, support@, sales@), duplicate emails as well as invalid email addresses.

Find Photographers By Photography-Related Hashtags

After that our team validates every contact, so you can only contact real photographers that are interested in your offer. We do all of this in order to minimize your bounce rate. That way we can protect the domain you are sending your emails from being labeled as “spammy”. Low bounce rates also assure that your emails won’t end up in the spam folder.

3. The audience Of Big Photography Brands

We can help you reach an audience that is deeply interested in the Photography industry, by researching the follower’s list of big brands in the field. We research and then afterward, as mentioned above, clean and validate every single email, so we can deliver them to you the next day.

A lot of our customers use this method to find email lists from their actual competitors. For instance, Canon researches the audience of Nikon, and afterward, they give them a bigger and better offer than Nikon.

This is a table of a couple of popular Photography brands and influencers with the number of their Instagram followers.

Photography Brand/Influencer Number of Followers
Nikon 970k
Canon 3.2m
Boogie Photographer 108k
500px 1.2m
Street Photography International 1.6m

With today’s speed-light spread of visual content, the list of Photography-related followers is nearly unlimited, so you can find numerous Photography leads for different purposes.

Additional Filters

At Influencers Club, we also offer additional filters when researching your targeted audience. We have 28 data points per contact, so besides finding publicly available contact email and phone number of each lead, we can serve you with quality audiences based on a specific location, contact data, gender, ethnicity, and 25 more data points.

We can help you find not just the best emails for professional photographers, but we can also help in finding targeted lists of photographers in the USA, or if you want to work with professionals from outside the USA, even finding targeted lists of photographers in the UK.

How to Use A Photographer Database For Maximum ROI

Having valid and targeted contacts of many photographers is the first step, but using the previously acquired data in the right ways will give you numerous marketing opportunities.

Here are some of our ideas:

1. How To Target Photographers with Facebook Ads

If you were asking yourself how to target photographers on Facebook, here’s the answer – targeting the really good Photographers on Facebook Ads is pretty hard because their data is pretty wide and not that targeted, so they offer too wide of an audience to target, which doesn’t give a really good RoaS.

But, we at Influencers Club have found a solution for this problem.

Facebook Ads allow brands to run ads to their previous customers by importing their email lists as Custom Audiences. Those kinds of campaigns, give the best ROI simply because of the super narrowed targeting.

The best part is that Facebook doesn’t ask if the email list you have used for a Custom Audience is yours, which allows you to use our researched email lists on the platform.

But keep reading, the best part is yet to come.

2. Email Marketing to Photographers

Our goal with the Facebook Ads is not to make sales, but to warm up the audience and make sure that they have heard about your brand.

After you completed the first step and you warmed up the Photography audience by running Facebook Ads, you can now start planning the email campaign for your Photography email database.

There are some rules when you email people that haven’t already “opted-in” to your email list. One of the most important things is to have an “Unsubscribe Link” in your email, so the user has a clear way to sign out of the next email marketing campaign.

If you want to learn more about the legal aspects of this, you can read this article from Colin Nederkoorn, where he also says that the best way to give your customers an option of easily “opting-out” is through an unsubscribe link.

You can use every publicly available email, but you just need to mention the source where you got your information in the email. In your situation, the source would be Instagram. We also provide you the social handle of the user, so you can use that information in the email and they will know that you really took the time and researched your audience.

3. Remarketing and Lookalike Audiences

After you have started both your Facebook Ads and Email marketing campaigns, this is where the fun begins. From the whole audience, you can pick out the ones that visited your website to retarget them.

This audience is really interested in your product/service/offer, so they just need a little boost to make the final decision to make the purchase, and by retargeting you are going to help them in making that decision.

Later, after you have a number of targeted Photographers that have bought your product, you can create Lookalike audiences in Facebook Ads. Lookalike Audiences will give you other social media users that have similar behavior to your existing customers from your email campaign, so those similar users are really likely to be interested in your offer.

Final Words

As PPC and SEM are getting more expensive, Email Marketing is on the rise and a lot of big brands have started utilizing it again and they have seen some great success.

If you want to target the Photography industry and you happen to stumble upon our article you are in the right place. You just need to follow the steps we laid out and the positive results will be inevitable.

You may have a different idea from us on how to target the email data and that’s totally okay, we just gave a few examples of the numerous possibilities. But one thing is for sure and that’s the same for everyone: you can’t run a successful campaign without the right targeted and validated data.

So, if you want to run a Photography-related campaign that’s ahead of the game, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team, so we can discuss the specific targeting of your validated photography emails.

Below you can find some photographer’s sample data, so you can be sure that we stay behind everything that we talked about.

Free Photographers Email List

In order to demonstrate the real possibilities of our service, we decided to induce a free database with emails from various Photographers, such as Wedding, Canon, and UK Based photographers. 

We also included the social handle of each photographer in order for you to see that this is real and original data.

In our first example, we have a little broader term as we targeted anyone with the keyword “photographer” in their bio.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Bio
mrtarunphotographer tarunarora760@yahoo.com Proffesional Photographer WEDDINGS • PORTRAITS • LANDSCAPES •. Bookings-MAIL ️Tarunarora760@yahoo.com & +91 8699593400
filippatredalphoto info@filippatredal.com Proffesional Photographer based in Oslo; with focus on interior and lifestyle
marjolijnlamme fotostudio@marjolijnlamme.nl GOLD Master Photographer MPN. Qualified European Photographer QEP. Proffesional Photographer Worldwide.
dritaphotography dritaphotography@gmail.com I’m a proffesional photographer I work mostly doing portraits for families; newborns; and weddings. I am also qualified in Bodoir.
chrishydephoto hyde30@gmail.com Proffesional photographer Sport | Portrait . Gold Coast; AustraliaMy jewellery💎⚒ @hydedynasty

Free Wedding Photographers Email List

In our second table, we targeted photography professionals that are specifically doing wedding photography, so they have the same keyword in their bio.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Biography
braxtong_photography info@braxtongardiner.com Internationally Published | Lifestyle & Wedding photographer | Jw | Inquiries Email : info@braxtongardiner.com
donnellperryphotography info@dperryphoto.com Award Winning NC Wedding photographer 📷 *ART-PASSION-LOVE* Available for travel ✈️Info@dperryphoto.com Now booking 2018 & 2019 weddings!
amybookerphotography cheshypersonal@gmail.com 24 | Mom | INFJ | 3w4, Oregon / Destination Portrait & Wedding photographer, Body positive. Optimistic. Love is love.
biltuacharjeerj bilturj@gmail.com Hi Am ‘Biltu Acharjee Rj’ From Karimganj ( Assam ) Am Wedding photographer & Vediographer, Work At – Medicine Representative ( M.R )& Astrologer.
lemontreeweddingphotography az@lemontree-photography.co.uk Wedding photographer based in the New Forest. Shooting weddings in Hampshire

Free Canon Photographers Email List

If you want to target a photographer by the brand that they are using, we have covered that in this example, where we targeted professionals that were using Canon’s equipment.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Biography
peter_hurley info@peterhurley.com NYC based Portrait Photographer • @headshotcrew Founder • @canonusa Explorer of Light • #squinch & #SHABANG! Creator • 2000 US Sailing Team Member
ebzimages eebnyst55@gmail.com Professional Fashion Photographer eebnyst55@gmail.com #ebzimages #photoshoots #photograpy #fashion #portraitphotography #fitness #canon #studio #lens
jamietyler_photography mp.soldier1988@gmail.com Jamie Tyler // @canonusa // #Photographer //
picshot_studio mohtal.mhtmb@gmail.com Photographer film & movie director Photo Editor Modeling & Portrait #mohtal canon EOS 5D mark III canon EOS 60D Gopro Black 4Hero
estudios_official erikjohnson3111@gmail.com Published Celebrity Photographer for Men’s Journal Mag/NBC/Amare/US Weekly/Promote through pictures. Canon 6D Mark2

Free Email List of UK Based Photographers

In need of location-based targeting? Don’t worry, we got you covered. In our last example, we have a list of professional photographers from the UK and this is just one example, we can target any location you need.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Biography
lukeb82 lukebeeney@gmail.com Gamer 🎮/ Photographer 📷/ iPhone 11 pro max📱/ Nikon user 📸/ GoPro hero4 / United Kingdom 🇬🇧
girlwiththecamera.photography monica.esp01@gmail.com ▫️All Round Professional Photographer 🙌🏼 Empowering my clients! 📩 monica.esp01@gmail.com 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Based
coeyfilms jamescoefilms@gmail.com 🎥 Video Producer & Photographer ðŸ“�United Kingdom 🇬🇧 💼 Head of Video Production @leisureleagues ðŸŒ� Head of @internationalsoccafed 🠓· Sony A7iii; 🎥 Video Producer & Photographer 📍United Kingdom 🇬🇧
sandrazphotography info@sandrazphotography.com PORTRAIT Photographer Chelmsford; Essex; United Kingdom 🇬🇧 DM or 📧 info@sandrazphotography.com Personal @9sandradventure
_morganharlow morganharlow@btinternet.com Young sports Photographer based in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

If you want to order an email list of your targeted photographers, schedule a free 30 min call with our team on this link.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can get validated data, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team, where you can discuss the details related to your targeting.


List of 140 photographers to consider hiring in 2023 [emails included]