July 28, 2023

Find Bloggers by Niche or Location [Free & Paid Tactics]

Find Bloggers by Niche or Location [Free & Paid Tactics]


Whether you’re looking for industry experts, niche bloggers, product reviewers, or local influencers, we have practical tactics to help you find bloggers who meet your criteria.

In the world of blogging, it’s crucial to connect with bloggers who align with your interests and target audience. They bring credibility, expand your customer base, offer fresh perspectives, and enhance your reputation.

So, with years of experience and reaching out to over 200K influencers, including bloggers, after reading this you will know how to find, connect with, and communicate with bloggers of all sizes, from small to celebrity status.

If this is something you need, keep reading and find out how to:

Revealing the 3 easiest free tactics to find bloggers

Whether you’re an individual seeking new bloggers to follow or a small business in need of a few bloggers, these strategies are for you.

Search blogging platforms

Where do bloggers “hang out”? Although everybody says it’s on social media, they primarily use blogging platforms such as Medium.

Hence, you need to dive into these platforms to discover talented writers, content creators, or industry experts from all niches.


Medium is a popular platform for writers (including bloggers) who share their stories, thoughts, and expertise. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to search for bloggers on Medium:

  1. Type relevant keywords in the search bar. Enter specific keywords, topics, or tags related to the bloggers you’re looking for.
  2. Explore search results – Browse through the search results and pay attention to the drop-down list of results categorized under People, Publications, or Tags. Keep in mind that you can type in a person’s name, a publication’s name, or even a specific phrase or keyword sentence.
  3. Refine your search. As you start typing, keep an eye on the suggestions that automatically appear. These can help you refine your search and find relevant blogs related to your interests.
  4. Click on relevant categories – This depends on your search intent. Click on the relevant categories such as People or Publications and view a list of top bloggers that match your search criteria.
  5. Explore topic-specific results – If you’re looking for bloggers within a specific topic, click on the Topics category to find stories tagged with that particular topic. This way you’ll discover bloggers in your niche.
  6. Get in touch – If you want to reach out to writers on Medium, you can simply comment on their articles. This way you can ask questions or initiate a discussion. However, if you want to reach out to for a potential collaboration, you need to find the writer on other platforms that are usually linked in their Medium profile or articles or buy an email list of bloggers.
Find bloggers using Medium

Other than Medium, you can search for bloggers on other blogging platforms such as Substack, Ghost, and others. Yet, if you want to find bloggers in a less popular niche, or you need bloggers at scale, finding bloggers this way will take a lot of time.

Want to outsource the whole process of finding bloggers?

We have a team of 40 people that manually searches all platforms to find bloggers that exactly match your specific requirements.

Find bloggers on social media

Bloggers are highly present on social media platforms because that’s where they usually promote their blogs. Following these simple steps to find the ones that are the best match:

1. Identify the relevant social media platforms.
Depending on the niche and target audience, bloggers choose different social media platforms to reach new audiences. To help you narrow down, we’ve made a research and found out that:

  • Fashion and lifestyle bloggers mostly use Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok
  • Food bloggers mostly use Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest
  • Tech bloggers mostly use Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Travel bloggers mostly use Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Beauty bloggers mostly use TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube

While these associations are common, bloggers from every niche can be found across multiple social media platforms.

2. Depending on the platform, search niche-specific keywords, relevant hashtags, or phrases (ex. #fashionblogger, #styleinspiration)

Find bloggers by searching relevant hashtags on Instagram

3. Explore content and engagement
Look for bloggers who consistently produce high-quality content and have an engaged audience. When you find an appealing profile check the bio for links to their blog, or look for links in their posts. Once you’ve found their blog, explore and see if it aligns with your interests.

4. Follow and engage by liking, commenting, and sharing to build a connection and increase the chances of collaborating.

Use Simple Google Searching Tricks

Next, you can use Google search to find bloggers in your desired niche. Here are a few tactics that will help you narrow your Google search results:

1. Use specific search queries
For example, if you’re searching for fashion bloggers, you can use search queries like “top travel bloggers,” “travel bloggers in [location],” or “best travel blogs.”

The easiest way to find bloggers from a specific niche using Google

2. Use advanced operators
Google’s advanced search operators are special commands that modify searches. They can help you narrow down your search and find more relevant results. For example, you can use the “site:” operator to search within specific websites or the “intitle:” operator to search for specific keywords in the title of web pages.

3. Explore and analyze
Visit and analyze the blogs that appear in the search results. Pay attention to different aspects depending on whether you are looking for blogs to write a review about your products, or you are looking for blogs to request backlinks from.

4. Make a list
Create a list of the top bloggers that align with your brand’s values and target audience. Include their contact information, social media handles, and any notes you find helpful for future outreach.

Find thousands of bloggers based on your criteria

Although the above-mentioned tactics are effective, if you need more than a few influential bloggers or bloggers from a less popular niche searching for the right bloggers will take a lot of work.

Luckily, there are professional solutions that will do the work for you.

Use Influencers Club

We specialize in helping businesses quickly and in detail discover the ideal bloggers, because we have:

  • Database of 80M creators including bloggers
  • 40 unique data points for precise filtering
  • We know how to do blogger outreach at scale

How we do it

Currently, we have 3.7M bloggers in our database, and for each blogger, we can tell you:

  • Niche, location, and other basic engagement metrics
  • Monetization potential
  • Brand collaborations
  • Presence on other social media platforms
  • 40 other data points

Plus, if we don’t have bloggers that meet your requirements, we can collect any publicly available data to deliver a list with your specific targeting.

For example, if a client wants food bloggers, these would be some of our processes:

  • Searching for specific keywords like “food blogger” in bio sections
  • Checking for relevant hashtags (#foodblogger, #foodblog)
  • Finding social media users that mention the word “recipe” in their captions
  • Then, if they use a link-in-bio tool, check the links to find the blogger on other platforms, find their blog, and any other relevant information
  • In the end, our team manually reviews the collected data to ensure the selected bloggers meet the specified criteria.

This helps agencies, creator economy companies, eCommerce brands, and other businesses that use influencer marketing:

  • Find bloggers at scale
  • Save time
  • Make informed decisions when partnering with bloggers

What we achieved:

We’ve helped some major companies to find and partner with ideal bloggers. For instance, for HP we targeted food bloggers that had over 250k followers and 100 recipes.

So, we identified bloggers who met the criteria and reached out to them on behalf of HP to present the offer.

The objective was to arrange meetings between bloggers and HP, and the campaign was a huge success, as the conversion rate from all the replies was 44.8%.

Using influencer marketing platforms

Brands often use influencer marketing platforms to find bloggers. If this is the way you want to go, here’s how to do it successfully.

1. Define your criteria before using a platform
What are your requirements for the bloggers you are seeking? Consider factors such as location, niche, audience size, engagement rates, and any other specific requirements related to your campaign or brand. This way you will know what features will be important when deciding which platform to use.

2. Research influencer marketing platforms
Some well know platforms include Upfluence, Grin, and CreatorIQ, but you definitely need to do your own research and find which platforms are currently best for what you need.

3. Sign up and create a campaign
When creating your campaign provide details about your brand, campaign objectives, target audience, and desired blogger criteria. To attract the right bloggers, try and be as specific as possible.

4. Use the filtering options
When it comes to filters on influencer marketing platforms – the more the merrier! Use filters to narrow down the search results.

5. Review blogger profiles
Thoroughly review blogger profiles within the platform. Pay attention to engagement levels, audience demographics, past collaborations, or any relevant stats that affect your campaign goals. Doing thorough analysis you can know whether a certain blogger is a good fit for your brand or not.

6. Reach out and negotiate
Most influencer marketing platforms have built-in messaging features, saving you time and money looking for blogger outreach software. So, after you identified the bloggers you want to collaborate with, contact them through the platform.

Remember to personalize the messages and outline the details of your campaign. If you get a positive response, you can proceed with negotiating terms such as deliverables, compensation, and timeline so both parties will be clear on expectations.

How to reach out to bloggers you want to work with

Finding relevant bloggers for your campaigns is just half of the job if your intent was to find affiliates to promote your products or services. So, here are the ways to do blogger outreach.

Via email

Email is the best and most professional communication channel to reach out to bloggers, especially if you are trying to get in touch with popular bloggers.

All bloggers have a contact form on their page, linking directly to their email addresses. Yet, is not as simple as that since many bloggers receive hundreds of emails per week. So here’s how to write email copy and stand out in their inbox:

  • Do research – Understand the blogger’s interests and topics they cover before writing an email.
  • Personalize – Address the blogger by name, mention their work, briefly discuss some of their latest posts and show appreciation for their content.
  • Be Concise – Clearly state the purpose of your email in a few sentences.
  • Include Call to Action – Ask for what you want – a meeting, a collaboration, a guest post opportunity, etc. Be specific.
  • Be professional – Use a professional tone, and avoid unnecessary jargon. Make sure you don’t have spelling and grammar mistakes.

Or you can simply use some of our best-performing influencer outreach email templates.

Want a blogger email list per your criteria?

Social Media

As we said, many bloggers are active on social media platforms, hence, you can reach out to them through direct messages. Here are the tactics that worked best for us to increase the chances of getting a reply:

  • Engaging with their content – Start by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts before reaching out. This way you’ll show that you appreciate their work and are not just reaching out of the blue.
  • Personalize your outreach – Same as with outreach via email, make sure to show that you connect with their content. For example, if a family blogger shared parenting tips, you can say that you tried that with your kids and it worked really well.
  • Avoid tactics that don’t look legit: Even if you have a great partnership offer, if your strategy looks questionable, you won’t get a reply 90% of the time. So, avoid excessive capital letters, multiple exclamation marks, or overly promotional language.

When reaching out to bloggers via social media, you need to make your message shorter compared to email outreach. So, don’t go into details at first. If you get a response, you can proceed to showcase the mutual benefit of your collaboration.

Whether you’re offering them a guest post that will bring new content to their readers or proposing a collaboration that will expose them to your audience, make sure they know what’s in it for them.

Whether you’re offering them a guest post that will bring new content to their readers or proposing a collaboration that will expose them to your audience, make sure they know what’s in it for them.

Outsource a team of creator sales experts

If you want to reach out to bloggers at scale, or you need a few bloggers but want to maximize your chances to get a reply, our team of 40 creator sales experts can do the outreach for you.

Let a team of 40 creator sales experts reach out to bloggers on your behalf

Here’s what we can do to connect you with bloggers that match your business needs.

1. Reach out to bloggers at scale

In a nutshell, a client can consider us as an outsourced sales team that will craft an email sequence, reach out to targeted bloggers, handle replies, and bring conversions. On average we have around 70% open rates, 15-25% reply rate, and around 3-5% conversion rate.

Besides the experience and knowledge to send outreach emails at scale, what makes our campaigns successful is access to the 80M creator database, including bloggers.

For each of them, aside from the usual data points, we have additional information about their monetization potential, brand collaborations, and presence on other social media.

This helps us cherry-pick the bloggers that are a perfect fit for a certain campaign which results in getting a positive response from bloggers.

2. Reach out to famous bloggers

Getting a reply from big bloggers is challenging we know. Some have a hectic inbox, and some are managed by agencies, but we can handle both!

We’ve handled the outreach for 150 creator economy startups and companies and we know how and when to approach bloggers to get a response.

When doing blogger outreach to high-end creators, we have a dedicated team that manually crafts personalization paragraph (which is inspired by the target’s socials, videos, stories, posts, and interests). This helps us stand out in bloggers’ inboxes, differentiating us from all of the other hundreds of messages these people receive on a daily basis.

It also helps with the actual gatekeepers (managers and agents). This type of message is immediately more relevant and specific than anything else from the cold emails they receive so it usually gets forwarded or brought in front of the creator.

It also helps with the actual gatekeepers (managers and agents). This type of message is immediately more relevant and specific than anything else from the cold emails they receive so it usually gets forwarded or brought in front of the creator.

3. Multichannel approach

Besides email, we adapt to bloggers’ preferred communication methods and we can reach out to bloggers via Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

With a multichannel approach, we increase our chances of capturing their attention and getting a reply. Even if one channel fails to reach the creator or goes unnoticed, we have an alternative to deliver the message effectively.

To Sum Up

Now you know the most effective strategies to find bloggers. Use the methods to personally look through bloggers, select those that align with your brand, and approach them using the tactics above.

However, if you want to expand your business, keep in mind that you can get a custom list of bloggers that precisely match your criteria and even get creator sales experts to reach out to bloggers on your behalf.

Want to find the best bloggers in your niche?


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