September 23, 2021

Top 50 Dog Micro-Influencers


Since the rise of Social Media, influencer marketing has been a go-to marketing strategy for every single brand and company that wanted to get great exposure for a small price, but in the past few years, things have changed.

Instead of being a cheap and effective marketing method, working with big influencers became more expensive because influencers have reached some really big numbers when it comes to their following, plus they learned the value they provide to brands.

At the same time, the effectiveness of these campaigns with big influencers went down because people don’t have that deep of a relationship with someone who has millions of followers.

That’s why, most brands have shifted from working with ultra big influencers towards having campaigns with influencers with smaller followings, or so-called micro-influencers. This has been an ongoing trend in every single industry, including the pet industry.

Free List of 50 Pet Micro-Influencers

We really appreciate you reading our article until the end. As we promised, here we have a free list of the top 50 cat and dog micro-influencers that will help get you into the micro-influencer marketing game.

Free List of 50 Pet Micro-Influencers

Number IG Username Followers Bio
1 alfredoauau 79386 Pet Influencer e Mamãe
Cupons de desconto no link abaixo ⤵️
2 ronniewoodpug 46092 Living my best life 😄🎂26th Jan🐶Pet #Influencer 🐶❤️⚽️ #lfc CODE:ron5off @postmanpooch £5 off first box 📦 To help my buddy Lee click here 👇🏻
3 snow.thedog 36867 🐾 Dog Influencer
👱🏻‍♀️ @marisa.gbk 🧔🏻 @ykassabian
🐶 Tinker Bell
4 batino_and_voltaire 31838 #Lifestyle 🥑 🐾
Mom IG :
TikTok: batino_and_voltaire
#petlovers #influencer
#ketolifestyle #keto
Online Order ⬇️
5 wisconsinmommy 27478 Award Winning Lifestyle Blogger 🥇
Influencer 📸
Travel Lover ✈️
Mom to a teen and a rescue dog 🐶
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6 pennyg_thedog 19858 The story of the greatest dog of the world 🐶❤️🔝 I love food 🍗 and I love playing 🎾 but I still prefer food 🌭 #petinfluencer 🇮🇹 DM for collaboration 📦
7 thekrystalhall 19502 Plus Size Influencer + Content Creator ✨
👩🏽‍💻 Personal Stylist & Founder at📚 NCAT Alumna
📍 Charlotte, NC
8 shenksforthememories 18520 Proud midsized life & style influencer circa 2015 🏰🎠🎡🎢 dog momma to @woofluencernoodle Potential collaborations please email! #shenksforwearingamask
9 mrgizmothepug 17704 🇬🇧Professional Pug Model/Actor
Star of @visiondirect @boomerangtoons & @nissan
All images©
Pet Influencer & PR friendly
10 aleiageleia 16062 🐶 Influencer Pets
📸 Dog Model
🇧🇷 Brazil
💙 @worldveterinaria
🐾#leiageleia #bulldogs #frenchie #frenchbull
11 bentley.the.fluffy.pomeranian 13418 🐾 Keeping Up With The Pomeranians 🐾
𝔹𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕖𝕪 & 𝔾𝕦𝕔𝕔𝕚
🐻 Fluffy Poms
🎀 Dog influencers
👸🏽 @kelli.js 💕
🇧🇪 #doginfluencer #pomeranian #blackskindisease
12 laykatriciclo 13291 GoldenRetriever
CãoTerapeuta DogInfluencer @hospitalveterinarioleao @ladiesdobem @taaufg @terapiaassistidaporcaesgo
13 lou_beagle 12793 ⇢ 🐕 Beagle
⇢ 🎀 Girl
⇢ 🎂 07.05.2015
⇢ 🏆 Dog model & influencer
⇢ 🥇 Mascot of @my_riga
⇢ 🇫🇷 French
⇣ 📱 TikTok
14 nique_sobossy 12200 – “I’m Hardly Ever Regular”😈
Chasing ATL SZN 4 @chasing.rlty 🌟 @cutzbynique
Pet Industry Influencer • Webseries Personality •
15 cathekarate 11383 🇨🇴Cali- 🇺🇸 Miami
Executive Director @EmpirexCapital
💰Cryptocurrency Investments 🔝
🤩Self-Development & Positive Influencer
🐈 Pet Mom @rasiandcats
16 alvarocaozinhosafado 10996 Dog influencer
Sou um carioca que mora em Minas
Modelo da
Colunista no site @sigamundoela
Filho da @deboracruf
17 picklessayscheese 10635 ⭐️• Dog Influencer
🐩• Ireland 🇮🇪
🛍 • Shop @picklesandpals1
🌍• Irish Adventurer
🔉• TikTok picklessayscheese
18 mexicanalovesfirenze 10549 Mexican Influencer in Florence•Inspiring• ✈️. Travelers. 🇲🇽TEX-MEX🇺🇸 & 🇮🇹•Life Style•fashion•Art•Dog Lover
19 healthandbeautyquest 8690 Lifestyle Influencer & Blogger
Wife & Mom of Two👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Green Thumb Wannabe🍀
Pet Owner🐶🐠
DM for collab
20 jerky_pino 8579 Hello, my name is Pino 😊
I’m a strange and crazy cat from germany🇩🇪
Looking for Influencer collaborations😽😊
21 kelathegsd 8129 ♡ just a pretty & crazy girl livin’ life
↠ dog influencer & model
☾ Mᴏɴᴛᴇʀʀᴇʏ, ᴍᴇxɪᴄᴏ🇲🇽
↠ Codes in the captions
My Mom💕 @_.ashleyypark_
22 neikothefrenchybulldog 7482 🐾 N E I K O 🐾
The French boy bulldog 🇫🇷 🐶
✨ 19.09.2017 ✨
📍NANTES, France📍
Dog Model & Influencer 🎯
TikTok: neikothefrenchy
23 olliefluffballie 6230 🖤8yrOld Rescue🖤
🙀Soft Fluffy Boi
Meh Hobbiez:
-bein a CAT #influencer 💁‍♂️
-not givin a fluff😈
-chasin de red dot🔴
-attackin all de bugs🐞
24 slaki._ 5426 Greek Twitch Partner ¦ 100% Influencer ¦ Cat lover Gamelab Partner | Battlenet Partner
25 kedicigdem 5316 😻#cat
👉#kediçiğdem #kedi
🎀More than a cat #influencer
🇹🇷From #istanbul #turkey
💌Reklam ve işbirlikleri için
26 servicedogdrills 5177 Go cheak out are amazon influencers page #amazoninfluencer #amazonpage #amazondog #doginfluencer #pup
27 vegasrockdog 5114 Radio TV Host ~ Vegas Rock Dog Radio ~ Fox 5 Vegas Pet Pal Pro ~ Pet Lifestyle Expert ~ Pet Influencer ~ Brit 🇬🇧Vegas
28 pixel_manel 4791 Modelo fotográfico | 🇵🇹PT
Digital Pet Influencer 2020 PetFestival
@alojadamariabeatriz 10% PIXELMANEL10
🎥 Canal de YouTube
29 bruna_golden 4759 Hola🐾 me llamo Bruna 🐶.
📍Bogotá – Colombia 🏡🇨🇴
🐾Naci el 06/01/2017 🎂🐕🐾
👑 influencer dog 📣
Que esperas para seguirme 🤭
30 mister_goliat 4707 ▪️CAT MODEL ➖ INFLUENCER 😼😺
▪️El Rey del condominio 😎
▪️Santiago Centro 📍
▪️Mi humana-manager: @paulinatapia.r👸🏼🌻💕
31 goldendailyscoop 4481 Dog Mom 🐾 | Golden Lover 🐕 | Dog Blogger 🐶 | Brand Influencer 💻 | Living a Healthy Life in MA 🏡 | Follow our Golden Adventures ⤵️
32 malu_pom.pom 4305 |Spitz Alemão anão
|3 aninhos|20.11
|Pet influencer
|Parceria via direct ou e-mail
33 marcus.boxer 4264 📸 Dog influencer
🇮🇹 Born on December, 18th 2017
34 ottobullterrier 3539 My name is Otto❤️
I’m an English bull terrier 🐾
Born 29.11.14 🐶
From Galicia, Spain 🇪🇸
Dog influencer 📸
35 bobbers789 3402 Ambassador of God
Wife, Mother of 4, Influencer
Dog Lover
36 thepetsagency 3393 The UK’s 🇬🇧 Global Influencer Agency For Sassy Pets and Sassy Pet Owners! Casting for TV/Print/Socials 🎥 📸 🐶🐱🐷🐹
37 shiro.minischnauzer 3376 Pet Influencer & Brands Ambassador
TikTok & YouTube: shiro1110
38 alaskapomsky 3267 I’M POMSKY BABY GIRL🍼🐾
BIRTHDAY 24•11•2018🎂
39 preto_tkvet 3161 🔹Dog Influencer 📸
🔹Resgatado das ruas! 🥰
🔹Cuidado com muito amor por @karolgiurizatto @tomazmelotti 👩‍❤️‍👨
🔹Recepcionista na @tkvetclinica
40 jodywolf34 2946 Transformation influencer + Business Mentor
Newlywed ~ Boy Mom ~ Dog Mom ~ Kayak Lover ~ Virtual Fitness Application 👇🏼
41 lovchellee 2941 • 🗽 Model | Influencer | Cat Mom | #MLRBeauty
42 ovegina_ivonne 2734 Maestra y Youtuber de la isla del encanto 🇵🇷
Love makeup💄cat mom🐱🐱🐱para contacto-
43 2555 🐾 | Pet Influencer Marketing
⭐️ | Campaigns + Collabs + Community
🎯 | Check out Highlights for campaigns ⬇️
44 aliyubillions 2390 Realtor | Blogger | Comedian | Auto Dealer | Dog Lover | Brand Influencer
DM for Advert @aliyubillionsblog
45 aleckalc 2261 📍413 -> ATL | influencer | dog mom 🐶
👩🏼‍💻Executive Assistant | Published Researcher 📖
46 pacoca_maria 2179 📸 Dog influencer
🐶 Vira lata com pedigree 💕
🐶 🐱 🐈🐈Duda, Malú, Lola e Granola, irmãzinhas
👪 Encontrei a mamãe em 16/09/15 💖
👩 IG da mamãe @gabisouza.
47 soylorenzook 2121 🎂 ₀₃.₀₈.₁₇ #GotchaDay
📱 #DogInfluencer
🌎 #TravelDog ✈
🐾 #teckelpeloduro
🏠 𝖣𝖾 𝖢𝗈𝗋𝖽𝗈𝖻𝖺,𝖠𝗋𝗀𝖾𝗇𝗍𝗂𝗇𝖺
📍 𝖨𝗍𝖺𝗅𝗂𝖺
👉🏻Mi tío @soytoribiook
48 billy_urni 1966 🐶Billy, not a dog not a wolf
🇮🇹 Piano di Sorrento(NA)
🐾I love passeggiata
🛁I hate bagnetto
👧🏼👧🏻owners @chiaraciampa23 and @aaadri94.
49 remarkable_pets 1924 Pet Influencer Agency | Remarkable Pets Podcast in link 🎧 | Chief Furry Officer @natt.a.lia | tag to be featured
50 sachitheexplorer 1815 Philippines 🇵🇭
Dog Traveler 🐕
Content Creator at CollabPH
Pet Vlogger & Influencer 🎥
We Tour Dogs Every Week check me on FaceBook
DM for Collabs.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Pet Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing has enormous potential to increase your pet brand’s visibility as more people are finding products and supplements for their cats or dogs through pictures shared by their favorite influencers.

Choosing the right influencers to work with can make or break your influencer marketing campaign, and while many businesses assume that going with bigger influencers in the pet niche is better, that is not always the case.

Pet micro-influencers are often underrated when it comes to the exposure and sales they can provide to a brand, so many brands in the pet niche use them as a secret tool that separates them from their competition. Micro-influencers are a pretty new topic, so that’s why we’ll explain how in this case going smaller is better.

Lower Promotion Costs

As follower counts increase, the cost to work with an influencer in the pet industry goes up too, so this creates a situation where a lot of brands must use all of their marketing dollars on a single influencer post. This has two flaws:

The first one is the fact that Instagram’s algorithm is unpredictable, so there’s a chance that the post doesn’t perform as well as previous posts, and because you put all of your marketing dollars in that single post, there is no second chance.

And even if the post performs great and a lot of people see your promotion, the goal of your campaign isn’t to get views, but to convert those people who have seen your post into buyers.

Micro pet influencers are much better at converting people from casual viewers to buyers because of the deeper relationship that they have built with their smaller, but more valuable fan base.

Their Availability

Because they have larger audiences, cat and dog influencers with a big following are in higher demand from brands in the pet industry. This leads to more complicated and longer arrangements that make things harder for brands that want to get sales.

Working with pet micro-influencers that don’t have as many followers makes it easier for brands to make a deal faster.

The lower availability of the big influencers in the pet and dog niches (as they are the two biggest) also means they have a higher promo rate too.

Small and Focused Following

Micro-influencers have a smaller following, but smaller isn’t always bad. Fewer followers means the micro-influencer has more time to have direct communication with every single follower, which creates a much deeper relationship between the influencer and the followers.

This means that when a micro-influencer in the pet industry recommends a product or a service, there is a higher chance that someone will buy it. There is a study that shows that 82 percent of consumers are more likely to buy something if a micro-influencer recommends it.

How to Find Pet Micro-Influencers

Now, after we have discussed the benefits of working with pet micro-influencers, the next step is to find the best ones. Because the whole topic around micro-influencers is pretty new, finding good micro-influencers can be pretty hard sometimes.

Find Pet Influencers for free

We have tried searching for micro-influencers manually and it takes a pretty long time, so we created a free tool that allows anyone to search for influencers by a given keyword, for example, “dog lover”, “cat lover”, “pet lover”, etc.

We have two free separate tools for searching TikTok and YouTube influencers. They are specially designed for the specific platform, ensuring you can find the right influencers easily:

Find Super-Targeted Dog Influencers

If you are looking for highly specific dog influencers, use our creator discovery dashboard to find super-targeted influencers in few minutes. 

You can search as broad or as niche as you want. Some of the examples you can search are dog influencers that are specific breed, promote affiliate links, pet influencers from specific location, etc.

Search Pet influencers

Find dog influencers per your criteria

Find popular dog owners and influencers in your email list

If you have already have an established customer base, there’s a high chance you already have influencers that are pet owners or pet influencers among your customers. In fact, companies have 5-20% influencers among their customers.

You can use the Enrichment feature in our creator discovery dashboard to identify those profiles and learn more about their interests. 

You need to sign up, upload your customer list and we will deliver enriched customer list with 40+ data points for each influencer we find.

2 Ways to Reach Out to Pet Micro-Influencers

There are two methods that you can use to reach pet micro-influencers, however, we strongly recommend using the second one if you are looking to do this at scale.

Using Instagram DMs to Connect with Pet Micro-Influencers

Using Instagram messages to contact micro-influencers is pretty easy and straightforward, but there are a few caveats to this method.

The first problem is that micro-influencers, despite their small following, receive a lot of messages because they have more personal communication with their fans, so they might not even see your message.

Influencer Marketing is also getting more and more popular on a daily basis, so there are more brands messaging pet micro-influencers, which means it can be pretty hard for you to cut through the noise in their inbox.

The second problem is that Instagram has limits on how many DMs you can send per day in order to avoid spam on their platform. Nobody knows the correct number, but this limit is around 20 – 30 messages per day.

This limit makes scaling your dog and cat micro-influencer campaigns nearly impossible.

Using Email to Connect with Pet Micro-Influencers

Since we’re an email data provider most of our clients use us to get targeted influencer email lists.

At Influencers Club, we provide businesses like yours with email addresses from influencers and creators of any kind and size. We have a database of millions of influencers and micro-influencers that can be used in your Influencer Marketing campaigns.

There are many services that are providing businesses in the pet niche with email addresses, but the problem with most of them is that they have outdated information that is a few years old.

Unlike them, we have up-to-date email addresses because we get our data by finding pet owners through specific keywords they have used in their Instagram bio, such as “pet owner”, “dog owner”, “cat lover”, and “labrador retriever lover”, etc.

We also validate every single email address before we provide the data to our customers. We do this to remove any bad email addresses and lower the bounce rate of your campaigns, which will protect your domain reputation in the long term.

On top of this, we also offer clients filtered data by their needs, such as age, gender, location, etc.

In our table, we have included data such as a link to their profile, as well as their username, number of followers, and text in bio.

You can go and try to reach these people through their DMs on Instagram, but as we’ve said before, if you want to scale your micro-influencer outreach, I would definitely recommend you start using email outreach, because you can’t do much with Instagram DMs

If you are interested in getting the email addresses from these micro-influencers and many more, make sure to book a free 30-minute call with our team.


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