November 28, 2022

YouTube Influencers List [March 2023]

Youtube Influencers List of 2K Creators you can hire in 2023


With 2.6B users logging on to the platform every month, plus people who use it without an account, YouTube is one of the most popular social networks on the internet.

And since there is a large audience, consequently the number of YouTube influencers increased over the years and as of 2022, YouTube has roughly 15 million influencers.

Through their content, YouTube influencers connect with their followers and have a huge impact on their buying decisions. Moreover, 70% of people reveal that they bought a product after they saw it being advertised on YouTube.

Because of all this, brands saw a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and sales, and YouTube became the most important channel for influencer marketing for 70% of marketers.

But now enough with the stats. By now you realized that YouTube should be a part of your influencer marketing strategy, so let’s talk more about how can you make that happen.

To help you kick-start your new strategy, in this blog we are going to talk about:

  • List of the top YouTube influencers from 14 different niches
  • Research from our own 12M YouTube database
  • The benefits of working with YouTube influencers

The lists below are just a part of the database we are giving you for free. If you want to do creator outreach, make sure you download the complete free database of 2K YouTubers enriched with 20 unique data points, including:

  • Link to channel;
  • Links to other social media;
  • Email;
  • Video count;
  • Subscriber count;
  • Avg. views;
  • Avg. comments
  • And much more.

Download a list of 2K YouTube influencers for free

YouTube Influencers List by Niche


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Fashion & Lifestyle

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Health & Wellness

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Digital Marketing

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5 Most Famous Niches on YouTube

From all 18 niches above, the 5 most prominent on YouTube are:

  • Fashion & Lifestyle with 15.9%
  • Fitness with 12.9%
  • Health & Wellness with 11.3%
  • Photographers with 9.7%
  • Music with 8.1%

Even though it seems like these five niches steal the most attention on YouTube, influencers from less popular niches also have very engaged audiences. YouTube has diverse users, so it’s suitable for professional and educational channels, but it’s also a great place for creators that want to create more casual content.

The 2 Biggest Benefits of Working With YouTube Influencers

There are many benefits you can claim by partnering with some of the YouTubers from the YouTube influencers listed above. Anyway, below we will briefly discuss the two benefits that are the most common objectives of marketing teams.

1. You can drive traffic to your website or product

Ask YouTubers to mention your brand in videos to spread brand awareness is just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to partnering with YouTube influencers. They can actually increase your website traffic and generate revenue as well.

If you want influencers to include links to your website and encourage their audience to visit it, you must provide the influencer with a unique affiliate link or discount code so you can track the traffic that is coming from that partnership.

2. The ability to build trust and credibility

YouTube influencers are already connected with their followers and have earned their trust. The more trustworthy an influencer is, the more benefits brands that partner with him or her will have.

That not only means they will be interested to check out or buy your products, but some of them will also have positive thoughts about your business.

Key Takeaways

Unlike other social media platforms where users scroll through to kill time, YouTube still mostly works as a search engine where people come to look for information on specific topics of interest.

That’s why, no matter what industry your business is in, if you can find YouTubers from your niche it means there are people on YouTube that are your potential customers. So, you must find and contact YouTubers that meet your business requirements.

If you haven’t already downloaded our database with 2K YouTube influencers, make sure you do. Next, do your research and set an influencer outreach strategy so you can get responses from the influencers you are interested in.

To be honest, this can be quite a challenging task, so, if you don’t have time and resources to do that, we offer creator outreach service as well. We surely know our way to get in touch with influencers and entice them to accept to collaborate with you.

In the end, if you need more YouTube influencer data, schedule a free meeting with us and describe your ideal audience and we can give you YouTube data that will meet your requirements with 98% accuracy.

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