August 31, 2023

YouTube Email Finder | Get Channel Email in 30 Seconds


List of 2K rising YouTubers in every niche (with emails)

A YouTube email finder is a tool that allows you to find the email addresses of YouTubers.

This tool helps individuals or companies to connect with YouTubers for collaborations, influencer marketing, find the email associated with their YouTube account, and other.

While comments on a video or reaching out through social media accounts can be effective, email allows for more personal and direct communication.

It offers businesses a professional and organized approach to YouTubers and also allows sharing detailed information and specific proposals. Additionally, email tracking and follow-up make communication more effective.

So, briefly explained, we will discuss the best (and fastest) YouTube email finder strategies. Keep reading if you identify yourself as:

  • Individual looking to find the email address of your own YouTube channel
  • Marketing Agency
  • Companies that sell products or services to creators
  • PR or Event Planner
  • Creator or Freelancer looking for a job
Before we dive into details, did you know that you probably already have YouTubers and their emails in your customer email list? To find them, you can sign up to our creator discovery dashboard, upload your customer list and we will find YouTube channels connected to those emails.
Yet, if you already have YouTubers in mind, keep reading to learn the best ways to find their emails. 

YouTube Email Finder: Find 1 or Bulk Emails in 30 Seconds

There are two approaches when it comes to finding one or a few emails from YouTubers: manual and automated YouTube email finders.

3 Manual strategies to find someone’s email address associated with a YouTube channel

If you are looking for only one email address or need a free solution, check out the following manual strategies to find YouTuber’s emails.

1. Check the ‘About’ section of the YouTube channel

YouTubers open for partnerships and press often have their email address listed in the ‘’About” section. Hence, you might not need a YouTube channel email finder at all.

With this tactic people also often find out their own email addresses that are associated with their YouTube channel. So if you made your email publicly available, you might find your own YouTube email as well. Give it a try.

You just need to:

  • Open the YouTube channel
  • Go to the ‘About’ section
  • Scroll down and check the ‘For business inquiries’ section
YouTube Email Finder "About" Section

2. Ask directly in the comments

You can often find the email of a specific YouTuber by asking them directly in the comments section of their videos.

First, find a video of the YouTuber that you want to contact. Scroll down to the comments section and look for a previous comment asking for their email. If you don’t find one, write a new comment asking for the YouTuber’s email politely and professionally.

Be sure to include your reason for contacting them and your email address. Keep in mind that some YouTubers may not respond to comments or may not share their email publicly, but it’s worth a try as it is a free and easy approach.

3. Find the creator on other platforms

Another way to find the email of a YouTuber is by searching for them on other social media platforms. Many YouTubers have accounts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and may share their email address on their profile or in the bio section.

So, you need to find the YouTuber on Instagram for example, and then find the email address from his/her Instagram profile.

To find a YouTube influencer on another platform, simply search for their name on the platform. Then, check their profile for contact information or a website link. If their email address is not displayed on their profile but there is a link to visit their website, check the “About Me” or “Contact” pages.

Use Automated YouTube email finder tools

To use the tools below to find YouTube channel email address, it’s best if the targeted YouTube channel is linked to a website. So, this probably won’t work for finding the email address you used for your YouTube channel.

But, if you are looking for the email address of a specific YouTube influencer, this will get the job done. Some of the currently best YouTube email finder tools are:


Hunter is an email finder tool that allows users to quickly find professional email addresses, including those associated with YouTube channels. Yet, Hunter can find an email only by searching with a domain or company name, hence, it will work for YouTubers that have their website.

Write the domain of the YouTuber’s website, and Hunter will find the email addresses under that domain in seconds.

Hunter’s capability to perform bulk email finding is one of its most significant features, however, the free plan is limited to 25 searches per month.


Another YouTube email finder tool that helps users find email addresses on different platforms, including YouTube. Contact Out also offers a Google Chrome extension that allows users to quickly and easily find email addresses that work best for LinkedIn.

ContactOut’s database of 150 million emails makes it easy to find and verify the email addresses of professionals. The tool has a tested accuracy rate of 98% in finding the correct email addresses.

Get a custom list of YouTuber emails

Find YouTubers that are ideal for your brand in a few seconds. Export the list along with valid email addresses and 40+ data points.

Find an email list of YouTubers that match your criteria

This is the fastest way to get the emails or other contact details of YouTubers that are suitable for your brand.

Although there are more cases where YouTube influencer data can give an advantage to businesses, let’s discuss the three types of businesses that must use influencer data if they are planning on launching influencer campaigns on YouTube in 2024.

Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies that need a list of YouTubers to hire creators for YouTube influencer marketing campaigns for their clients. Depending on your client’s needs, you can order a list of emails of YouTubers from any niche, location, audience size, engagement rate, language, and 30 other data points.

Companies that are targeting YouTube creators

Buying an email list from influencer data providers is the best strategy if you are a business that is selling a product or service to creators. With this strategy, you can get an email list along with other data points that will give you a deeper understanding of the potential of certain YouTubers.

For example, if you are an influencer agency you can order an email list of YouTubers that have between 5k and 10k subscribers, with more than a 5% engagement rate that already monetizes and is part of affiliate programs.

Or any other criteria you might have. Our data team at Influencers Club goes above and beyond to meet even the most segmented YouTuber’s list order with 98% accuracy.

eCommerce businesses

eCommerce brands looking for YouTubers for their upcoming influencer campaigns. We’ve already discussed that cold emailing is the most successful way to do influencer outreach nowadays.

So, even though you can use YouTube email finder tools to find the email of one or a few YouTubers, if you want to reach out to influencers at scale you need to consider influencer data providers to give you an email list of YouTubers that suit your brand best.

In the past 3 years, we’ve provided creator’s emails and other data points for 400+ eCommerce brands, taking a place as the third growth channel (besides ads and influencers).

Use an influencer platform as a YouTube email finder

YouTube influencer platforms are used by brands and influencers to connect, partner, and launch influencer marketing campaigns together. Brands can search and analyze social media accounts based on niche, audience size, engagement rate, etc.

If you find a YouTube account that matches your criteria, it’s most likely that you can find contact details about the YouTube channel owner as well.

One of the influencer platforms that can play a good role as a YouTube email finder is HypeAuditor. The platform has a profile for every creator, and some creators display their emails on the profile. So, if you already have a YouTube creator in mind, and he or she has a profile on HypeAuditor just check their profile to find the email address.

Moreover, if you haven’t chosen YouTubers yet, you can use the filters to find only YouTubers that have emails included, and then from the search results choose the ones that match your criteria.

However, if you need emails from YouTubers at scale, HypeAuditor won’t work since you have to search for emails one by one.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, finding the right YouTube email finder can be a daunting task, especially if you’re looking for a fast and affordable solution. However, by understanding the different needs of your target audience, you can choose the right tactics and tools to help you reach your goals.

For marketing agencies and businesses looking to scale their influencer outreach, getting influencer data is the best option. This will save you time and money in the long run since you can get more data at the most affordable price.

On the other hand, for individuals who have forgotten the email they used for their YouTube account, using an email finder tool may be the best solution.

No matter what your needs are, it is important always to consider the cost, speed, and accuracy of the solution. By doing so, you can make a decision about which strategy works best for your needs.

If you need a YouTube email finder to reach out to YouTubers at scale, schedule a call with someone from our team and you can get a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Don’t hesitate, finding the targeted YouTuber’s emails can be the key to the success of your campaign. So, start finding YouTube email addresses now and make the most out of your campaigns!

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