February 29, 2024

Top 50 UGC Platforms to Try Out in 2024


In 2024, over 90% of brands plan to work with UGC creators because 79% of people say they trust UGC when making a purchasing decision. This proves that UGC will be one of the most used marketing strategies in 2024. 

But, UGC campaigns come with challenges for both brands and creators. Brands find communication with creators time-consuming and difficult, while creators often need guidance to deliver the best content.

To help both sides overcome these challenges, UGC platforms offer solutions that simplify the way brands collaborate with UGC creators. 

As a company that connects brands and UGC creators, and fully manages UGC campaigns for our clients, we’ve tried every strategy, tool, and UGC platform and we know what works. Based on that, we’ve made a list of the best UGC platforms this year.

So, let’s get into it!

40 best UGC platforms to find UGC work

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10 Best UGC Platforms to Boost Your Content Marketing

The following UGC platforms offer solutions to meet different campaign goals. You can find platforms to collaborate with micro or macro UGC creators, get UGC videos or pictures, or ways to license a UGC. Read the main features and the pros and cons of every platform and find the best platform for you.

Kaizen Ad UGC Platform

Kaizen Ad is an advertising platform that specializes in social media and e-commerce advertising. Their services include creative and engaging video ads in 2D, 3D, UGC, playable, influencer content, and much more. 

The platform specializes in Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google and YouTube Ads, and Walmart and Amazon Ads which makes it the perfect option for e-commerce brands. By adding Kaizen Ad to your plan, you can expect ads following the latest trends, which makes it one of the most engaging video ad platforms.

Main Features

  • Custom motion and graphics design features to create engaging UGC videos
  • Offers two rounds of modification requests
  • Mobile optimized UGC video ads
  • Creative analysis reporting


  • Excellent integration features
  • Creative and high-quality UGC content
  • Cost-effective services


  • Not suitable for smaller businesses or startups with a limited budget as the UGC videos are more expensive compared to other platforms.
  • The platform is too competitive for smaller e-commerce stores to find a suitable video


The pricing for the platform is available per request.

Flowbox is a user-generated content platform that offers content created with the latest technology. Some of the best features of Flowbox include AI automation and customizable integrations that allow you to collect UGC from creators and influencers at once.

This platform is best suited for mid-size to large businesses because the technology’s architecture is designed for multi-domain, multi-country, and multi-currency eCommerce stores. The platform supports large loads of UGC and product catalogs with no obstructions in the workflow.

Main features

  • Offers seamless integration of UGC videos to eCommerce platforms
  • Unlimited widgets and AI support to optimize your UGC videos
  • Rating and review extension
  • Advanced analytics


  • Suitable for businesses with large loads of data
  • You can directly publish the UGC posts
  • Integrates with the top eCommerce platforms


  • Some of the tools are not easy to navigate


The pricing options are available per request

Statusphere UGC Platform

Statusphere is an influencer marketing platform created for both brands and creators. Apart from influencer marketing, the platform allows you to find and create high-quality UGC content. 

Creators can join the platform by filing a two-minute application form and complying with the given requirements (open profile, visible likes on Instagram, etc). 

As for the brands, the platform is suitable for all businesses of size and can provide a dozen, hundred, and thousand posts. 

Overall the platform is best suited for those businesses that need UGC content to support their SEO strategy. With Statusphere’s geo-targeting, retail support, product page UGC, and repurposable content, you can increase reach due to social SEO. Apart from the SEO support features, marketers have access to expert help to create an effective UGC campaign.

Main features

  • Personalized campaign guidance 
  • Assistance from campaign managers, content creators, and performance marketers to design the best UGC campaign
  • Support in retail campaigns with in-store activation, reports, and geo-targeting
  • Tracking of the campaign progress
  • One-on-one campaign optimization calls


  • Time-efficient
  • Acess to expert assistance
  • Real-time reports


  • Since it offers multiple features, some businesses might end up paying for features they won’t use


There are three different plans available but the pricing details are available per request.

Knexus UGC platform

Knexus is the optimal solution for all those brands looking for a sustainable AI tool, or those who need automated support for their UGC campaigns. With Knexus you can automatically match products to the UGC and brand content and create shoppable content, for example. Additionally, you can optimize your home page, category page, or product page to make it more engaging and personalized.

The platform boasts impressive results like improved sales by +98%, increased add-to-basket rated by +114% through personalized YouTube videos, and +132 add-to-cart rates on TikTok. Knexus will help you boost conversions for your brand and scalability thanks to the advanced AI features as explained below:

Main features

  • Fully automated approach
  • Seamless integration to your tech or other processes
  • Relevant targeting through the help of AI and real-time customer data


  • They suggest improvements in your strategy to meet your goals
  • Time-efficient and automated
  • Seamless integration


  • May require support from additional strategies to be an effective UGC campaign
  • Requires prior knowledge in AI tools to take advantage of the features


Pricing details available per request.

Billo is a platform that involves both brands and creators in a super engaging way. Brands create tasks with briefs for their UGC campaign on Billo, and UGC creators apply to complete the tasks they like. Brands pick the most suitable UGC and connect with the creator. 

Apart from the videos, Billo features an extensive collection of UGC stock videos searchable by keywords and other parameters until you find a suitable video for your marketing campaign.

Main features

  • Select user-generated content to match your brand’s requirements.
  • Lead engagement
  • Specializes in UGC reviews, tutorials, and testimonials for beauty, wellness, skincare, and health
  • SEO-supported videos


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Excellent for small businesses on a budget
  • An extensive UGC stock library


  • Not optimized searching filters enough for UGC campaigns with tight deadlines
  • Not recommended to search UGC content outside the wellness and beauty industries


The stock UGC costs around $20, but the pricing plan for the customizable videos is different from the stock. It starts at $500 for 5 UGC videos.

Roster is a platform created for brands and creators where you can collaborate with the people who love your brand and create a brand. The platform uses so-called intuitive social listening and CRM tools to connect matching brands and creators. 

Apart from the social finding tools, Roster uses automatic product seeding, and a rewards system that only motivates more genuine and relatable content. 

One of the benefits of this platform is that you can save time and money as you get to manage the creators and affiliates on the same platform. Plus, you can increase your brand reach and sales if you let the advocates select the products. Lastly, you get to tailor programs, run a campaign, and track the performance.

Main Features

  • Organize your brand community and connect with a potential audience
  • Offers ways for brands to engage with creators 
  • Track the performance of the UGC campaign
  • Rewarding system for creators


  • Offers excellent conditions for collaboration for both brands and creators
  • It has a system to spark inspiration for creators which results with long term and authentic collaborations
  • Cost-effective way to turn customers into a potential sales force


  • No free trial
  • According to most users, the user interface is not so intuitive


Pricing info is available per request only.

The Lobby is an invite-only platform that connects brands and influencers for collaboration. The platform currently possesses some of the most successful UGC programs that attracted big brands like Ceremonia, Ghia, Starface, and Girlfriend Collective. 

However, the Lobby is a UGC platform more suitable for bigger businesses and UGC creators or influencers. You can find the most wanted influencers at the moment, but you have micro-influencers as well. The platform is super intuitive and automated which saves you time and effort as you get to review creator requests with a single click button.

Main features

  • Robust automated system of collaboration
  • Fully integrated with Shopify
  • Automated system that simplifies the communication between brands and creators


  • Excellent option for bigger eCommerce brands
  • Great opportunity to sell your UGC product for a nonnegotiable price
  • Allows you to scale your business efficiently


  • Is more expensive than some other options given that it starts with micro creators


The pricing is available per request only.

Grin is a creator management platform that allows you to manage relationships with UGC creators across all social media platforms. Additionally, the platform allows you to find UGC content for your brand. Later, you can publish UGC videos on your social media channels or integrate them into your UGC campaign.

However, many giant companies use and trust Grin which increases the trust in their services. The platform is suitable for all eCommerce businesses regardless of their size.

Main features

  • Social listening
  • Extensive reports and analysis
  • Excellent Content Management Options
  • Integrations to multiple eCommerce platforms


  • Easy to use platform
  • Seamlessly find matching creators for your brand
  • Realtime ROI insights


  • Many users complain about the lack of customer support


Grin allows you to tailor a pricing plan according to the needs of the campaign.

IndaHash is another in the line of UGC platforms that revolutionizes the marketing campaign especially if your goals include brand credibility. 

The platform offers content moderation that allows you to maintain your brand image and room to create targeted UGC campaigns. The reason why IndaHash is one of the best UGC platforms for your UGC campaign is the tools that allow you better campaign management, updated data, and KPI insights. These findings can significantly help you make better decisions, and improve your campaign state.

Main features

  • Integration to multiple eCommerce platforms
  • Brand Security Tool that verifies the creators you want to collaborate with
  • Extensive analytical and discovery features including full competitor analysis
  • Access to the best content for your brand.


  • Access to verified UGC creators
  • Large suite of tools at your disposal
  • Fully adjustable


  • A challenging learning curve


IndaHash allows you to tailor your pricing plans, but you would have to request a demo to see the price.

Catch+release is a pioneering platform that allows you to explore the internet, find content – including UGC – for your commercial campaigns, and license it. This type of platform encourages UGC creators to create better content because they know their efforts are valued. On the other hand, brands get access to the best content and creative UGC creators.

You can license any content including videos, pictures, comments, and tweets, and use it as part of your UGC campaign. Some of the most reputable names that use Catch+Release are Nike, Pfizer, Meta, Jeep, Wieden+Kennedy, etc.

Main Features

  • Collaborative platform for teams of all sizes
  • Access to some of the most creative UGC content online


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Access to the most skilled UGC creators in video production 
  • Used by popular brands like Nike, Pfizer, and Meta


  • The UGC videos are more expensive compared to videos from other UGC platforms
  • It’s likely for bigger companies to have purchased the better videos


The total license price is determined by the content usage such as on the market, use, and terms. Therefore, there is no fixed pricing plan.

Benefits of Using UGC Platforms

As seen in the list above, UGC platforms allow you to collect UGC content from multiple social networks at once and immediately post it to your page. You can have multiple benefits from this point of view and some of them include:

  • Authorized content: The UGC platforms mentioned above offer authorized content you can directly use on your site or in an ad. Otherwise, you have to ask for permission from the creator to use their content.
  • Optimize the UGC creation process: With the UGC platforms, you get edited and complete videos. You can save time on the briefing and guiding a UGC creator.
  • Diversity: UGC platforms offer you access to numerous high-quality UGC videos in all niches. 
  • Repurpose UGC: You can adapt and reuse UGC across multiple channels so you can extend your brand reach and consistency.

These benefits will elevate your marketing strategy and maximize the impact of every piece of content.

To Sum Up

Since UGC will dominate this year, choosing the best UGC platform that will maximize your results is without a doubt one of the most important things to consider.

The overview of the platforms above will help you choose the platform that is ideal for your business needs.

Or, you can let us fully manage your UGC campaigns. We can do everything from identifying and finding the right UGC creators for your brand, to reaching out and guiding them to create content that will resonate with your audience. 

Up until now, we hired more than 2K creators on behalf of our clients and we delivered 18K+ UGC posts that have total reach of 75M+ views.

Let us fully manage your UGC campaigns

We can find UGC creators that are ideal for your brand, reach out to them and guide them to create authentic and relatable content.


User-generated content can be reviews and testimonials that serve as social proof in a video, pictures, or comment format.

UGC creators differ in terms of salary, but the average UGC creator earns $116,615 annually and $9,717 monthly.

The price for a 60-second video of a nano influencer with up to 10K followers is around $100, about $500 for micro influencers with up to 100K followers, and $2,500 for macro influencers with over 1M followers.

There are three ways you can find the emails of UGC creators on social media.

  1. You can manually find them on their social media
  2. Use an email finder search tool
  3. You can use our database of 80M creators with valid email addresses here.

You can reach out to UGC creators directly within some UGC platforms, via email or directly in DM. 

Using our creator discovery and outreach dashboard you can easily find and approach creators from every niche and other criteria you might have. You can craft your own email copy or use some of our best performing email templates.

Yes. The contract is necessary to ensure both parties stick to their duties.