December 21, 2021

Golf Email List | Database of Golfers & Golf Courses [2022]


Having an email list of people that are interested in golf, golf coaches, or golf course owners can help you reach thousands of new leads. And in this article, we’ll explain how companies in the industry find targeted golf email addresses and how they use them for maximum ROI.

When it comes to golfer email lists, most data vendors buy historic data from sources like golf publications or clubs. The main problem with this approach is that the contact information isn’t up to date.

On the other hand, we provide emails based on keywords like “golfer”, “golf professional”, “golf coach” or similar text people have in their social media biography.

This unique way of targeting golfers is powered by our database of 40M+ contacts.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Stick to the end of this article to see our free list of golfers, golf courses, and golf coaches and to find out how to order a custom-made golf email database for your brand.

How to Find Emails of Your Ideal Golf Leads

According to Statista, the number of active golfers in 2019 (aged six years and older) amounted to approximately 24.3 million. And a lot of these people are also active on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Why is that important?

Because Instagram is the only source with enough publicly available information about its users that enables us to find golfers.

Not a lot of people know this but 40 percent of all Instagram users have their emails publicly available.

  • 10% of all users share their email in their Instagram biography
  • 30% of all users have a separate “Email” button on their profile – *the email button is only visible when using the Instagram app”
Example of how you'd find an email address of a golf player on social media and grow your golf email database

1. Keywords related to “golf” in people’s social media biography

Social media users use their bio to share what they think is the most important information about themselves in a couple of words. Influencers Club offers the unique opportunity to filter emails based on specific words that are included in the person’s bio.

For example, you might want to get emails from people that have:

  • “Professional golfer”, “golf player”, “golf instructor”, “golf lover”
  • Slang that’s used in golfing: “birdie”, “albatross”
  • Or the name of any particular brand for example: “Callaway”, “TaylorMade”

To get a better understanding of this approach we created the following form below. Try adding your targeted keywords and instantly check over 40M biographies for free.

If you’re satisfied with the results, go ahead and schedule a free call with our team to share your specific audience, use case, and the size of your order.

2. Emails from people that shared a post on the golf course

Targeting people based on keywords in bio is a great way to find people that are passionate about golf. But, most players that enjoy playing golf don’t necessarily include that information in their bio.

So to find this audience we developed our in-house AI algorithms that analyze the Instagram posts of a user. The goal is to find images of a golf course, golf ball, golf clubs, or anything else that a golf player might use.

An example of what a professional golfer account might look like

How to Best Use a Golf Email Database

Having the email addresses of so many people that show interest in golf gives you a lot of marketing opportunities. Here we’ll cover a simple tactic that will help you convert as many golf leads as possible.

Step 1. Create Facebook Ads With Our Golf Email Addresses

As you probably know, it’s pretty hard to target golf enthusiasts with Facebook Ads from their available targeting based on interests.

But, there’s a great “hack” that only advanced Facebook advertisers use.

Facebook Ads allows brands to run ads on their existing customers and subscribers by importing their lists as Custom Audiences. Custom audiences are the most ROI-positive ads due to the narrow targeting and the quality of every generated ad click.

The important thing here is that Facebook doesn’t ask you to verify that the email list you have is yours. Meaning you can use a third-party email list and run ads only on people within the list.

Even though you can use these ads to make sales, that’s not our end goal.

The whole point for running ads on these leads is to “warm up” the audience and make them familiar with your brand.

Step 2. Golf Email Marketing

Once your ads get a lot of clicks and impressions you can start working on your email marketing campaign.

When you email people that have not opted in or subscribed to your email list you need to make sure to include an Unsubscribe button. Cold emails need to have a clear way for the addressee to sign out of further correspondence. A great summary of the CAN-SPAM act interpretation has been included in the article by Colin Nederkoorn where he points out that probably the easiest way to give your prospects a clear way to opt-out is to include an unsubscribe link.

If you want to learn more about how to send cold emails at scale you can check out this article: Sending 100 000 Cold Emails Per Day

Step 3. Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences

Website visitors from your ads and emails that haven’t converted should be constantly retargeted and pushed “down the funnel”. This is a highly engaged audience that you can bring back to your store by offering discounts or similar promotions.

On the other hand, people that end up purchasing from you can be used for creating Lookalike Audiences in Facebook Ads. Facebook uses its systems to find you a similar audience based on the characteristics of people that purchase your products. That way you expand your reach to highly relevant audiences who are most likely to also be interested in what you offer.

Free Golf Players Email List

In addition to the form that lets you find targeted contacts, we wanted to include a free email sample of people with “golf player” in their biographies.

Instagram NameEmail AddressInstagram Bio
esmith_golfethanokc2019@gmail.comProfessional Golf Player🏌🏽Insight into the PROCESS ⏰YouTube: E. Smith GolfGolf Blog ↘️
ms____paintmatt3ds@gmail.comClass of ‘79 🤪Harvard Dropout😘Avid Golf Player 🏌️ Destroyer of Peta🥶Liberal Arts Major🥳Member of the KGB💪🏻Heir to the British Throne👨🏻‍🦰📦Amazon FBA / eBay seller📚Read more📈Improve Constantly🏌🏼‍♂️Golf Player⚾️Baseball Fanatic🏎Car Enthusiast👻
marievepilonmarieve.pilon27@gmail.comTJU⚖️Golf Player@courteauguillaume 🌜🥀🥀
fredcollincoremanstevestamper18@gmail.comEntrepreneurBusiness CoachLovely husband and FatherTravel ✈️Golf player ,⛳🏌️

FYI, we have over 100k contacts with this exact phrase in their bio.

If you want to buy a golf email list, feel free to schedule a call with our team so we can define your ideal targeting.

Free Golf Course Email Database

Here’s a free list of contacts with the text “golf course” in their social media biographies.

Instagram NameEmail AddressInstagram Bio
nippersinkgolfresortnippersinkresort@yahoo.comNippersink Golf Resort in Genoa City
friends_of_sedgley_woodsfriendsofsedgleywoods@gmail.comHistoric Disc Golf Course in Philadelphia; Pennsylvania
golf_springdalegolfspringdale@gmail.com18 Hole public golf course located in Uniontown Pennsylvania ⛳️
airbnb_fairway_getawayhaustin626@gmail.comFairway Getaway is a sunny guest suite with a wall of windows overlooking the golf course. Includes an indoor heated pool; hot tub and sauna.
highlandhomesatcanterahighlandcantera@gmail.comCantera Manor is nestled between La Cantera Golf Course; the Palmer course and the finest shopping and dining in all of San Antonio.
golfadventureswithluckyandsheagolfadventureswithluckyandshea@gmail.comWe’re a golfing duo that showcase golf courses & the go-to 19th holes!King & Queen of Golf Adventures  🏌️ 🏌🏻‍♀️ 👑

If you want to buy golf course email addresses or golf course owners’ email lists, feel free to schedule a call with our team so we can define your best targeting.

Free Email List of Golf Coaches

Here’s a free email list of contacts with “golf coach” in their social media biographies.

Instagram NameEmail AddressInstagram Bio
neilmacgolfneilmacgolf@gmail.comPGA Golf Coach; CPI qualified putting coach; Capto putting system; Club fitter and Callaway golf ambassador working @chesdowns Book here 👇
joshadamsperformancejagolf59@gmail.comPGA Performance Golf Coach 🏌️‍♂️Trackman Level 2 ⛳️ Boditrak CertifiedGolf🇮🇪 Networker~ 💰~CELEBRITY PGA Golf Coach~ 🏌~Music Agent~ 🎤 Add Me on Snap: @jeffgjohnston
thejosereyesjosereyes216@hotmail.comGOLFTEC Certified Golf Coach-TPI Certified-PGA level 1 associate dedicated father; husband; and friend helping people play better golf every day
cinchai_chuvichiencinchai@hotmail.comGolf Coach and Owner of StartLine Golf Academy

If you want to buy an email list of golf coaches, feel free to schedule a call with our team so we can define your best targeting.

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