May 11, 2022

How a Seltzer Company Grew Monthly Revenue by 260% With Our Emails

How a Seltzer Company Grew Monthly Revenue by 260% With Our Emails


Seltzer is back. Everyone suddenly wakes up in the twentieth century and realize that sugary soda is terrible for you. And diet soda while maybe not as bad is still technically syrupy garbage compared to what we call “the good stuff”.

Our client is a seltzher veteran with long marketing experience, well aware of their opportunities with every advertising channel. 

Historically, they used Facebook Ads as the main channel for getting new customers. They targeted people through “interest” which has brought a steady stream of revenue and an average 2x ROAS for many years. 

However, with new competitors coming in each day, the price of the ads had risen and it showed no signs of slowing. They had to prepare for the inevitable reallocation of their budget, while they were still profitable.

Their only option was to reach consumers through the only place where very few companies have access.
People’s email addresses.

The Initial Strategy – Where are seltzer consumers on Instagram

We decided that the easiest way to get back a big share of the market is to go after the people that are showing undeniable interest in seltzer. 

1. People that follow competitor brands on Instagram

We went through every follower their top 7 competitors had on Instagram. We reasoned that no one would follow a seltzer brand if they don’t consume it themselves. Pretty clever right?

We easily got 73 423 email addresses that were validated and ready for use. 

2. People that mentioned “seltzer” in their bio

Instagram allows people to write a very short bio with personal information. And if someone includes “seltzer” in there, you can bet that it’s not in a negative context. 

3. People that shared an image with the hashtag #seltzer

Another method we used for targeting our clients’ most important audience is through hashtags that people used in their Instagram posts. 

Hashtags are used with one purpose. To describe an image. You could read the hashtags and understand what’s in the image. 
#landscape #sunnyday  #seltzer #happyfriends #dog…You get the idea.

We took the email addresses of over 20 000 people in the US that shared a post with the hashtag #seltzer.

The Outcome – Achieving What We Hoped for and More

We’ve been in non-stop collaboration with the client for over 8 months now. Their email marketing campaigns were off to a bad start due to low previous experience with emailing at such a scale. 

Through our guidance, they managed to increase their Open and Click-through rates and drop their unsubscribe rate making them extremely profitable. 

Once the client was convinced of the quality of our data they re-used it as custom audiences on Facebook Ads. 

The results?

13x RoAS on Facebook Ads

Increase in Website Conversion Rate by 6.54%80% Email Open Rates With 95% Deliverability260% Recurring Monthly Revenue Growth