November 16, 2022

5 Top Ninja Outreach Alternatives



Ninja Outreach is a reputable influencer marketing and analysis platform with a massive database of 100M influencers.

Yet, just because it’s a well-known tool doesn’t mean it is the best option for your business. There are many Ninja Outreach alternatives that are better when it comes to specific features.

Ninja Outreach vs. Alternatives

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2 Ninja Outreach Drawbacks

Following are the 2 biggest downsides of Ninja Outreach, which makes marketers and brands look for Ninja Outreach alternatives.

Email spamming

The biggest downside of Ninja Outreach according to bloggers is the fact that emails that are sent from the software could easily be flagged as spam. Even though some users are satisfied with the ease of sending emails using Ninja Outreach, the big chance to get flagged up is the reason why many marketers and bloggers are considering using Ninja Outreach alternatives.

As some bloggers testify: “Emails sent from the software could easily be flagged up… For the most part, I have stopped using NinjaOutreach for blogger outreach but continue to use it for doing content research.“

Limited resources on the free trial

Regardless of the fact that they have a free trial (not a free plan), the features you can test during the trial period are very limited. Therefore, after using the free trial you still can’t get a clear image of Ninja Outreach features and whether purchasing the service is a good investment in your influencer strategy or not.

What to look for when searching for a Ninja Outreach alternative

There are two most important aspects you need to consider to make the right choice when searching for the most cost-effective Ninja Outreach alternative. Platform with a solid email strategy and value for the money.

Solid influencer outreach service

Many users stopped using NinjaOutreach for influencer outreach due to the risk of being flagged but kept using it for doing content research. But, successfully doing an influencer outreach is the most important part of the puzzle for brands that want to partner with creators.

That’s why, when you are choosing Ninja Outreach alternative, first pay attention to whether the company you choose can help you with your influencer outreach campaign or not. Do your research and read some reviews from users who already used the platform you consider using. How did their campaign go? What was their open and reply rate?

Value for the price

Even though many influencer marketing platforms don’t advertise pricing, it’s easy to see which offers value for money.

The go-to tip for choosing the best option for your business is to know exactly what are you looking for. Ninja Outreach has many features, so first decide if you need link-building software or to find Twitter and Instagram influencers. Next, from the alternatives below choose the one that does exactly that.

5 Ninja Outreach alternatives

Following are some of the best Ninja Outreach alternatives that will do a great job even after Meta’s API update.

Best for: Getting data at scale for influencer outreach оr influencer outreach as a service.
Mostly used by: Creator platforms, B2B, eCommerce businesses, and marketing agencies.
Price: From 0.15€ to 0.25€ per email

At, we cover several features that help creator economy companies step up their game. We focus on companies that want to sell to creators or influencers and we can help you with two segments: provide you with influencer data and conduct the influencer outreach service for you.

Influencer data:

  • We already have a database with more than 70M creators, plus we can collect data per request based on niche, gender, location, number of followers, engagement rate, and more than 20 other data points.
  • We are more affordable both qualitywise and quantitywise for influencer data. With our pricing model, you can get 15 times more data at a lower price, plus it will meet your requirements with 98% accuracy.
  • We are a sales intelligence tool for the creator economy.
  • No monthly or annual paid plans. We charge from 0.15€ to 0.25€ per email.

You can export the data, test influencer campaigns and strategies with it, and decide whether you will come back for more data or not. This way you can be sure you pay only for the services you need and get great value for your money.

Creator outreach service (Data + Outreach) – Partnership program

  • We source perfect creators from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other creator platforms (Patreon, OnlyFans, Linktree, etc.).
  • Then we work on your outbound email strategy. That means we will do creator outreach, handle the replies, stats reporting and analytics, and continuous A/B tests of the email copy. Additionally, we will provide you with a dedicated Ops and CS account manager and weekly one-on-one meetings to discuss the strategy, results, and improvement points.
  • For this service we offer two options depending on the client’s goals:
    ABM approach – Our creator sales team of 30 people is personalizing emails for businesses that want to target bigger creators.
    Outreach at scale: Using our data we are sending semi-personalized emails. Using this approach, for some clients, we have sent up to 3M emails per month and we have a 60% open rate and 20% reply rate.
  • We give businesses an opportunity to test different creator niches until we are sure we found the most suitable one.
  • No monthly or annual paid plans. We charge only for the service we provide.

This is a huge opportunity for companies that don’t know how to reach out to influencers or simply don’t have the time and resources to implement influencer outreach campaigns.

Most influencer marketing platforms have dashboard analytics, but we prefer the human touch to the data. Hence, if you use a partnership program, our experts will work with you during your influencer campaigns.


Best for: eCommerce, large brands, and agencies
Price: On request.

Traackr is influencer marketing software for data-driven marketers with a large set of features. One of the two best features that make Traackr one of the best Ninja Outreach alternatives is influencer authenticity. The platform is focused on giving brands the tools they need to work and develop authentic relationships with creators and their followers.

Another advantage of using Traackr is relevant data. Some users even call Traackr “Google for finding people” because their search engine filters relevant results. There’s context to every search, and results are backed by matching criteria and also analyzing and understanding the data.

The platform is easy to use and it provides detailed information about influencers, especially about influencers that are part of your campaign.


Best for: High-growth eCommerce brands
Price: On request

Aspire developed a platform with the intent to give everything brands need from influencer marketing at their fingertips. From communication, and venting through influencers to payment and measuring ROI.

This is a good Ninja Outreach alternative if you are looking for high-performing influencers. Moreover, users have the tools to nurture relationships with influencers they want to work with.
And additionally, they have a recommendation engine that points out similar influencers to the ones you’ve worked with.

For best-performing campaigns, there are tools for repurposing them into paid ads within the platform, as well as a content licensing feature. With easy-to-use digital term sheets embedded in users’ workflow, users can automatically acquire full usage rights from influencers, without the need for legal teams.

When it comes to payments, there’s no fee for anyone when payments are handled over the platform.


Best for: Both small and large brands.
Price: On request.

Klear in the beginning was a solution for collecting more Twitter insights that Twitter itself can provide. After a huge rebranding and pivoting in influencer marketing tools, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, Klear reached a database of 900M influencers divided into 60k categories.

Additionally, they’ve added some basic listening tools for competition monitoring and campaign management and tracking as part of the platform.

With Klear, users can find and build a relationship with influencers, do influencer analytics, and measure campaign performance, all within their platform.


Best for: Mostly medium-sized marketing and advertising companies.
Price: Starting from $24 per month

BuzzStream is the best Ninja Outreach alternative for link building. Besides link building, BuzzStream is also acknowledged as a good email service provider and digital PR.

Their link-building tool works in 4 ways: managing communications, finding contact information, managing outreach prospects, and pitches, and keeping track of existing and new backlinks.

This influencer outreach CRM integrates all steps of outreach activities and automates the most time-draining tasks. Therefore, is very helpful for marketing teams to efficiently find influencers, develop relationships and build awareness.

To sum up

Although Ninja Outreach has been one of the leading influencer marketing platforms for some time now, the truth is businesses have several amazing options that will do such a job.

While most alternatives don’t have all features that Ninja Outreach covers, they are dedicated to making specific features more precise. So take your time to decide which features are crucial for your influencer marketing campaign and choose the alternative that specializes in that.


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