January 12, 2023

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2024

List of Patreon Creators


List of 500 creators that are making money on Patreon

Launched in 2013, Patreon has become one of the biggest membership platforms that helps creators monetize their content.

Just in the first 18 months, the platform had 125K “patrons” recurring payments to creators, and today it has more than 8M patrons supporting their favorite creators.

Because of the big interest, Patreon managed to raise total funding of $413.3M as of November 2021.

So, brands and other creator economy businesses looking to work with creators should keep an eye on Patreon and find insights to spot an opportunity for partnerships with its creators.

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Discover the Best Patreon Creators for Your Brand: 20 Patreon Creators

Below, we listed 20 creators on Patreon that are suitable for partnerships with brands. Based on your niche, you can find which creators fit your criteria and you can reach out to them to create content for your company.

The well-known American political podcast Chapo Trap House, hosted by Will Menaker, Felix Biederman, Matt Christman, and the recurring co-hosts Virgil Texas and Amber A’Lee Frost is one of the most popular creators on Patreon.

The producers and hosts of the podcast identify themselves as radical left-wing politicians, and they are loud and clear about being against Democratic Party and contemporary liberalism. Their patrons have the opportunity to watch their weekly episodes, and currently, Chapo Trap House has 295 exclusive posts.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Chapo Trap House

Adam creates videos about fitness and self-improvement. He has a mission to promote fitness in a way that doesn’t make people feel bad about their current looks. His patrons get weekly gains workouts, and ebooks about fitness and self-improvement that he finds beneficial.

As part of his third membership plan, he offers group coaching for clients. That means he offers clients one set of personalized workouts per month along with skype and email support and dietary help.

Although he currently has only 12 patrons, he surely is on his way to finding a target audience, since is already established as a trustworthy fitness creator on Patreon.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner Within 2023 - Adam Fisher

Under the name Hoodied, you can find an awesome designer who is creating everyday sweaters mostly inspired by comics and games. Besides the unique designs, Hoodied is using quality fabrics only, so the products last for a very long time.

Hoodied is not only a Patreon creator for people interested in buying hoodies, but also shares various content from small tutorials and sewing and designing tips. All that through progress pics, designs, behind-the-scenes from photoshoots, etc.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Hoodied

Whether you are a Minecraft or not, the chance is you are familiar with eSports and you are aware that Twitch streaming is very popular nowadays. That’s why on Patreon there are hundreds of content creators in the gaming niche, but Black Plasma Studios stands out because based on in-game events when playing Minecraft they are making animated videos.

This creator has a quite niche audience, and for them, they offer rewards such as their name in the credits, the ability to watch our animations early, or they can even use their skin in the animations themselves.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Black Plasma Studios

Talitha is a talented photographer and video creator on a mission to capture refugees and tell their stories. Most of her stories are about connecting humans that connect with each other and finding what they have in common over a cup of coffee or tea.

She offers 10 membership tiers, each including access to some of her exclusive content. Moreover, she has diverse content, so her patrons can admire her art through photos and videos, but also live streams, writings, etc.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner Within 2023 - Talitha Brauer

Another one on the list of top Patreon creators is Danny Wood, a real estate group coach who is using the platform to educate his audience. For his patrons, he offers 2 sessions per month (between 30-45 min per session) where he coaches one of the members while everyone else watches and asks questions along the way.

Danny also has a YouTube account with educational content, but on Patreon, he offers more exclusive insights. Plus, on Patreon, he releases bonus content such as marketing materials that his audience can use in their own marketing.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Danny Wood

This is one of the favorite creators among the cooking enthusiasts on Patreon. With millions of YouTube subscribers, Oliver decided to create Patreon and even more enticing content for his audience. From everyday recipes to cooking food from TV shows and movies, he surely knows how to make engaging content.

People can choose any of his five membership levels, depending on whether they love strictly cooking videos, or are more curious to have a sneak peek behind the scenes or to have early access to videos 24 hours before the release.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Oliver Babish

Besides running a YouTube channel with more than 3M subscribers, Jeff creates content on Patreon for those who want to connect more with him. As a celebrity hairstylist, he started YouTube series named Jeff’s Barbershop, and he also joined the popular Vlog Squad.

One thing that is available in all of her Patreon membership tiers is early access to his new videos, which attracts his biggest fans. He also offers Discord benefits, discounts on his merchandise, and more.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Jeff Wittek

Ben is a content creator and miniature artist from Germany, giving his patrons a closer look into his art-creating process. He has almost 300 patrons that enjoy his work and learn from his art tutorials.

In his five membership levels, he offers everything from a PDF color guide to every model he paints to a full hour of personal feedback time via video chat on a monthly base. That being the case, we can agree that Ben is one of the best educational creators on Patreon that inspires and helps people to improve their painting skills based on his feedback.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Ben Komets

This is a sports-focused podcast, by two friends who love baseball. Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan are publishing weekly episodes with as they say “analysis and silliness” and they earned a great reputation among baseball fans.

For those who want to support the podcast on Patreon, they offer a variety of advantages based on the membership tier you will choose. From access to monthly Patreon-exclusive AMA podcast episodes to the option for a bonus personalized, Cameo-style audio/video message from one or more of the hosts.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Effectively Wild

Pet Foolery is the name of pet-themed comics by Ben Hed and he releases four episodes of the comic each month. On Patreon Ben offers fans the option to further support Pet Foolery with a monthly subscription.

As a thank you for the support, Ben gives his patrons access to exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes, Q and A’s, and wallpaper/backgrounds. Additionally, for his monthly subscribers, he creates Patreon-exclusive comics.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Pet Foolery

This creator shares her knowledge through YouTube videos and articles on science, health, and aging. Dr. Rhonda also has the YouTube channel Found My Fitness and a website covering the latest science of health.

Since her content is educational, her videos are longer compared to other creators, and many of them are even a few hours in length. She created a Patreon account so she can easily communicate with her followers, through monthly live Q&A sessions, and Google Hangouts. Plus, her patrons have access to research summaries, background notes, and private articles.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Another history podcast was created by Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, two journalists that love digging into the past. Their main focus is debunking events from the past that were miscast in the public imagination.

Patrons can choose one of the four subscription options and have an access to almost 40 podcasts they can listen to anywhere. The difference between the four memberships is not publicly available.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - You're Wrong About

Flagrant 2 is a popular podcast by Andrew Schultz and Akaash Singh. They have a unique approach and their content is unapologetic, raw, and unfiltered. Since today we live in a world where everything you say can be misleading and judged as inappropriate, their podcast is still like in the good old times when people cracked jokes and weren’t offended by everything.

By becoming their Patron, depending on the membership tier, you can get access to podcast episodes, get a discount on merch, and even suggest topics for their new episodes.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Flagrant

Another one from the list of amazing Patreon creators you can work with this year is Tim Dillon, the comedian behind The Tim Dillon Show. Besides being a comedian, Tim is known as a tour guide and as he says, he is happy to give his patrons a tour of the end of the world.

His patrons have access to archive episodes, premium video content, extra episodes, and more. There are two membership tiers, and by purchasing The Rothschilds, you can submit topics for Tim to rant on.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - The Tim Dillon Show

Jerry is a YouTuber with more than 200K subscribers on his YouTube channel that created Patreon to give his biggest supporters exclusive access to his live streams and podcasts. He has only one membership level, and as a member, you can get access to an exclusive discord channel where you can talk to Jerry and other of his members.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Jerry Banfield

This is another YouTuber that created a Patreon page to secure monthly income and connect with subscribers at a higher level. Even though there are plenty of YouTubers that have done the same, Monky London stands out from the rest because their content it’s personal, rather than some big car brand.

The videos they create feature the likes of car buildings, drift racing, and tuning. Patrons can choose to support Monky London through 4 membership levels, including different benefits from access to private Discord chat, to merch discounts and connecting with Monky on social media.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Monky London

This is a deep dive podcast that is focused on true-crime docu-series. The creators of the True Crime Obsessed podcast are Patric and Gillian, and they have almost 50K patrons who are subscribed to their Patreon page and support their work.

The podcast is diving deep into various true crime docuseries, and there are four membership levels to choose from.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - True Crime Obsessed

Another in the list of educational creators that want to make a change is Bite Size Vegan, a content creator helping people to become and stay vegan. Emily, the founder of Bite Size Vegan, simplifies the complexities of veganism, by promoting the tools vegans need to get active.

The Patreon page has 8 membership levels, and she hopes that Bite Size Vegan helps end the pervasive exploitation of non-human animals.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Bite Size Vegan

Jason Lanier is a photographer and YouTuber that has been teaching photography for years both in person and through his YouTube channel. He has a reputation as a great photography tutor, hence, he created a profile on Patreon to help his followers even more through their journey and secure some monthly earnings along the way.

Jason offers 6 membership levels, so his patrons can subscribe and attend the workshops that are a good fit to help them achieve their goals.

List of 500 Patreon Creators to Partner With in 2023 - Jason Lanier

Paid partnerships on Patreon

Paid partnerships between brands and creators on Patreon are a great way to get exposure, boost your sales, and build a brand name. To get a better understanding of why partnering with Patreon creators is important even though creators don’t have a large audience as they do on social media, keep reading to find out.

Benefits of paid partnerships between brands and creators on Patreon

Patreon creators have the trust of their subscribers. Since they chose to pay a monthly subscription to watch their content, you can be sure that what the creator has to share is very important to its audience.

This includes the creator’s influence on buying decisions on the products or services he or she recommends. This means most of the creator’s subscribers are most likely to turn into your customers.

Furthermore, brands can partner with creators on Patreon by giving them a discount code to share with their patrons. On Patreon, creators offer discounts on specific products or services as a part of their membership package. This is a perfect opportunity for brands to create a unique discount code, and boost their sales through the creator’s page.

Lastly, Patreon is created with a mission to make creators more independent when it comes to collaborating with brands to increase monthly earnings. So, when users see that a Patreon creator is promoting some brand or product, they know that it’s just because they truly love it, and not because they are just promoting something because it’s paid well.

How to reach out to Patreon creators

On Patreon, all patrons have the option to send a message to creators, so one chance for brands to reach out to creators is by subscribing to one of their membership levels.

Unfortunately, even though you can message them easily, there are still two big obstacles for brands that want to collaborate with creators on Patreon.

First, creator discovery options on Patreon are limited. That’s why marketers usually search for suitable social media creators and then they manually check if they have a Patreon account. While this can work well if you need only a few creators, it’s really time-consuming if you need to find creators at scale.

The second challenge is enticing creators to accept your offer. You need to find out how to pitch creators so they can’t resist your collaboration offer.

The solution to both is hiring a creator outreach team to do the work for you. First, we will filter our database of 300K Patreon creators to see if we can find creators that match your requirements. If not, our team will find new creators apart from those in our database, so we can meet your criteria with 98% accuracy.

So we can do both, find Patreon creators based on your requirements, and also we will dedicate a team to do creator outreach as well.

To Sum Up

Patreon is an amazing way to connect brands and creators, but it may seem difficult to navigate if you are a company that wants to explore this platform. As with any other digital marketing channel, Patreon requires planning. You have to do proper research and define the goals for your Patreon campaign.

We hope this list of Patreon creators and the few tips we mentioned have informed you of what you can expect from partnering with creators on Patreon.

If you still need someone to lend you a hand, schedule a free call with us, and we can discuss how can we help you achieve your goals.

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