November 24, 2022

Top 150 TikTok Fitness Influencers for Your Next Campaign

15 TikTok Fitness Influencers to Hire for your next Campaign


Partnering with TikTok fitness influencers is an opportunity every brand that targets fitness enthusiasts must leverage.

Even though at first TikTok doesn’t seem like the most suitable platform to find workout videos due to its short video formats, it actually became a go-to app for fitness-related content for many. The #fitness on TikTok has even 44B views globally.

That’s why many big fitness brands like Gymshark saw an opportunity to market their products on TikTok. They began by partnering with TikTok fitness influencers, constantly posting content, and launching hashtag campaigns, and today, Gymshark has 3.7 million followers and 57 million likes on its TikTok account.

This being the case, fitness brands that want to succeed in 2024, need to find and hire TikTok fitness influencers that match their brand identity.

15 TikTok Fitness Influencers to Partner With in 2024

Unfortunately, finding and reaching out to influencers is not a piece of cake for most businesses. That’s why we are giving you some of the most admired TikTok fitness influencers that are great for brand partnerships.

Apart from this list of 15 influencers, we are giving you a list of 150 TikTok fitness influencers from our database, which you can download now for free.

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Followers: 415.5K
Engagement rate: 9.17%

Vinny is an online fitness coach with a highly engaged audience on TikTok. His TikTok videos are mostly related to fitness, but he also posts more casual videos and has a great understanding of TikTok trends and format.

@naturally_enhanced Lean bulking is a more productive way to spend your time, and it also allows you to spend less time cutting which is better for holding muscle. #fyp ♬ Genesis - печальноизвестный

Followers: 42.2K
Engagement rate: 4.5%

Tate is a rising fitness influencer on TikTok. He creates content to share his fitness journey through workout videos and motivational quotes. Unlike most fitness influencers who share exercises and workouts, Tate is more established as a fitness motivator.

Followers: 245.3K
Engagement rate: 0.55%

This is a TikTok account managed by two best friends and fitness enthusiasts. Jess and Ellie share their fitness journey starting from “what I eat in a day” videos to workout tutorials and pre-workout routines. Moreover, they have a platform where they offer online coaching for weight loss, muscle gain, or a healthier lifestyle.

@jelliegym Eat in a surplus, train until failure & progressive overload 🤷🏽‍♀️ #fyp #morivation #gains #gymrat ♬ shes a 10 but.. - Elmo Films
Followers: 1M Engagement rate: 0.54% Jennifer is a fitness coach and model with 1M TikTok influencers. She established herself as a trustworthy TikTok fitness influencer by constantly posting workout videos. Based on people’s fitness goals, Jennifer also offers personalized workout plans. Besides her regular workout videos, she is posting training videos with her daughter which are perfect for those who love working out with a partner.

Followers: 12.6K
Engagement rate: 4%

Layla is also an online fitness coach that is using TikTok as a channel to educate and help people to achieve their fitness goals. Through her videos, she is sharing her best ways to stay motivated through the weight loss process, educating her followers about calorie deficit, muscle building, healthy meals, etc.

@laylawarsamefit 3 set of 8 reps each exercise. Ladies don’t sleep on back workout for beautiful back and small waist. It helps you with strong core and stability as well. #backworkout #backday #gymrat ♬ original sound - REVOLT

Followers: 192.6K
Engagement rate: 11%

Sarah is a Certified Strength Coach with almost 200K followers on TikTok. She is posting her tips for gym workouts, some workout tactics that work best for specific body parts, and her fitness journey in general. Her niche is bodybuilding and Strength and Conditioning and besides TikTok, she is having a platform at which people can train with her.

Followers: 55.5K
Engagement rate: 4.78%

Kerim is another resourceful fitness influencer on TikTok that is posting content to help people get the most out of their gym workouts. He is sharing fitness tips, gym do’s and don’ts, workouts, and motivational videos and it’s generally focused on muscle gain.

Followers: 101.6K
Engagement rate: 7.25%

Angelique is an online fitness coach and TikTok fitness influencer. On her profile, you can find tips for beginners in the gym, workout videos, and exercises for specific body parts. For those who want to go a step further, Angelique also offers online coaching.

Followers: 751.4K
Engagement rate: 14.24%

Troy is a TikToker that creates content to make exercising at the gym as easy as it can be. He shares his best tactics for fat loss and muscle gain. Besides the free TikTok and YouTube fitness advice, Troy offers online coaching and programs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Followers: 165.9K
Engagement rate: 10.83%

Courtney is an inspiring fitness influencer that shares her weight loss journey with her TikTok followers, to motivate them to have a more disciplined lifestyle. Besides her progress updates, she shares what meals she eats, tips for gym workouts, and short fitness plans.

Followers: 79.9K
Engagement rate: 8.74%
Soph is another reputable fitness influencer on TikTok that offers customized workouts. She is most known for her workout videos, but she also posts advice for having a healthy lifestyle like what should you eat, some healthy protein recipes, gym tips, etc.

@trainwithsoph Why this is the only Black Friday sale you'll be sorry you missed? Bc it's a promise to yourself. Not to wait until Monday, not to wait until 2023, not to 'hope' and 'wish' for it, but to act on it. To do the highest act of self-love is to take care of oneself and ones health. Take care of you and secure yourself a 25% dissy in the process! You know where the link is at xx CODE: BF25 #healthandwellness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #blackfridayfitness #fitnessblackfriday ♬ Do It Again (feat. 2Rare) - NLE Choppa
Followers: 294.2K Engagement rate: 5.28% Cathy is a yoga teacher that is spreading awareness about yoga benefits on TikTok. She creates TikTok videos to educate her followers on the benefits of exercising yoga, some yoga exercises, tips, behind-the-picture videos, etc.
@cathymadeoyoga Have you tried this flying wall lizard also known as a hairstand? Here are some tips: 🦎take lunge on a wall with your feet a little wider than hips distance 🦎 tent your fingertips on the hand you’re going to lift creating a kick-stand 🦎shift your weight onto the opposite hand to find lightness of the lifted hand 🦎 release your head so if you have hair it covers your arm Tag me if you try and follow for more tips🙌🏼 #flyinglizard #flyinglizardpose #upsidedown #hairstand #yogagirl ♬ original sound - AjWavy

Followers: 280.9K
Engagement rate: 10.26%

Tom is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. On TikTok, he is posting exercise recommendations, debunking fitness myths, workout programs, and some fitness tips for specific goals.

Followers: 101.2K
Engagement rate: 12%

Zaria is a fitness TikToker that is creating content to guide moms through their fitness journey. She is posting videos educating her followers what are the best postpartum exercises, how to get back in shape after giving birth, as well as tips on how to find time to start working out.

@guidedfitmama Replying to @ms_mendoza420 exercises & programs getting new testimonies everyday.. your favorite mommy fitness coach 🫶🏽 #Momtok #corerehab #momsoftiktok #postpartumbody #postpartumfitnesscoach ♬ original sound - The Real K Carbon

Followers: 32.9K
Engagement rate: 13.54%

Abby has a TikTok profile mostly focused on muscle gain. She is sharing fitness tips, workouts for home and gym, and her best fitness hacks. Apart from the fitness-related content, she is also doing some product reviews, mostly about sports apparel.

Key takeaways

Ultimately, the best way to choose fitness influencers is to have clear influencer campaign objectives upfront. Whether you want macro-influencers for a generic reach or micro-influencers for reaching a niche audience, in this list you can find influencers that are great for both approaches.

Take the time and find the ones that are a good fit for your brand. Lastly and most importantly, you need to find the best way to contact TikTok influencers so you can have better chances that they will accept your partnership.

Furthermore, if you want a filtered TikTok fitness influencers list that matches your exact criteria, book a free meeting with us. We have a database of 30 million TikTok influencers enriched with 40+ unique data points, and we can meet your requirements with 98% accuracy.


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