April 11, 2024

Top Influencer Outreach Agencies


Influencer outreach is tricky. You may spend days searching for email addresses or, worse yet, wait weeks for a reply. 

While there are creator discovery and influencer outreach platforms to help you find influencers and their email addresses, businesses opt to work with influencer outreach agencies. This saves time and money as the agency brings in its expertise to handle each step of the influencer campaign so you get better results.

But among hundreds of agencies, which do you trust? To answer this question, we considered criteria like core competencies, experience, influencer network, innovation, and ethical considerations.

Based on this research, we have shortlisted the 10 best influencer outreach agencies. Whether you’re working in the beauty or tech niche, you’ll find an outreach agency best suited for your industry.

What is an Influencer Outreach Agency?

An influencer outreach agency is a company that specializes in connecting brands with relevant influencers to promote their products or services. This involves finding the right influencers, creating targeted messaging, reaching out to influencers, managing negotiation, conducting follow-ups, finalizing deals, and measuring performance.

The main advantage of partnering with an outreach agency is they have a lot of experience. For example, they know what kind of messaging gets positive replies or how to negotiate a great deal. When added up, these minute details often lead to quicker conversions, reducing the overall time invested in the process.

Here’s a real-life success story that shows these benefits in action. All-in-Advisors, a business specializing in financial planning, reached out to influencers.club for creator outreach. Within a month, we helped them sign up 100 high-value creators, with an impressive email open rate of 55%.

10 Best Influencer Outreach Agencies to Work With in 2024

From fashion to tech, these 10 influencer outreach agencies stood out in our research for their creativity, expertise, and proven track record of delivering impactful influencer marketing campaigns.

1. influencers.club

influencers.club home page

influencers.club is a fully managed influencer outreach agency. We help businesses of all kinds find their ideal influencers, reach out to them, handle follow-ups, and negotiate until they agree to work for you.

We can scale as per your needs – we can reach out to high-value influencers with 100K+ followers but also to small influencers at scale (sending up to 5 million emails with a 36% reply rate per month). 

Here’s what our process looks like:

creator outreach process

What’s unique about our agency is we do not work with a network of influencers. We search for your ideal influencers all over the internet to find the best ones for your brand. If they are online, we’ll find them for you. 

Plus we do an in-depth analysis and provide  40+ data points for each influencer (niche, location, gender, hashtags they use, keywords in bio, engagement metrics, etc.) to make the search as detailed as possible.

Target industry: Suitable for all industries (no fixed influencer network, can reach out to any influencer worldwide)

Clients served: Amazon, Pearpop, Discord, ConvertKit, L’Oréal, Mindvalley

How influencers.club helped Trivia Crack generate 1.3k UGC videos in 3 months

Trivia Crack, a trivia-based interactive knowledge platform, wanted to onboard 66 macro influencers to create content around its new reel feature. We used our data to find creators with large audiences and high engagement.

Next, our team of 40 creator sales specialists sent over 15,000 personalized emails to creators. 

In our email copy, we also included a survey to help our client get the best creators who matched their specific requirements and objectives.

trivia crack email survey

And although we used a demanding CTA, we received interest from 1972 creators (13% conversion rate). Out of these creators, 66 were chosen, and our team handled everything from the negotiation to the content production phase.

Here’s what our client had to say:

“I was impressed by how effectively we educated our existing userbase and tested adoption through gamified video questions. The high-quality, engaging UGC crafted by creators in the six trivia categories perfectly aligned with our vision and demonstrated the relevance and appeal of our new feature.”

Let us do influencer outreach on your behalf

2. Cloutboost

cloutboost influencer outreach agency

Cloutboost is an influencer marketing agency, specifically geared to the gaming industry. They have a curated database of 500K+ gaming influencers so you can find the best creators for your brand.

You can even access gaming-focused influencer data on 50  key points in real-time. They provide an end-to-end influencer marketing service, from campaign strategy, and influencer selection, to detailed analysis and reporting.

The best part is their team has experienced video game marketers with a lot of knowledge about the gaming industry, helping you create successful campaigns.

Target industry: Gaming

Clients served: Owlcat Games, Neople, tinyBuild, Acme Gamestudio

How tinyBuild Games successfully launched Asterigos with Cloutboost

tinyBuild wanted to increase awareness for its launch of Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. The Cloutboost team understood the game’s unique features and searched for relevant Twitch and YouTube influencers who played similar games.

To coincide with the game’s launch, Cloutboost coordinated with these influencers to schedule sponsored streams and YouTube video releases on the same day. Influencers played these games and showcased various elements that made Asterigos unique.

The team also strategically placed branded banners and promotional messages in these videos to get maximum exposure. The result was over 12M impressions and a spike in game downloads and sales.

3. Ykone

Ykone is an influencer outreach agency that focuses on fashion and luxury brands. They have a global presence with over 16 offices worldwide. The team follows a 360-degree approach to influencer marketing, which helps them bring influencers at different touch points.

They identify influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, streamline campaign management, negotiate with influencers, and close deals.

Target industry: Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle

Clients served: Prada, Swarovski, Salvatore Farragamo, Benetton, Chantelle

How Ykone helped Swatch launch their new watch collection

Swatch, a Swiss watchwear company, wanted to build hype around its new watch collection: CLEAR. With the theme, “Reset Go Clear,” they wanted to showcase a spirit of creativity, inventiveness, and optimism.

Ykone thus onboarded 8 creative artists like dancers, photographers, and graphic designers to promote this new collection. These influencers were directed to create content that challenged their communities to be as creative as they were to win a watch.

The result was 533.3K impressions, 14.6K interactions, and 17.2K earned media value.

4. The Goat Agency

the goat agency home page

The Goat Agency is known to deliver end-to-end influencer marketing campaigns on popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. They have a database of 100K+ influencers, including data and insights from the campaigns they have run.

They majorly work on two types of influencer campaigns: short-term, which are directed towards brand awareness and new product launches, and long-term ambassador or always-on influencer programs to build loyalty.

Target industry: Automotive, Technology & Apps

Clients served: Dell, Audi, Worldremit, Formula-E, Intuit

How The Goat Agency helped Audi increase test drive numbers for Q range SUVs

Instead of taking the usual route of demonstrating key features of SUVs, The Goat Agency focused on how the SUV fits in with people’s lifestyles. This content felt more natural and relatable to the influencer’s audience.

The agency combined this content with a paid social strategy. They featured a CTA that people could click and arrange test drives.

The result was 8.3 million impressions, 39К clicks, and 536 customer referrals.

5. Foodie Tribe

foodie tribe home page

Foodie Tribe is an influencer outreach agency that also offers other social media services like social media strategy, content creation, branding, etc. It is completely focused on the food and beverage industry, making it a great choice for businesses looking for expertise in this niche.

They have over 3000 food influencers who cater to extensive and diverse audiences. Their team also boasts a passion for food which makes them create campaigns that truly resonate with the food industry.

Target industry: Food & Beverage

Clients served: Doordash, Caviar, Del Monte, McDonald’s, Hard Rock Cafe

How Foodie Tribe drove traffic and sales for Florida Milk with influencer marketing

Flordia Milk wanted to partner with creators whose primary focus was creating content that featured milk and other dairy products as the hero ingredient. Foodie Tribe discovered Florida-based recipe creators for this six-month program.

florida milk influencer marketing

Instagram reels were chosen as the medium because of their ability to generate higher impressions, reach, and engagement. One of the reels went viral with over 10M video plays. The overall result was 6.7M impressions and 473.9K engagements.

6. The Shelf

the shelf home page

The Shelf is a creative, data-driven influencer outreach agency that works majorly on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. They have a network of influencers, and they are constantly onboarding new ones to meet different requirements. Their team also works consistently to ensure the content influencers create performs effectively and gives a good ROI.

Apart from influencer discovery and outreach, they also include fraud detection and campaign optimization. They also offer a client portal where you can monitor your campaigns in real time. 

Target industries: Parenting, Mobile app, House decor

Clients served: Kidz Bop, Walmart, Hulu, The Honest Company, Famous Footwear

How The Honest Company increased website traffic by partnering with The Shelf

The Honest Company creates baby products that are good for the skin, the environment, and the world. To promote their products and build brand awareness, they reached out to The Shelf.

They were very particular about the kind of content that influencers would create. They needed the content to match the theme of the brand’s. The team at Shelf Life found 30 such parent influencers that fit into the brand’s story naturally.

The result was beautiful content that recorded a 4.32% engagement rate on in-feed posts and 578 link clicks to the Honest website.

7. Amra & Elma

amra & elma home page

Amra & Elma is a full-service marketing agency that also specializes in influencer marketing and outreach. They can help identify relevant influencers, come up with influencer strategies, conduct outreach, write contracts, and carry out the campaign.

The best part about this agency is its founders are influencers themselves. So, they have a deep understanding of which strategies work and how to negotiate with influencers. 

Target industry: Travel, Film, Beauty

Clients served: Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts, Virgin Voyages, Gurney’s, Disney, Marvel

Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts promotes their hotels via luxury travel influencers

Bvlgari hotels wanted to collaborate with influencers to document the hotel’s unique facilities, personalized services, spa treatments, and restaurants. Amra & Elma collaborated with top influencers in the luxury travel niche across different regions like the U.S., Brazil, Russia, and Europe.

These influencers took to Instagram with their stories and posts, featuring photographs of hotel locations and landscapes. The result was an estimated 2M impressions and increased brand awareness.

8. NeoReach

neoreach home page

NeoReach is a global influencer marketing agency that has run some great campaigns for leading brands and global Fortune 500s. They have a strong direct network of influencers, bloggers, and other creators.

Their team can handle any stage of the influencer marketing process – influencer search, influencer outreach, contract negotiation, content creation, payments, and shipping. You can even mix UGC and influencer content by letting the team create a customized plan for you.

Target industry: Business & Technology, Knowledge Platforms

Clients served: Amazon, Semrush, Walmart, Investigation Discovery, H&R Block, Netflix

How the HISTORY Channel connected to a new TikTok audience with NeoReach

When the HISTORY channel debuted on TikTok, they wanted to reach a wider audience with influencer marketing. Instead of looking for history enthusiasts, NeoReach onboarded 7 diverse creators, from foodie grandmas to quirky Paralympians.

These creators came up with high-quality videos showcasing that the HISTORY channel is all about content that is engrossing yet diverse.

The History Channel influencer marketing

In no time, these videos reached 21M people, and the brand’s TikTok account grew to more than 50,000 followers.

9. Socially Powerful

With offices in the UK, US, Europe, and Middle-East, Socially Powerful has created a strong presence in the influencer outreach industry. The team helps with influencer marketing strategy creation, outreach, negotiation, and content creation.

Through their in-house team and technology experts, they can find relevant influencers for your campaigns and carry out the entire process from there. You can also go for a combination of influencer marketing and paid social to boost results.

Target industry: Beauty, Sports, Food & Alcohol

Clients served: The Body Shop, Azzaro, Tefal, IT Cosmetics, Biolage, Dazn

Medik8 reinvents its brand image with TikTok influencer marketing

Medik8 had a limited presence in the skincare market. They wanted to convey the brand’s expertise and commitment to quality to attract potential customers. They reached out to Socially Powerful to create enthusiasm around their product launches.

Socially Powerful reached out to influencers who could create educational content, showing Medik8 as an authority figure in the skincare market. The best-performing content was amplified through paid strategies, and both these campaigns brought 28M mentions and a 486% increase in followers.

10. HireInfluence

hireinfluence home page

HireInfluence is an influencer marketing agency in the industry since 2011. They provide end-to-end services, like creative talent sourcing and placement, recurring activations, content strategy, etc.

They have a talent team in place that curates hand-vetted influencer options to ensure image and authenticity align with your needs. The team is also great at delivering performance reports that give a detailed idea of metrics like EMV, sentiment, and conversion tracking.

Target industry: Fitness, Airlines, Wellness

Clients served: Ricola, GOLDTOE, Lee Jeans, MTV

How Hireinfluence helped GOLDTOE increase product awareness

GOLDTOE wanted to promote its athletic socks through influencer marketing. They partnered with HireInfluence to kick off the campaign. HireInfluence hand-selected, reached out, and finalized 12 diverse millennial high-performing fitness influencers.

These influencers (micro, high-impact, and celebrities) created content wearing GOLDTOE’s #MoreThanPretty socks and shared their personal stories on what makes them more than pretty.

goldtoe influencer marketing

9 Things to Consider When Hiring an Influencer Outreach Agency

  • Experience and track record: Choosing an agency based on glamorous brand names in their roster might be tempting. But are these names relevant to your niche? You need to look for a track record of the agency when it comes to your specific industry. One way to do that is by checking the case studies or success stories on their website.

  • Influencer network and relationships: Many agencies have a fixed dataset of influencers they collaborate with. If you’re looking to discover new partnerships, you can look for agencies that don’t stick to a network of influencers and can find and connect you with any influencer in the world.

  • Transparency and communication: Every outreach agency claims to be the best. But do they mention their communication process anywhere on their website? About how they send weekly reports or updates? If not, consider getting in touch with their previous clients to understand the process.

  • Strategic approach: You don’t want a hit-and-miss when it comes to your campaigns. Ask the agency you shortlist about their strategy. How do they select influencers? How do they create messaging? Why does their strategy work?

  • Creativity and innovation: Some niches will require to-the-point messaging, whereas others, like gaming and travel, will require fun, engaging outreach. Look out for their outreach templates to get an idea of their creativity.

  • Measurement and analytics: Talk to your agency about the metrics they measure and what they consider good KPIs. Also, ask them what correction measures they take if they do not reach optimal performance.

  • Ethical considerations: You don’t want to partner with agencies that rely on data gathered with bad practices. Or deals that are finalized unethically. Look at their website to get an idea of the practices they follow.

  • Flexibility and scalability: You might want to partner with a couple of influencers having 100K+ followers. What if, next month, you want to target micro-influencers at scale instead? Your agency should be flexible to accommodate these changing demands.

  • Client testimonials: There’s no better measure to gauge an agency’s success than reading their client’s experiences. Look at the testimonials on their website. Do they have video testimonials? Are their clients raving about the agency’s team?

To Sum Up

Choosing the right influencer outreach agency may take some time, but the return is well worth it. Not only will you see faster turnarounds, but you will also be amongst people who know the ins and outs of influencer marketing.

If you need an agency that can do influencer outreach for businesses from various industries and can do outreach at scale, let’s talk. 

And if you’re looking for a cost-effective option, you can use our platform you can use to find and reach over 80M influencers.  You can send 5M emails per month, access outreach templates that have got us great results, and get support from creator sales experts who know how to get a high positive reply rate.

Hire a fully managed influencer outreach agency

Get the best-in-class influencer outreach team that can send up to 
5M emails per month with an average open rate of 49.5%.


The best platform to find influencers depends on your specific needs. You can find influencers on social platforms or use tools like influencers.club to find influencers at scale depending on niche, location, gender, past collaborations, etc.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of time finding the right influencers, reaching out to them, and getting a confirmation, you should partner with influencer outreach agencies. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cost-effective option, platforms like influencers.club allow you to find and reach out to influencers on your own.

You have a few options when it comes to doing influencer outreach:

  • Hire an influencer outreach agency
  • Use a creator outreach platform
  • Find influencers using influencer search tools, write and send emails/DMs, and send follow-ups.

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