April 19, 2022

7 Steps On How To Pitch Influencers So They Can’t Say No [+ Free Templates]

Do you struggle to pitch the right influencers for your brand? Here are 7 steps and free email templates on how to pitch influencers.


Calling all the brands – do you struggle to pitch the right influencers that will help your business grow?

We all know influencer marketing is an effective way for brands and agencies to promote their products or services to a wider audience.

But, pitching to influencers is a daunting task. Still, the right influencer approach and strategy can lead to a successful collaboration.

If you ever tried to write a pitch email at least once, you know the struggle. Luckily, in this guide, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to pitch to influencers and get the deal.

4 reasons why brands should pitch to influencers

While it’s a common practice for influencers to pitch their services to brands, as a brand, you have a better understanding of your target audience, brand image, and marketing goals.

By taking the lead and proactively pitching to influencers, you can identify and recruit affiliates or influencers who can deliver the best results for your brand.

Besides that, here are some of the top reasons why brands and agencies should consider pitching to influencers:

Remember that influencer you wanted to pitch because you thought would be the right person to promote your brand? Well, you should give it a go, and here’s why.

What are the key ingredients in a successful influencer pitch?

It’s not hard to write a pitch letter to influencers. It’s hard to pitch them successfully. It’s not rocket science, but it has delicate touches that could make or break the deal.

Explain the benefit

An influencer is his own personal brand. So, when you’re proposing a collaboration, try to explain what the influencer will get.

Don’t focus the pitch on how the influencers will help your brand stand out. Instead, drive the conversation in a way that you’ll point out the value your brand would add to their personal brand.

Don’t make the pitch like you want to take advantage of their social media popularity. Make clear what’s in it for them to get them interested in the proposal. It makes sense, right?

Provide specifics

Your pitch email shouldn’t belong, boring, and time-consuming. Provide the influencer with specific information about the goal and the terms of collaboration.

Try to be as precise as possible in your pitch emails:

  • Clarify why your brands match,
  • How many campaigns you’ll need,
  • Why do you think your consumers fit the influencer’s audience demographics
  • Similarities in the target market, etc.

Create deadlines

You shouldn’t be pushy, but a slight sense of urgency can work when it comes to brand influencers. Provide the influencer with a timeframe in which they can join the brand partnership.

Don’t leave them an open-end deadline. That way, they’ll probably lose your offer in their already full inbox. Along with the deadlines, propose a timeframe giving them free space to consider the pitch proposal and make a decision.

7 steps to pitch influencers and get a deal

You know that the perfect email pitch should be 2-3 paragraphs long, but there are some essentials you HAVE to incorporate that will land any influencer.

Follow these 7 simple steps to create an effective influencer outreach strategy that can help you successfully pitch to influencers and close a deal.

You know that the perfect email pitch should be 2-3 paragraphs long, but there are some essentials you HAVE to incorporate that will land any influencer.

1. Craft an amazing subject line

You have to stand out in their inbox! When you’re doing influencer outreach, the subject line is the first thing that influencers will see when your email lands.

The best way you can play this is to keep it short and eye-catching. To make it stand out even more, you can include a CTA or a greeting.

2. Introduce yourself

If you want to build a good relationship, the key is to start doing it from the beginning. Start the email by introducing who you are, and what your brand and company do, and add something that will make them more interested in your brand.

The point is to give them a short overview of who you are and smoothly transition to something that is a middle ground for both sides (like similar clients, a value, etc.).

3. Personalize your pitch email

Remember – personalization is everything!

Don’t start the pitch with “Dear Influencer” or “Dear Blogger.”

Use their name – it’s a specific person and not a general mass. If you give them the impression that this is just another copy-and-paste email, you’ll probably end up in their spam folder.

4. Make an interactive offer

Don’t just ask influencers to review your products in a blog post or video on Instagram stories and other social media. Give them a real-life experience with it instead. For example, send them over some samples to try out and decide if they really liked them.

This is a success-proven way to get the influencer interested in your offer. Moreover, it will help you in establishing a more genuine relationship. Also, it gives the impression that a real person stands behind the brand.

5. Keep it simple

Most people are making the mistake of long and boring pitches. Yes, you should show that you’ve done your research and point out the benefit of the collaboration with your business, but you shouldn’t write a whole essay.

Not only should the influencer pitch be short and concise, but providing them with sample content or brand products should also be easy. If that’s too much effort for the influencer, they’ll probably pass on your offer.

6. Use email templates

Using templates for influencer pitching is always a good idea to make your life easier. Below, you’ll get an example pitch for the most common collaborations with influencers.

How to pitch an influencer for a product launch?

Hello [Influencer Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Company Name].

Later this spring we’re going to launch a great new feature to [Your Product] called [Feature Name] that helps influencers like you monetize the traffic from social media and [Another Benefit].

I have been following you for a long time now, and I noticed that you cover new features and products on your blog, so I wonder if you’re interested in joining our testing team [in a very interesting way].

As an early partner, we’ll send you a sample of [Product Name], so you can try it, test it, and send us your feedback. After that, we can talk and arrange together some marketing campaigns for your blog.

We’ll offer you free access for one year for the product. Plus, your insights will help in building such an amazing product that even your audience will love!

I hope to receive a reply from you by next Monday so we can set you all up.


[Your Name]

How to pitch an influencer for brand collaboration?

Hey [Influencer Name],

I am [Your Name], and I work for [Company Name]. We [What You Do/Sell].

I have been following your profile on [Social Media] and really loved your post(s) on [Example Post]. [Say something about their feed that adds a human element].

Since [insert what they are passionate about and resonate with your brand], I am reaching out to see if you would be open to mutual collaboration. We can create great things together!

Let me know if this catches your eye, and I will send more details!


[Your Name]

How to pitch macro-influencers?

Hi [Influencer Name],

I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday so far! I am [Your Name], and I’m [Role in the Company]. I enjoy reading/watching your blog/videos/social media kit, and I also read/follow [Something you have in common].

[Comment on the “fun fact” to give a human element and point out that you’ve done the research.]. I want to ask you a question if you don’t mind.

We are conducting [A marketing project you want to collaborate on.]. [Tell about what your project is in one sentence and who your clients are.].

We have an idea to make it [The way you want to run the campaign]. But we’d love to hear your expert advice on how to do it better together.

It would be great to have your input here! At the end of the marketing campaign, we’ll have [eBook or the final big benefit they’ll get], and you’ll be featured in, and you could share with your followers.

Let me know if you’re into it!


[Your Name]

How to pitch an influencer to share your product for free?

Hi [Influencer Name],

My name is [Your Name] from [Company Name]. I really love you [Sample Content], and I admire how great you did with [Another Brand Partnership].

I’m reaching out because I have a product/service that your audience will appreciate. It’s [Product Name] and it [What it does & the benefits].

Would you consider testing and reviewing [Product/Service] in some of your next blogs/videos?

I will provide a free sample for the review and some data you might need. Plus, I can offer three more free samples to make a giveaway with your audience if you want to.

Let me know your thoughts on this!


[Your Name]

7. Use influencer platforms

We at Influencers Club help creator economy startups, eCommerce businesses and agencies find the best influencers for their brand.

So, as an influencer outreach company, we can also do that for you! We can help you match your business with top influencers from your niche, and ensure you get the right contacts from the influencers that want to collaborate with brands.

This way we will save you time and effort and provide you with brief key influencers’ data that can support your brand influencer marketing efforts.

Bonus tips for getting the deal

Here are some extra tips that will close the deal for your brand when it comes to influencer marketing.

Here are some extra tips that will close the deal for your brand when it comes to influencer marketing.


Now follow the steps outlined in this guide, implement the bonus tips and you can successfully pitch to influencers and achieve your marketing objectives.

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