June 24, 2021

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100 Pet Owners with a Powerful Instagram Influence

Owning an email list of people that are pet owners makes reaching thousands of new leads a seamless operation. In
today’s article, we’ll talk about how companies and brands in the pet industry can easily access email addresses
from targeted dog owners, cat owners as well as owners of any other animal kind.

When talking about pet owner’s email lists, most data providers have information that is outdated and they don’t have
a way to update the once acquired email addresses. In that time period, unfortunately, a lot of pets can die or get
lost which automatically makes their data useless.

Unlike others, our email addresses are based on the text (“cat owner”, “dog lover”, “Labrador owner”) that different
pet lovers have put in their social media bio. Because of this publicly available information, our team consistently
updates our database.

Stick to the end of the article because we are going to share sample email addresses of dog owners, cat owners, and
we will even include free email addresses of some other animal owners!

How to Find Emails of Pet Owners Leads

According to the data backed by the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey 67% of the US population (about 85 million families) own at least one pet.
Statistics prove that over 80% – 90% of the US population uses online mail. These two studies
combined show that around 9 out of 10 pet owners use their email.

Most of those people are also active on social media because they really like posting cute pictures of their pets
there. The best part is that around 40% of every single Instagram user has their email address publicly available in
either of two places:

  • The text of their short Instagram biography.
  • They have a separate “Contact button” which is only visible through the Instagram app and you can access their
    email address by clicking on it.

1. Pet-related Keywords in People’s Biography

The text in every user’s Instagram biography is limited to 150 characters, so people make sure they share the most
relevant information about themselves. In many cases a pet can really become an important part of a person’s life,
so many pet owners mention their loved pets in their short introduction on social media.

 For instance, we can easily find Instagram users that:

  • Have keywords like “pet owner” “pet lover”, “animal lover” in
    their bio.
  • Pet owners that have included a specific pet kind, for example, “cat owner”, “dog
    ”, “fish owner
  • People that have written the specific breed of their pet: “Labrador owner”, “Bulldog
    ”, “Persian cat owner”.


Instagram biography of a Dog owner, as well as a Dog & Cat owner.


2. Emails From People That Shared a Post of Their Pets

Some pet owners either aren’t tech-savvy by any means so they don’t fill their social media bio or some users simply
don’t include pet-related keywords. But that’s completely fine because most pet owners share many pictures of their
animals on social media.

At Influencers Club we have go over the Instagram post of a user in order to find images of pets and then our team of researchers sorts the already found accounts based on the pet that they own, hashtags that they have used, and more.

There are a lot of big hashtags that we use to research potential pet owner leads, one example is the hashtag #dog which has
more than 310M posts.

The hashtag dog has more than 310M photos posted by dog owners.


3.  Followers of Pet-Related Accounts & Pet Brands

There are numerous so-called “repost” Instagram accounts that find the best pet content on the internet and repost it to their Instagram page while previously asking the original content creator for permission.

Many of the hardcore pet lovers follow these accounts because they enjoy the content they are sharing. We can find the emails of the follower’s list from those big accounts, afterward, we will remove any business emails, all duplicate emails, and also we will make sure to delete invalid email addresses such as fake accounts & bots.

The same process can be applied to researching the emails from the audience of other big pet companies (for example, Petco). Many of our customers that are in the pet industry use this method to get email addresses from their competitor’s followers and then they give them a bigger and better offer.

Email marketing is one of the best methods to promote your business because it is cost-effective, easy to set up, and most importantly it will help you to build brand awareness and build strong relationships with your customers.

Pet-Related Accounts & Pet Brands

# Instagram Brand Number of Followers
1 I Dog TV 100k
2 Cats of Instagram 12.4m
3 Petco 655k
4 PetSmart 723k
5 Amazon Pets 99k
6 Chewy 709k

As you can see from the numbers of followers from just these few accounts, with the growing popularity of pets, the list of pet owner leads is nearly limitless.


How to Use Pet Owners Leads for Maximum ROI

Having the email addresses and other crucial information from a lot of pet owners gives you numerous marketing opportunities. That’s why here we will share a 3-step marketing strategy that will put you way ahead of the competition in the pet industry.

Step 1. Running Facebook Ads to Targeted Pet Owners

Everyone loves cats, dogs, and any other kind of pet, so that’s why Facebook’s algorithm has a lot of people targeted as “pet lovers”. The wide, untargeted audience means that you will have much lower ROI and a lot more time spent on testing different audiences until you get profitable because not everyone who just casually likes pet photos is
ready to spend money on them.

However, once you have the email addresses of the dedicated pet owners that are proven to be ready to spend money on different pet products, there’s a feature in Facebook ads that’s called “Custom Audiences” which allows you to import email addresses in order to target only the accounts that are created with those emails.

Facebook won’t ask you to verify that the email list you have is yours, you only need to mention the source from where you got your emails from. This means that you can use a third-party email list provided by us and the source of the emails is obviously Instagram where the users have made their data publicly available.

The goal with running ads on your cat, dog, or fish owner leads is to “warm-up” your upcoming customers and make them familiar with your company’s brand.

Step 2.  Email Marketing to Pet Owners

After your ads have been approved and running for some days, you should have a good number of clicks and impressions
and that’s when you can start working on your email marketing.

Because you will be emailing people that have not subscribed to your email list, you just need to make sure to include an “Unsubscribe” button that is clearly visible. This way the users have an easy way to sign out of further emails if they don’t want to receive them.

Every publicly available email address can be used for promotional purposes as long as you mention the source where you found the email, in our case that’s Instagram. If you want to read more about the CAN-SPAM act we recommend this article.

We have an e-commerce customer that actually managed to use this same strategy and scaled it to sending 100 000 cold emails per day. So if you are looking to reach some big milestones with this strategy, make sure to read this article.


Step 3. Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences

Every single person that has visited your website, either from your ads or your emails should be retargeted regurarly. These people have shown interest in your brand and just need a little motivation boost from you in order to convert into a customer. You are going to give them the stimulation needed for purchasing through your retargeting ads.

Meanwhile, people that made the final decision and purchased from your website, can now be used for creating Lookalikes audiences and running Facebook ads. 

When you already have an audience that has purchased something, you
make Facebook’s job much easier because their algorithm just needs to find people on social media that have similar characteristics to your new customers.

By using this last step, you can easily expand your reach to narrowly targeted audiences who are really likely to
also be interested in your offer.

Final Words

If you do any kind of marketing to the pet owners audience, you have to consider using email marketing because the ROI & customer connection that email marketing offer is simply too much to ignore.

Maybe you can think of another way different from our “Custom Audiences” method for using the email list and that’s totally okay because the marketing strategy is subject to change, but there is one constant in this equation: having valid, up-to-date data is inevitable.

At Influencers Club we offer just that, so if you want to run a successful marketing campaign, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team.

And as we promised at the beginning, here are some pet owner sample data!


Free Cat Lover Email List

Here we provide you with a free list with users that have included the keywords “cat lover”:

Free Cat Lover Email List

# Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
1 mmenyz djmenyz@hotmail.com 🖌MARVEL exclusive Color Artist 📕AVENGERS 📘 CHAMPIONS 📙 CAPTAIN MARVEL ✏️Illustrator
🤖Toy collector 🎸Rocker Gamer 👶🏻Dad 🐈Cat owner 🇧🇷SP/BR
2 theredgirl._ marineperroy09@gmail.com Chanteuse comédienne 🎶 Princess 👸🏻 Cat owner 🐈
Lifestyle & Travel 💕✈️ Before-> Bali 🛩🐒
Next -> Lyon 🚆🏮
Suivez le lien vers mon blog 😘
3 jacky_tje_p jackypeeters1@hotmail.com 26 y.o. ️ Cat owner Arya & Ginny Poet & writer Art: drawing
4 wake4bake pavelveprikov@gmail.com • track bikes • skate • sphynx cat owner • 🇷🇺Russia
5 _lanabeauty saperezhogina@gmail.com handmader sometimes photographer sometimes traveler cat owner etsy-seller
it’s worth to visit


Free Dog Owner Email List

From our database we have separated a few of the numerous that are proud dog owners:

Free Dog Owner Email List

# Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
1 sonora.loubignac sonora@loubignac.com 🏳️‍🌈🇫🇷🇬🇧 living in 🇪🇸
Vet in the making 🌡💉 CEU UCH Overall just your average
dog owner 🐕🐕
2 roxy_charmer roxanne_moorcroft@hotmail.co.uk 27 year old🦄 Wife♥️ Mum of two beautiful girls 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Penelope & Primrose 💕 Husky &
french bulldog owner 🐾 Fitness 🍑 My life in pictures 📷
3 newslapz patzsteven@gmail.com Dog Owner 🐶
4 zophia_ewska steptofilm@gmail.com Photographer #djispark #canon5d #nikond90 Filmmaking; editing. Dog owner
5 anns_nails97 annarmianka@gmail.com Thessaloniki 🇬🇷 Small dog owner 🐶 •Acrygel nails •Lash lifting •Eyelash
extensions (one by one) @anna.abgar


Free Labrador Owner Email List

If you have a campaign that’s super-targeted to a specific dog breed, we got you covered, here are some Labrador
owner leads:

Free Labrador Owner Email List

# Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
1 thesodasteve steve@sodasteves.com Certified Executive Chef / Owner of Soda Steve’s; Missionary; Visionary; Labrador
and Dad of Three Fantastic Kids!
2 badgalscorpio poli__g@abv.bg Plovdiv,Bulgaria 🇧🇬 Labrador owner 🐶 03.11.1997 👅💋
3 garytaphouse garytaphouse@hotmail.com ▪Football commentator for Sky Sports 🎧🎤⚽📺 ▪Event host, voiceover & lecturer 💺🎤 ▪Dad of
two boys & choc labrador owner 👬🐶 ▪Home: Bournemouth ☀️
4 emilynoble17 emily.tennantbell@gmail.com A Wife & Labrador owner 🐾 🏡Featuring: Lincolnshire; The Cotswolds & The
5 kristin.outdoor kristin@adlberger.at upper austria 🇦🇹 dreams come true 🌸 happy labrador owner 🐶 outside is
my favourite place


Free Pet Owner Email List

Want to target something else than dogs & cats? You are at the right place because we can help you find leads for
every pet kind.

Free Pet Owner Email List

# Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
1 couchpetatoart followmygiftshop@gmail.com Pet owner Mom & Artist CouchPetatoArt & Studio93427
2 maddy.lorraine.92 maddylorraine93@gmail.com Maddy 18/NZ Timaru 04/07/14 Peace begins with a smile #imthequeen I am a pet
of 2 budgies Enzo and Eddie
3 hiflyer109 hiflyer109@vodamail.co.za ✈ Airline Pilot👨‍✈️ 💪Fitness Enthusiast 💪🏼 🎵EDM Lover 🎵 🐶 Pet owner
🐶 🇿🇦 South African in Hong Kong 🇭🇰
4 vivian.vh35@gmail.com v.i.v.i.e.n.n.e__ Imma bang like a boomerang! Pet owner #jasmine 🐩(check highlights) Goal
getter One day at a time (slowly but surely🙇) Growing and glowing 😋 Aries
5 bangisme corinthian.criner@gmail.com Co-Founder of @theculturejunkies Co-Founder of @themusictrap Married to @nickkibang
Pet owner to @roscoebang_

If you want to order an email list of your targeted pet owners, schedule a free 30-minute call with our team at this link.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can get validated Pet Owner email lists, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team, where you can discuss the details related to your targeting.


100 Pet Owners with a Powerful Instagram Influence

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