May 11, 2022

Using Targeted Emails in Facebook Ads for 13x ROAS

Using Targeted Emails in Facebook Ads for 13x ROAS


Let’s begin this story with the results. Here’s a screenshot of the feedback we got from the client after their first test campaign with 10 000 of our email addresses.

Results from using scraped email addresses from Instagram

For those that are not familiar with marketing metrics, essentially the business made $13 for every dollar spent on Facebook Ads!

There is no definite answer as to what is a good Return on Ads Spent as it varies across industries. However, there is a general consensus that a campaign with a return of 4:1 or higher is a successful campaign.

The question is, what do you call a campaign with a 13:1 return?!

An Online Store Selling Awesome Beard Care Products

Jack Black Beard Oil is an eCommerce store that sells beard oil and beard care products. They pride themselves in leading the movement for all the “urban beardsmen” of the world. As a fairly new company on the market, they have done a pretty good job of establishing their own customer base. What’s more, they’ve got decent website traffic and solid sales numbers.

Facebook has been their number 1 channel of growth right from the start. After a couple of months of testing, they hit the right targeting combination and were able to scale their paid advertising.

We won’t reveal their whole Facebook ads strategy, but they were mainly targeting by Interests. While targeting by interests is one of the best ways to reach your audience, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of lost ad budget. This is because Facebook broadens the reach of the ads (showing them to a larger/ irrelevant audience) not limited to your desired audience.The result of this is overpriced ads that aren’t sustainable in the long run. 

Using Our Email Lists in Facebook Ads for Unmatched ROI

Jack Black Beard Oil found a way to trick Facebook and make their ads super relevant.


If you have emails of newsletter subscribers, past customers, or any other place (ahem, ahem) you can use those emails as Custom Audiences on Facebook and show the ads ONLY to those people. 

Since our client didn’t own a large enough email list they decided to find a reliable consumer email list provider and buy targeted email lists.  

We Target People WAY Better Than Facebook 

After a couple of email exchanges with their team, we had a list of all of their competitors.

Our research team’s job was to get the email addresses of anyone who’s following their competitors on social media. 

Then we applied a couple of filters that our client asked:

  • Location: United States
  • Gender: Man
  • Age: +18

Additionally, we removed spam traps, bots, invalid emails until we were left with email addresses of men that follow beard-care pages, located in the US, and are old enough to have beards.

Out of 47 000 emails that we found, we selected 10 000 for the first test batch. They added it as Custom Audiences on Facebook and…well you saw the screenshot with the results. 

Other Campaigns With 600% ROI!

The beauty of purchasing email lists compared to paid ads is their reusability. Once you own the lists you can use them in marketing campaigns for years!

After the initial success of Jack Black Beard Oil with FB Ads, they immediately created their first email marketing campaign with those same 10 000 emails.

Although their whole email sequence had 8 consecutive messages, they had incredible success and acquired a 600% ROI from the first one! As you can imagine that percentage only increased with every email sent.

How to Create Custom Audiences

Creating a custom audience and adding your customer list is pretty simple.

First, go to your Ads Manager and select Audiences >Create a Custom Audience > Customer list. Once you’re there, you can choose between importing from Mailchimp or uploading your own file. 

If you’re working with your personal email data, you first need to check out the formatting options for your customer lists. Make sure your customer list is either a CSV or TXT file.

Once you’ve prepared your list accordingly, select the ‘Prepare customer list’, upload it, and give it a name. Lastly, once the list is up and running, select ‘Create Audience’, and you’re all set.

It might take up to half an hour for Facebook to process the new audience, so make sure not close the window until everything’s uploaded.

What Our Data Did for Their Business (So Far)

13x ROAS45% Increase in New Customers264% Increase in Profitable Average Monthly Spend102% Increase in Website Conversions