July 25, 2022

9 Influencer Outreach Tools We Used to Reach 1M+ Creators


After doing influencer outreach for the past 5 years, sending out millions of emails, spending tons of money, and trying out almost every tool on the market – we’ve gathered some intel on what works & what doesn’t.

We used to think that using any influencer outreach tool can help boost our influencer marketing campaigns.

We were wrong.

That’s why we’re writing this article – to help anyone looking for the best influencer outreach tool understand the basics before choosing one.

Influencer marketing campaigns are nothing without the right influencers. You can use the perfect influencer outreach templates or strategies and you still won’t have results. 

When we say ‘the right influencers, we mean creators with the right niche following & content that fits your brand’s vision, mission, and goals.

In this article, we’ll cover how to find a few great influencers or how to find influencers for outreach at scale, but also:

  1. Different types of influencer outreach tools;
  2. Finding & sourcing the right influencers;
  3. The pros & cons of all tools;
  4. The influencer outreach tools we use to connect with 1M+ creators.

Let’s proceed!

List of 150 rising micro-influencers
(with emails)

The #1 Tip That Will Save Your Outreach Efforts

One thing we learned is that influencer outreach is not about the tools—it’s about the influencer data & the message.

So how do you find & use outreach tools that will somehow boost your data and message, thus revamp your strategy.

So, we’ve divided the list into three parts:

  1. Tools that’ll help you find the right influencers for your outreach;
  2. All-in-one services that cover influencer research, outreach, and the whole campaign;
  3. Tools that’ll help you with sending out emails.

For each tool category you’ll find out:

  1. The tools’ features;
  2. Who should use the tool (based on your influencer marketing goals & the stage in which your company is);
  3. Cost;
  4. Pros & cons for each tool category.

Let’s dive in.

Influencer Outreach Tools

Sourcing Influencer Data

The biggest problem when recruiting creators is getting a reply.

How we solved that?

Only contacting influencers that are most likely to be interested in working with us and have the right audience.

And we have this kind of data internally:


We are the #1 data provider for creator economy start-ups, eCommerce businesses, and B2C companies looking for influencer outreach at scale.

We can help you find and extract influencer emails from any social media platform based on your preferences.

Moreover, we own one of the largest influencer databases (65M+ influencers with contact details). So, whether you’re looking for micro, macro, or any size of influencer— we can get it for you hassle-free.

Other than the email, we provide 35+ other parameters for the influencer, including:

  • Location;
  • Niche;
  • Keywords in Bio;
  • Type of link in bio tool;
  • Other social media profiles;
  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Interests;

Additionally, you get some data points you won’t get anywhere else like:

  • Intent data – that gives you insight into whether people are somewhat familiar with your brand or brands similar to yours.
  • Creator Deep Dives (who are they working with, what brand collaborations they have done, how much are they getting paid, etc)

So, if you want to get an influencer database and start your personalized outreach – our influencer outreach service is what you need.

We’ve also sent out millions of emails ourselves, so we know a thing or two about sending emails at scale.


Aspire.io holds more than 100M influencer profiles. This number makes the platform a gold mine for anyone looking to find influencers from any niche. Marketers can search through the profiles with different filters, including demographics, interest, follower numbers, and much more.

Although you can use the tool from the beginning to the end of your influencer campaign, the platform is best for finding relevant influencers.

Who should use this tool

This tool is best for finding influencers at scale or if you want to reach a broad audience with your influencer marketing campaign.


The platform has 4 pricing tiers, each one allowing more user accounts, outreach messages, and additional features.


Upfluence is a feature-packed influencer outreach platform that allows you to build and work on your whole campaign.

You can find around 3M influencers on the platform, and researching through them is pretty straightforward.

Furthermore, many brands love using Upfluence for their influencer marketing because they can connect to their Shopify or WooCommerce accounts and search for influencers from their customer base.

Who should use this tool

If you’re looking for a tool that you want to use for your campaigns beyond influencer outreach, then Upfluence is a perfect choice.


The platform has 4 pricing tiers, each one allowing more user accounts, outreach messages, and additional features.

Pros of tools for sourcing

  • You have complete control of your outreach sequence (warm-ups, follow-ups, scheduling, etc);
  • It’s a more flexible approach (you can easily change up the strategy mid-way)
  • It’s more cost-efficient;

Cons of tools for sourcing

  • It doesn’t provide all features if you’re looking to manage the whole campaign from one place.

Outreach-Specific Tools

If you already have the influencer database, then all you’re missing is influencer marketing tools that will help you send out your emails.

Here are our top picks.


This tool is perfect for sending out cold outreach emails, especially if you want to contact more people at once. Users can even send out follow-ups and even generate leads & manage clients.

You can also generate leads and manage clients by saving a lot of time.

Using this tool is pretty straightforward, and you can sync it with your CRM to have a better overview of your campaigns.

Who should use this tool

The platform is great if you’re looking for an affordable & automated email tool for their outreach.


Woodpecker comes with 3 pricing tiers based on the number of prospects you wish to contact. The unlimited prospecting package costs $49 per month.

Smart Reach

This email automation software is perfect if you want to automatically schedule and send cold emails and follow-ups from your mailbox & boost your reply rates.

SmartReach has many features, including:

  • Automated email outreach;
  • Personalized email outreach
  • A/B testing;
  • Spam tests and list cleaning;
  • Syncs prospects from your CRM.

Who should use this tool

This tool is great for brands looking for a multi-purpose, affordable email outreach solution.


Smart Reach comes with 3 pricing tiers, and it provides a 14-day free trial.

Pros of outreach-specific tools

  • You can send & track emails;
  • You won’t end up in spam.

Cons of outreach-specific tools

  • It doesn’t provide all features if you’re looking to source influencers & manage the whole campaign from one place.

Now that you’re aware of the tools that cover sourcing and outreach, we can move forward to all-in-one influencer marketing tools.

All-in-One Influencer Outreach Tools

We can definitely say that all-in-one influencer platforms or software can benefit the overall efficiency of your influencer marketing. However, it’s important to note that these platforms can be pricey and add additional costs to your strategy.

What’s more, you’ll have less control over your outreach because these platforms have some limited capabilities. This applies especially when it comes to conducting a personalized outreach.


Affable.ai has a database of around 6M influencers, and it’s a perfect tool to find, reach out to, and maintain relationships with influencers from all social media platforms.

The tool makes it easy for brands to find the right influencers thanks to its filtering options that include:

  • Demographic;
  • Interests;
  • Brand affinities;
  • Social media insights & more.

Moreover, you can use this influencer outreach tool to send out requests & messages to the influencers. This can save you a lot of time in the outreach process and keep things organized in one place.

Affable has a unique feature that allows you to group the influencers you’ve found based on your preferences. So, as you do your influencer research, you can group them based on different criteria.

Who should use this tool

Affable.ai can be used by small businesses that are just starting out their influencer marketing efforts and large enterprises that have multiple active influencer campaigns.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a tool that heavily relies on data & analysis, Affable is a great choice.


This tool has three pricing tiers: SME ( for small to medium businesses), Pro (for up to 3 active campaigns), and Enterprise (for more than 5 active campaigns).


This tool is meant to be used by eCommerce businesses starting out their influencer marketing efforts. It has more than 30M influencers, and you can easily search through them based on your niche.

What’s more, with GRIN, you can connect your WooCommerce, Shopify, or Magneto account to the tool. Additionally, you can sync platforms like Gmail, Slack, and Outlook to import contacts and proceed with your influencer outreach on the platform.

Who should use this tool

This outreach tool is best for eCommerce businesses that want to proceed with their influencer outreach and campaigns from one place.


Grin’s pricing is personalized based on the client. The price will depend on the number of influencers you want to find and reach out to, as well as the additional features you’ll want to use.


Pitchbox is a platform that holds thousands of creators and influencers. You can use this tool to find the target audience influencers by keywords.

This platform has built-in CRM, and you can send out & review emails and streamline your collaborations. What’s more, you can connect to your Slack, SEMrush, Moz, Zapier, and GDS accounts and have all your work on one dashboard.

Who should use this tool

Different brands, SEO agencies, and publishing companies use this platform as an all-in-one influencer marketing tool.


Pitchbox pricing is personalized based on the client. What’s more, the platform offers a free demo.

Outreach Plus

Outreach Plus is a powerful email outreach tool and influencer marketing software. You can find and reach out to influencers and monitor your campaigns with the help of its technology.

The best part of this tool is that you can send personalized emails thanks to its many features. Moreover, they provide templates you can use for your influencer outreach.

Who should use this tool

Outreach Plus is perfect for brands that want to proceed with a personalized outreach campaign.


Outreach plus provides multiple tiers based on which features you’ll choose. Additionally, they offer discounts for yearly subscriptions.

Pros of all-in-one tools

  • You get many features & functionalities that you can use for the whole campaign;
  • Based on your goals, it can be more effective.

Cons of all-in-one tools

  • It’s more expensive;
  • You might acquire & pay for features that you don’t need or won’t even use.

Tools We Use to Reach Out to Thousands of Influencers per Day

As we mentioned earlier, at Influencers.club we do outreach at scale for many of our clients.

And although we hate to toot our own horns—we’re proud of the results we’ve managed to bring for some of our collaborators.

You can check out how we helped sign up 128k creators at Brybe.

So, how do we do it?
It’s quite simple, actually. We follow our own advice and focus on two things.

Yes, you (probably) guessed it.

The right influencer data & the message. The formula for a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Once we know we’re working with the right contacts and have crafted a compelling message; we use two tools for our outreach at scale.

GMass and a SMTP server.

First of all, why use an SMTP server?

What many marketers realize a bit too late in the outreach process is how easily an email can end up in the spam section of the influencer they’re reaching out to. In fact, if you send out more than 150 emails per day using any email provider, you’ll most likely be flagged as spam.

And that’s the end of your influencer outreach campaign.

However, if you send out outreach emails using SMTP servers, you can send out thousands of emails and be sure that your email will reach the influencer’s inbox.

So, SMTP servers are paramount for a successful outreach campaign.

Moreover, with GMass, you can have complete control of your outreach efforts, and this includes:

  • Manage campaigns;
  • Automate your follow-ups;
  • Get alerts, reminders, and notifications;
  • Get behavioral targeting insights;
  • Scheduling;
  • Manage personalization;
  • Track clicks & open rates.

All you have to do is link your GMass with your SMTP server, and you’re all set for your outreach strategy.

Reach Your Influencer Marketing Goals

We’ll give you three reasons why you should let us do the influencer outreach for you:

  1. We’ll 100% bring you the desired results & outcomes for your influencer marketing;
  2. We’re the most affordable service on the market that covers all the grounds;
  3. We’re the only service on the market that offers both influencer outreach and influencer data as a service.

Not sure yet?

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