June 18, 2021

Buy Political Email Lists: Conservative & Liberal Voters

Buy email addresses of your future voters. Targeted liberal democrats email lists or conservative republicans email lists.


Owning a political email list from people that are either conservative or liberal voters can be a really powerful asset that can help you reach thousands of active American voters.

That’s why in today’s article we are going to cover how you can find targeted political email addresses and how you can use them to make your campaign a success.

The fact that for the US 2020 elections, Trump’s team ran an email marketing campaign that sent from 2.7 to 7 emails per day per voter, just shows the value of owning a validated politics email list.

The study also shows that an account that was subscribed to Trump’s email list has received more than 2,000 emails since 2018. And we are pretty sure that the marketing team of the president of America had a well-researched reason to use email marketing at that scale.

When talking about political email lists, most of the data providers use obsolete data that is a few years old and we all know that the political views of the voters can easily change, so their data quickly becomes useless. On the contrary, our service provides up-to-date email addresses based on keywords like “Conservative”, “Liberal”, “Democrat”, “Republican” that people have included in their social media biography.

At Influencers Club, we can also research through the social media followers of big names in the world of politics, so for example you could have an email list filled with people that are followers of Trump or Biden.

This super narrow targeting is made possible by our database that consists of 40M+ valid contacts and the best part is that our data is consistently updated by our team. Stay until the end of the article where we will share a free list of Democrat and Republican voters.


How to Find Email Addresses Of Active Voters

Numerous sources point that the number of eligible voters in America last year was nearly 240 million people. We all know that social media apps are used by everyone, so a big portion of the eligible voters is active on Instagram and Facebook.



The voter’s presence on Instagram is really important because about 40% of the active app users have their emails available to the public. Some users have the email address written in their short bio, while others have a special “Email” button on their profile, which is only visible when using the mobile application.


1. Get Voter Email Lists by Keywords in Social Media Bio

Every person that is active on their social media, uses their bio to share the most important information about them in a few sentences. At Influencers Club, we can filter email addresses based on particular keywords that users have included in their bio.

You can buy liberal email list or republican email list based on keywords in like the examples below:

  • Their political affiliation: “Conservative”, “Liberal”
  • The name of their political party:  “Democratic”, “Republican”
  • Or the name of any politician: “Biden”, “Trump” in their biography
Social media profile with President Trump and Democrat in their biography.


2. Hashtags Related to Politics

Most people that are on social media use hashtags when they are posting something in order to get more likes and comments to their posts. Conservatives and Liberals are no exception to this, so we can help you find your targeted audience based on the pictures and hashtags they have used.

For instance, the hashtag #conservative has 3.2M posts, while #liberal has over 2M posts. You just need to choose a hashtag and our team will research the posts and the user’s profiles in order to provide the most up-to-date data for your marketing campaign.

Additionally, we remove any business emails (support@, info@), all duplicate emails as well as invalid email addresses (bots, fake accounts, catchall’s, etc.).

An example of how you can find voter email addresses based on the hashtag liberal.
An example of how you can find voter email addresses based on the hashtag conservative.


3. Followers of Political Parties and Politicians

Another (amazing) option that we provide is to analyze the followers of an account of a certain political party or politician and find any public emails. That’s a great way to reach a targeted audience that has already shown interest by following an account.

For example, we can offer you a list of emails from people that are followers of the Democrat or Republican party accounts on Instagram. The only downside to this is that, as mentioned previously, only 40% of all Instagram profiles have their contact information publicly available, which means that from an account with 1M followers, you can only get around 400k email addresses.

Many of our clients that are involved in politics, use this tactic to get a bunch of emails from their competitors, as well as their own followers.

Unlike other data providers, when we deliver a political email list, our team validates every contact, so you can target only real people that are interested in politics. This way we make sure that we give real, valid data, and at the same time we protect your emails ending up in the spam folder.


Political Figure/Party Number of Followers
Republican Post 353k
Donald Trump 24.1m
The Democrats 279k
Joe Biden 18m
The Typical Liberal 2.2m

Here are some examples of social media accounts that are related to politics and can be used to find targeted email addresses from conservative or liberal voters.


How to Use Political Email List with Conservative or Liberal Voters

The most important step in any kind of marketing is having targeted data. But we’d like to go a step further and offer some interesting marketing ideas on how you can use our political email list.


Step 1. Create Facebook Ads With Our Political Email Addresses

As you know, Facebook has a lot of interest-based targeting options, but when it comes to targeting audiences based on their political interests, their algorithm has a large base of accounts, and more often than not, their account choice is pretty bad for your ROI.

But Facebook actually allows companies to run ads to their already existing customers by importing their email lists as Custom Audiences. These Custom Audiences give the best ROI because of the narrow targeting that they offer.

The best part is that Facebook doesn’t need to verify that the political email list you have is from the people who subscribed to it. That means you can use a third-party list and FB will show ads only to the people from the list.

However, our point with these Custom Audiences ads is to just “warm-up” the political audience that consists of liberals or conservatives so they are familiar with our message and candidate.


Step 2. Email Marketing To Our Political Audience

When the Facebook ads start getting some traction and they are seen by your narrowly-targeted audience, you start working on Step 2 of the campaign, which is email marketing.

You can email people that have not subscribed to your email list, but just make sure that you include an Unsubscribe button in the email you send. That way you can give your prospects an easy way to opt out if they don’t want to receive any more emails from you. If you want to learn more about the CAN-SPAM act interpretation you can read this article by Colin Nederkoorn.


Step 3. Retargeting & Creating Lookalike Political Audiences

The political leads that actually visited your website, either by your ads or email campaign go down the funnel and should receive a different kind of message.

Also, people that visited your candidate’s page can now be used for creating Lookalike audiences in Facebook Ads. When using Lookalikes, Facebook only searches for social media users that have similar interests and characteristics to your website visitors.

That means that there is a really high chance for the political audience from the Lookalikes to be highly interested in your offer because Facebook now has data to work with.


Final Words

Email marketing is still the best form of marketing because it gives you the opportunity to build relationships with your Republican or Democrat leads and speak directly to them in their inbox.

Facebook on its own has a really wide audience to target, which automatically lowers your ROI. That’s why the mix of Facebook ads to just warm up your audience, then Email marketing, Retargeting, and last but not least Lookalikes Audiences are the way to go forward.

You may want to experiment and directly start an email campaign without previously “warming up” your democrat or republican audience and that’s fine, you should try your own ideas and methods, but whatever you try, one thing stays the same: running a successful marketing campaign without the right data is simply not possible.

If you want to run a campaign that’s related to politics and also you want to be ahead of your opponents by having updated and validated data, you can schedule a quick call with our team, so we can discuss the specifics of your political campaign.

Just to prove that we stand behind everything we have said about our data, here you can find some politics-related sample data.


Free Democrat Email List

Here we have a free list of email addresses with the text “Democrat” in their bio.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Biography
tallahasseedemocrat tlh-talonline@tallahassee.com Instagram of the Tallahassee Democrat and Tallahassee.com.
parkcannon58 parkcannonfor58@gmail.com Youngest Georgia House Democrat & 1st #Queer State Rep. in the US. #LGBTQ #bettersolutionsforabettergeorgia #Millennials #Donate #ShortList #ATL #GA; Youngest @gahousedems member & 1st #Queer State Rep. in the US. #LGBTQ #bettersolutionsforabettergeorgia #Millennials #Donate #ATL #Vote; Youngest @gahousedems member & 1st #Queer State Rep. in the US. #LGBTQ #bettersolutionsforabettergeorgia #Millennials #Donate #ATL #Vote
giavonnamei giavonnamei@gmail.com hi there wrangler on corn and a democrat w no onions thnks !! : )dbu a∆k
lebanondemocrat editor@lebanondemocrat.com � The Lebanon Democrat is Wilson County’s oldest and only daily newspaper serving Wilson County; Tenn. Be sure to tag your photos #lebanondemocrat! �
ahmetbelli1 av.ahmetbelli@me.com Lawyer & Democrat
Bilkent University


Free Conservative & Republican Email List

In our second table, you can see the usernames and email addresses of people that have used the words “Conservative” or “Republican” in their social media biography.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Biography
genrednetwork@gmail.com thevincedao 🇺🇸 Conservative 🇺🇸🎙 Political Commentator 🎙🎬 Host of “America Rising;” Fridays @ 10ET↪️ TPUSA Ambassador🔻 SUB TO MY YT
facesofgypsy@gmail.com facesofgypsy Multifarious Conservative Creative👽Makeup Artist + Fashion + Model development1/3 of @eklectivBased in Atlantic Beach; FL🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
hollylongphotographyllc@gmail.com hollyjade_photos 🤱x 5📷 Click Pro @clickprophotographersLove is love 🌈 & proud conservative📞 The best time to call me is text message.🧡 This too shall pass.
georgedevolder@hotmail.com georgeanthony_dee True New Yorker 🗽Proud American 🇺🇸NY3 Republican Congressional Candidate 🗳#StopSocialism #TakeBackTheHouse #maga #USA #backtheblue #alllivesmatter
oleksii.barkov@gmail.com a.barkov typing…Digital editor @folitiqueSMM | PR | Consultingex @polimodafirenze conservative prude📍Florence


Free Biden Supporters Email List

Wanted to target real hardcore Biden supporters with your email marketing campaign? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Biography
leticiabailbondsman1 ltccredle@yahoo.com “I’LL RUN IF #ICAN WALK” J.BIDEN#7 #LDRSHIP #RETIREDVET🇺🇸 #BRONCOPRIDE 💙 #FSU #QUEENSCREDLE #INSURANCE #MIXOLOGIST 🍸(910)779-5596🙏🏾👑🐂🦄💍
sarahemucha sarah.mucha@cnn.com traveling across the USA for @CNN covering @JoeBiden and the 2020 election
jeffsyptak jrsyptak@gmail.com 🏛Admin Specialist @sylvesterturner⚾️#Baseball fanatic🛫#travel enthusist🇺🇸@joebiden SD 15 Delegate @thedemocrats convention😎Striving for excellance
djbradfscott Djbradfscott@gmail.com Straight-edge Vegan; DJ/Promoter in Easton; Pa…Happy Healthy and Taken…@jarchymah❤️ #bidenharris2020
emily.stanley jillianroy333@gmail.com 📍NM | 🏠 KS | 🇰🇷🇺🇸organizing for @joebidenfoodsta: @eat.with.emilytwitter: emilystanley_


Free Trump Supporters Email List

A lot of people are really big Trump Supporters even after his mandate ended and a lot of our clients asked for data like this, so here’s a free sample:

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Biography
nicebarz nice_barz@yahoo.com MESKIN TRUMP SUPPORTER
thegaywhostrayed thegaywhostrayed@gmail.com 𝘼𝙉𝙏𝙄-𝙀𝙎𝙏𝘼𝘽𝙇𝙄𝙎𝙃𝙈𝙀𝙉𝙏 AMERICAN FIRST. Big league lesbian. Big league Trump supporter. Big league red pilled. Tap below for the best merch online️
zaddychulow PhoneMagicians@gmail.com God FirstPhoneMagicians Owner Ball Is Life EA Game TesterAFELIX340 EntrepreneurSneakerheadTrump Supporters Repair Your Phone
jon.mcnaughton mcnaughtonart@msn.com I paint patriotic
unsilentamericans johnnyhermanator@gmail.com #wwg1wga NRA Member. Proud American. Constitutionalist. Trump Supporter. Mattis is god.

If you want to order an email list of your targeted Republican or Democrat voters, schedule a free 30-minute call with our team on this link.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can get validated Political email lists, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team, where you can discuss the details related to your targeting.