November 1, 2022

5 Best Grin Alternatives After the Latest Meta API update

5 Best Grin Alternatives after the latest meta API update


With $100M+ in funding and a database with more than 38M influencers, Grin is the market leader in the influencer marketing industry.

However, the truth is that it might not be the best choice for your business. Luckily, you can find an alternative that will match your specific requirements, whether it’s about the price, quality of data, or different features.

Grin vs Alternatives Comparison

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2 Main Reasons Why You Need a Grin Alternative

Grin has many features, but as of September this year Meta updated its API and it cut off the biggest Instagram influencer source that was Grin’s biggest asset.

So, as things stand now, here are two main reasons why you must find a Grin alternative to keep your business running if you use influencer marketing.

High pricing

Grin has a large feature set. According to that, it also comes with a higher price. Although the price is not publicly available, sources on Capterra suggest that Grin charges $2125.00 per month. The price scales up as you increase the number of influencers you work with. 

Furthermore, even though their prices are high they don’t have a free trial period. Therefore, for small or medium businesses using Grin is a risky investment since it’s not proven that will be helpful to achieve what you are aiming for.

Grin is moving to first-party influencer data

After Grin aligned with the requirements for Meta’s API and service guidelines, their database has 38M influencers. The database decreased because now the influencer data is only available if influencers connect their accounts to the platform. This not only makes the process longer, but it also directly affects the quantity and quality of the data Grin can provide.  Moreover, marketers can no longer search for Instagram creators on Grin’s main platform. So, if you were using Grin for influencer outreach this is a red flag that shows you need to start looking for Grin alternatives.

3 Things to Look for When Searching a Grin Alternative

Grin has many features, so, to help you make the right decision, we are listing the 3 most important things to look out for when searching for Grin alternatives.

1. Multiple social media platform capabilities

When searching for alternatives for Grin the crucial thing is to find a platform that has data for the social media platform you are using for your campaigns. 

Most platforms have data only from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, but there are many excellent creators that are using Linktree, Patreon, OnlyFans, Shopify, Gumroad, etc. Hence, there are influencer platforms that can also give you data from those platforms.

After you find the ones that cover your preferred social media platforms, analyze and compare them to find the one that answers your business goals the most. 

Besides data from the right social media platform, check if you really need all the features you will be paying for. 

You can easily be bought into using a platform that has many services and opportunities. But, when there are broad features in one platform, most of the time, not all of them are as efficient. 

Therefore, when searching for Grin alternatives, pay attention to the features you need, and the social media platforms you want to implement an influencer marketing strategy.

2. Value for the price

A large feature set comes at a higher price. But as we said, businesses don’t always need the large feature set some big companies offer. So, when searching for alternatives, before you do anything else, start by setting clear goals. 

For example, let’s say you want to implement personalized ads for your brand and you need resources for account-based marketing. In this case, you should look for Grin alternatives that can help you find companies that fit your ideal customer persona.

Once you decide on this matter, look for an influencer marketing tool that offers specifically that, and don’t overpay any side tools you won’t need in the process.

3. Database size and filtering options

Some companies have a strategy to target as many influencers as they can. In that case, the best influencer platform would be the one with the largest influencer database.

On the other hand, there are companies that want to choose one or only a few influencers that will be a perfect match for their business goals. In this case, the crucial role play filtering options. 

Grin is good for the second option, therefore, make sure that a good Grin alternative should have exceptional filtering options. Otherwise, you will end up spending hours or days identifying influencers that match your defined search criteria.

5 Best Grin Alternatives

If you already defined what are your goals and what features you need help with, check out these 5 Grin alternatives and find the one that’s best for you.

Best for: Influencer outreach, creator platforms, eCommerce businesses, marketing agency, and getting data at scale.

Price: From 0.15€ to 0.25€ per email

You are currently reading blog and we would like to briefly explain to you what are our advantages compared to Grin:

  • We are a sales intelligence tool for the creator economy with 60M creators in our database.
  • We are a lot more affordable than Grin and we can give you significantly more data for less money.
  • We don’t require you to sign and pay monthly or annually. 

Instead, you can export the data, test influencer campaigns and strategies you can do with the data, and then decide whether you will come back for more data or not. This way you can be sure you pay only for the services you need and get great value for your money.

  • While Grin focuses on brands working with influencers for advertising purposes we focus more on companies that want to sell to creators or influencers. 
  • We are offering a partnership program which is actually a creator outreach service

More specifically, we can source perfect creators for your brand and also work on your outbound cold email strategy.

This is a huge opportunity for companies that don’t know how to reach out to influencers or simply don’t have the time and resources to implement outreach campaigns. Especially because we have an influencer outreach strategy that is proven to work and to bring mindblowing results.

  • For some clients, we sent up to 3M emails and we have a 60% open rate and 20% reply rate.
  • We can provide you with a dedicated team to do weekly measurements and reporting for you.

Most influencer marketing platforms have dashboard analytics, but we prefer the human touch to the data. Hence, if you use a partnership program, our team of experts will work with you during the campaign.  


Best for: Small eCommerce brands, especially Shopify merchants.

Price: From $1

Dovetale developed an end-to-end platform designed for small businesses. At first, they started as a platform for influencer marketing, offering discovery, campaign management tools, social listening, payments, and analytics. But, even though all of that is still available on the platform in some ways, over time they shifted their focus to analytics and e-commerce.

To start using Dovetale, you need to create an application page where potential influencers can sign up to work with you. To help you find the right creator for your brand they have The Discovery tool that has precise search filters. 

Another option is for brands to wait for creators to contact them first. For this option, potential creators need to fulfill a customized survey on the application page that helps brands get a sense of what creators already know about their brand.

This is a great Grin alternative that provides precise search filters, so you can easily find relevant content. Furthermore, you can also create multiple types of campaign templates, so that you can reach a wide range of influencers, although they don’t have in-app messaging with influencers. In the end, Dovetale’s integration with Shopify makes this platform especially attractive for Shopify merchants.


Best for: Enterprises with large-scale influencer marketing needs. 

Price: On request

CreatorIQ is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands and publishers with dashboards, reporting, analytics, and more. Its AI-powered discovery tool takes a deep dive into less visible parts of content like the image itself, location, mentions, and even emojis. Then it verifies the authenticity of each influencer’s audience. 

Furthermore, you can invite influencers to join your network. If you do so, CreatorIQ takes over to do all of the contractual stuff for you, so you can focus on growing your business. And as you build your private marketplace for influencers to log onto from anywhere in the world at any time, they can see what’s on offer.

Still, working with an all-in-one tool has its downsides, and in this case, if you want to get the most out of CreatorIQ some users say it might take you longer than expected to learn all the tools and to navigate through the platform. 


Best for: Brands that want to launch creator marketing campaigns.

Price: starting at $499 per month

#paid is another all-in-one alternative for Grin that works great for brands interested in launching creator marketing campaigns. It provides a simple and seamless experience for its users and it helps them find great qualified influencers. 

Using #paid as a Grin alternative, managers can collaborate with influencers on various pitches, as well as pre-approve content on a unified interface. Additionally, #paid allows teams to schedule and approve posts and also easily communicate with creators and share feedback. To ease communication, they even have automated reminders and real support every step of the way.

In the end, after you successfully set up the campaign you can use #paid to measure and analyze the results. For that, the platform provides a high-level overview of your campaign and the key metrics you moved. This way you can learn what content works best and worst for your brand as well as which creator had the highest impact.


Best for: Enterprises looking for an all-in-one platform with creator listening.

Price: On request

Tagger proved its efficiency by working with today’s biggest brands and agencies through the years. They’ve developed a strong research tool that works great for finding new social partners. Besides all other features, with their search parameters, you can source influencers locally and differentiate yourself in the market with innovative offerings for your clients.

Their database has both influencer and brand profiles. Hence, with everything in one place,  their social listening will help you gain valuable insights into audience authenticity, conversation, etc.

This is a social intelligence platform that allows brands or marketers to connect with creators, plan campaigns, maximize workflow efficiency, and measure ROI. It also has automated reporting so you can track everything in a smarter and more time-efficient way. That applies to every content type, including stories, and includes engagement, conversions, ROI, audience data, and influencer performance statistics.

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