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Nick Chen - Co-founder & CEO at Pico

Nick Chen

Co-founder & CEO at Pico

“Really impressed with the response rate so far, and this is just with the first draft of the email campaign! Goes to show that your data and targeting hunches are spot on.”
Paul Randall - Creator Development Manager at HP

Paul Randall

Creator Development Manager at HP

“ made our Foodie Creator outreach process instantly successful and delivered great results for our new business incubation project. We managed to find, contact and sign some brilliant new talent in the space of just a couple of weeks! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get ahead of the game in the creator economy.
Daniel Eriksson - Growth at

Daniel Eriksson

Growth at

“Working with Nikola and his team we have learned the importance of including context and personalization in our outreach. I would recommend, and have already recommended Nikola and to other entrepreneurs in the space.”


You can find YouTuber’s emails for free in a few steps. Open the ‘About’ section of the YouTuber’s channel and see if the creator has a business email listed. 

Another strategy is to find the YouTuber on other social media platforms or websites and see if you can find it. For Instagram check the bio section and the ‘Contact’ button. For the website, look for the ‘About’ or ‘Contact’ pages.

Lastly, watch some of their YouTube videos because YouTubers often mention their email address. You can usually find this information in the intro or outro section.

For a more detailed guide on how to find YouTuber’s emails, check our complete YouTube email finder guide.

Yes, all YouTuber emails we provide are validated by as the #1 validation platform in the world.

We’ve sent millions of emails to YouTubers and we learned that the most effective way to stand out in a YouTuber’s inbox is to personalize the message, have a clear value proposition, and pick the right timing to reach out. 

For more detailed guidance, read our proven 3 step process to contact YouTubers.

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