November 12, 2022

Find Micro-Influencers on YouTube [+ Free Database of 150 YouTubers]



YouTube micro-influencers are channels with an audience that is larger than a normal person’s but smaller than a celebrity’s, landing between 1,000 and 100,000 subscribers.

With 2 billion monthly users and a total number of 51M channels including both content creators and consumers, YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world, behind Google. This being the case, it’s a real challenge for businesses to find YouTube influencers that are a good fit for their business.

Even though the number of subscribers of micro-influencers seems very small compared to overall users, influencers of this size are one of the most powerful tools to spread brand awareness or increase sales.

Get a list of 150 micro-influencers on YouTube, including their email & other crucial data points

10 Best Micro-Influencers on YouTube to Work With in 2024

1. Erin Nicole TV

Niche: Beauty
Number of YouTube subscribers: 96.6K

Erin is a Miami-based content creator focused on luxury beauty, lifestyle, and fragrance. She mostly records product recommendations and she has a 0.65% engagement rate on YouTube. Besides YouTube, she is also active on Instagram with 26.3K followers.

2. Ashton Levi

Niche: Beauty
Number of YouTube subscribers: 27K

Ashton Levi is mostly creating beauty tips videos and beauty product reviews. Additionally, she sometimes shares some lifestyle tips such as fitness tricks and her routines. Her YouTube engagement rate is 0.45% and she has over 1M views on her channel. In the past year, she is posting more content on Instagram where she has 15.9K followers.


Niche: Fitness
Number of YouTube subscribers: 8.27K

Brittany Killer Body is the owner, master trainer, and instructor of Killer Body Fitness. The content on the channel is mostly workout videos, but she also posts meal prep and healthy recipes as well as some lifestyle videos. Besides physical health, Brittany has a goal to boost mental health as well by creating content that will be the motivation needed to push harder when you thought you’ve had enough.

4. RidewithReed

Niche: Fitness
Number of YouTube subscribers: 1.13K

RidewithReed is a YouTube channel with mostly short health, lifestyle, and fun videos. The latest video series is Two Minute Tuesday where every Tuesday he posts two-minute videos with the intent to educate viewers on healthy lifestyles, recipes, recovery, fashion, etc.

5. Jake Thompson

Niche: Fashion
Number of YouTube subscribers: 27.1K

Jake Thompson is a hairdresser with more than 20 years of experience. On YouTube, he mostly posts how-to videos, but also from time to time he creates makeover transformations and other educational videos.

6. Fanta C

Niche: Fashion
Number of YouTube subscribers: 4.34K

Fanta C is a YouTube and Instagram creator focused on fashion. On YouTube, she creates mostly try-on hauls, vlogs, and also some makeup and hair tutorials. Her engagement rate on YouTube is 1.04% with 4.34K subscribers, but she also has the attention of her 20.7K followers on Instagram with a 1.81% engagement rate.

7. Kristen Pound

Niche: Vegan
Number of YouTube followers: 22.8K

Kristen Pound is a certified health coach and YouTube creator focused on a vegan lifestyle, recipes, and education. She is also the host of the “How To Vegan” Podcast and she is creating content aiming to break the prejudice about vegans and to entice people to have more eco-conscious living.

8. Bananiac

Niche: Vegan
Number of YouTube followers: 77.4K

Bananiac is another well-known vegan YouTube micro-influencer who creates plant-based nutrition, vegan lifestyle, and fitness videos every week. He is a master of nutrition and is working towards becoming a registered dietitian, all while creating content to educate people more about what he knows best.

9. InvestrTrades

Niche: Crypto
Number of YouTube subscribers: 8.58K

Although this is a relatively new YouTuber, in less than a year he grew his channel by educating viewers about trading and investing. He is mostly focused on videos for beginner day traders, he records deep overviews on specific trending coins, as well as some trading tactics that worked well for him.

10. CryptoTV

Niche: Crypto
Number of YouTube subscribers: 63.4K

CryptoTV creates daily videos about crypto, finance, and investments. He monitors the crypto market and spreads the word about the biggest market trends and patterns you should follow. With overviews and analysis, he advises his viewers on how and when to buy crypto.

Benefits of Partnering With Micro-influencers on YouTube

Partnering with famous creators with a large audience has its own advantages. However, there are a few benefits that only micro-influencers can bring, and they happen to be the biggest marketing objectives for most influencer campaigns.

1. Higher engagement rates

The average engagement rate for YouTube micro-influencers is 3%, while macro-influencers have a 2% average engagement rate and celebrities have a 1.5% engagement rate.

That is mostly because people who follow micro-influencers are truly interested in their content and in the persona, while when people are following celebrities they are mostly following them because they are famous.

Although engagement is not the main goal of influencer marketing, it’s proof that the content is absorbed by the influencer’s audience. Moreover, the relationship between micro-influencers and their fans is more genuine, so this usually helps with conversion rates as well..

2. They are good for reaching niche audiences

Micro-influencers have a more narrowed focus compared to celebrities who have a large audience all with different interests. For example, people might not buy the skincare routine recommended by their favorite actor, but they will most likely purchase something recommended by their trusted skin care YouTuber.

Therefore if the goal of your influencer marketing campaign is to only spread brand awareness then macro-influencers and celebrities might be a good choice. But, if you want to make conversions, then you must partner with a micro-influencer who has the attention of the audience of your niche.

3. They are more affordable and flexible

Influencer partnerships, except those with affiliate links, are usually paid based on the following criteria. According to that, working with YouTubers with large followings means you will be overpaying for followers you can’t convert. Contrary to that, with micro-influences, you get way more value by targeting an audience from your niche at a more affordable price.

Furthermore, celebrities often have a pricing policy that is set in stone while micro-influencers are more flexible and easier to approach and shape their work in a way that will work best for both sides.

3 Best Ways to Find Relevant Micro-Influencers on YouTube

There are many ways to find YouTube influencers nowadays, but these are the three ways that are most effective considering the quality of results, time efficiency, and price.

Hire an outreach team

An outreach team will source your perfect creators and crush your outbound cold emails. If you hire an outreach team, they will handle your influencer outreach so you can spend your time where it will be most impactful.

To work with outreach specialists, you’ll only need to share your preferences, needs, and goals you want to achieve. From there, they will do research, reach out to those influencers who seem like a good fit, and connect you with those influencers who are interested to collaborate with your brand.

We have a dedicated team of 40 people that will take care of your influencer outreach and we work with creator economy companies, marketing agencies, and eCommerce businesses.

When doing influencer outreach it all starts with great leads. That’s why we source our own data.

Currently, we have a database of 12M YouTube creators and we are using data analytics experts to filter our database so we can be sure to meet client requirements with 98% accuracy.

In cases where we don’t have data that can match the targeting of our clients, we can also collect YouTube data per request.

We offer two ways of influencer outreach: the Focus attention plan and Outreach at scale.

  • Focus attention plan – This approach is entirely focused on the influencer. We use our data to reach out to influencer offering exactly what they need. The plan is best for businesses that want to target bigger creators. To do so, we have a creator sales team of 30 people hyper-personalizing emails.
  • Outreach at scale – In this approach we are using our data to send semi-personalized emails. Using intent data when sending cold emails to influencers and we achieved a 63% open rate and 22% reply rate. This approach is best for customer acquisition.

Therefore, if you need someone to lend you a hand to find micro-influencers on YouTube, book a free meeting with us so we can further discuss how can we give you YouTube influencer data at scale and also do your outreach strategy.

Use influencer platforms and tools

One of the most used ways to find influencers nowadays is through influencer marketing platforms. You can find a platform that has a feature to search on YouTube and then filter the influencers based on category, metrics, follower count, etc.

Nowadays most of these platforms have advanced search filters so you can find influencers that will be the perfect match for partnering with your brand. Additionally, most of the platforms have built-in messaging software so you can directly communicate with influencers through their platform.

Unfortunately, these platforms often cost a lot of money, but there are already some great alternatives for the most known influencer platforms that have amazing features and are affordable even for businesses with shallow pockets.

Manual YouTube search

You can also search for micro-influencers by using YouTube search. Simply write your keywords and see which influencers are promoting such products/services. If you are not sure what keywords you need to target you can always spy on your competitors and analyze their YouTube strategy or use keyword research tools for YouTube.

Anyway, the one biggest disadvantage of manually searching influencers on YouTube is that you will definitely miss out on some great influencers that can be a great fit according to your requirements. You have to invest more time to do thorough research because searching manually means you will find videos from the most famous YouTubers or from those who already closed a partnership deal with your competition.

Key Takeaways

Collaborating with micro-influencers on YouTube is a great way to promote your brand and even increase sales of your products. And to get to the point of successfully launching an influencer marketing campaign, you need to find the right influencers, reach out to them, and get them to agree on partnering with you.


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